Mailbag IX

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How quickly they’re adding up. They would do so more if I actually did at least one per season.  I’ve certainly got the material for it. I’m one of those people that, despite GMail being able to house 7426 MB of info, I only want between 10 and 20 emails on my ‘inbox’ tab. That’s including the 1000s of chats that are saved (except Frails).  yea, 900 since the turn of the year, that’s like 15 per day.  I stay busy, so yea that means I’ve got labels for EVERYTHING and I clear out my inbox on a weekly basis.

So if i ever say ‘Ooh, I must have missed your email’ I’m full of sh!t.  Even if I skimmed your email on the crack-berry, I sure as hell did something with it when I actually logged onto a computer, of which I’m zoned into 20 out of 24 hours a day.  So believe me, I get your email, i just might not respond, especially if your name makes you sound like someone who may have built an ark.

Let’s not beat around the bush any more – onto the emails!! 

In honor of the 10 year anniversary of C.A.C. Basketball O’Cal has put together the inaugural Hall Of Fame Class of 2010. With my finishing touches and editing skillzzzz, this is what we would like to go on the website. 

Ok I sent this out myself, but I just thought I’d pimp out the Inaugural CAC Hall of Fame one more time! 

Does anyone know what the hell purplepretnod (Gerrity) is ever trying to say in his posts? I tried to read his last one and my head just about exploded -sergeon general
(ps – I figured you need mail bag material)

I agree, all of Five Hard Fouls posts/blogs/threads/write-ups should come with 

Sergeon General’s Warning: The following words may cause serious health problems and side effects include runny eyes, bleeding ears and possible hemorrhaging.

But at least he’s posting something this season! Where have the rest of the bloggers been at? 

Ha, hey Jason, I just wanted to see if I make the top 5 for 3’s per game in our league.  My teams talking a lot of smack about me not doing anything for them…
Regards ~ 603 – 6th man of the year.

That’s a joke by the way, I really don’t care; I’m not “that guy.”

I declare “SHENANIGANS!” Anyone who says that they don’t care and aren’t ‘that guy’ is exactly THAT GUY!! Love it! This email clearly came before we had the top 3 point shooters in each league their own page, so you know, by the second week of the season.  That might be a new record for new guys banging down my door for stats.  But really, isn’t that what CAC is all about? Constantly hitting refresh the next day at work waiting for you stats, then your write-ups to be posted. Since it blew up we’ve added Lines so you check the boards the day before. That’s 4 out of 7 days a week you’re on the site, now if we could only get you to click the ads we wouldn’t have to raise league fees any time soon… 

Yo tibbs, two things
I’m not seeing my team on the schedule or anything when I click on it on the standings.
Also – did you get my e-mail about team name (see below)? I’m guessing you got bored reading it because you executed my draft plan beautifully unless p-stone is pissed about not playing w/ his buddy. I’m relaxing in the dominican getting ready for a run at brick #4 ~ Covert

If Covert actually wins Brick #4 I’m taking at least half the credit. Not only did I perfectly execute his draft as he wanted, but I didn’t F him over too badly (swapped Cheese for Resnick for my troubles too, I knew I’d get something out of it).  Of course, as it looks now, when you don’t have good attendance, you’re going to struggle to make the playoffs. 

We need better and more attentive staff.  We need more effort from referees.  We need to make sure staff is always on time and games start on time.  We want these leagues to run like NBA games.  I am making sure these leagues run more like a business now. ~Commish

Those are my marching orders for this season and going forward. As always, if you see something off site that I may not know about, send it to and believe me, I look into everything that goes down.  If I don’t and that guy hears about it, forget it.  Yipes. 

stats/write-ups are posted on the boards! ~ Tibbs
The best part about the write-ups is where it says “Report Abuse” at the bottom. C4NT must be hammering that button right now. ~ Glumac

Love this exchange, it was during last season’s playoffs.  Anytime there are Unification games, the stats and write-ups can’t be entered directly into the system. Instead we have a spreadsheet for them. Of course, I use GoogleDocs and make them public so everyone can pour over them and comment on them.  At the very bottom of the page there is a button to ‘report abuse’. How appropriate, considering that Glumac’s team names was the Abusement Park!!

For the record I was guarding K.O. last week…..i think he could have taken me off the dribble and scored 30 – so I don’t want to waken a sleeping giant…but just wanted to set the record straight – Covert

A second email from Covert ? Weird, he usually only sends be two per season, so something must have really risen his ire in a write-up!  i wonder what that could have been? Ah, not given credit where credit is due. Everyone’s so worried about the ‘factual’ evidence in the write-ups, guess what, I have the stat sheet, what ever I blather on about is FACT, and you can’t dispute it.  Unlike these emails, I make up most of those…

Where do I fax this to in order to get my account activated? By the way, I am 33 years old, so I’m assuming I can sign for myself rather than have my parents sign ~Spindster

Ha! Back when Spindt was trying to sign up for the boards, he must have put his birth date in wrong.  If you’re born after, like 1997 you need your parent’s permission to use a php board, but not, you know if you enter your date correctly! Nice work Spindt.

“Speaking of Kelly being Sandbag Target Numero Uno ~ I could swear the Hunt/Cimorelli/Baldwin combo were in B1 5v5 a few seasons ago.  C League fellas?  Hmmmmmmm” ~BFab Write-up Extraordinaire

i couldn’t find an email for the guy…our entire team has never played in the CAC before save for Mr. Baldwin, who i think has only played on a C-league team.  funny nonetheless. –Will

I love it, BFab fills in for the C league for one week and stirs up controversy! He, as usual, was way off base with his accusations, but that won’t stop him from spouting off. Never has, never will.  I Would expect nothing less. Now if only the B2 guys would stfu about him…

Noddin my head like yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh movin my hips like yeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

aaaaahhhhh  so i throw my hands up they playin my song, …….noddon but noddin my heaaad yeeaaaaaah ~ Miley ‘Togs’ Cyrus

Surprisingly it was neither Gripp, LJ, TRance or Bush that sent me this annoying @$$ song that I complain about on a daily basis.  But for all of you pervs out there, here is the Chris Hanson enticing music video

Tibbs, There was an egregious error in the game write-ups for B2 West this week. As my below email explains, in Canal Park Posse’s recent loss the player “whose effort in the loss should not go unnoticed” was NOT Jayme Mendal, but your’s truly, Adam Ain. I take a couple weeks off, and I’m completely forgotten about!
As an “athlete” who was never good enough to play high school (or middle school) basketball, I need these rare accolades. Please correct this issue in the future. I think this is further indication that Adam Chopko will never be the General Manager Brandon Piper was, and Canal Park Posse will continue to fight for survival without the leadership a team of our caliber needs or deserves.
Sincerely ~ Double A

HA! love it, guy comes out of retirement for one week and it’s like he never existed in the first place. Now you know what the Wolverine feels like don’t you?!  I also love the fact that he take the opportunity to throw his new GM under the bus. That’s a team player right there.

I’m so depressed right now. I’ve had about 23 different people call in within the last hour.

For the last 60 minutes, I felt what it was like to be Tibbs…and it was awful. Holy shit, my head is pounding.

So Matty might have crossed the line a little bit, but I do feel for him, the B1 East was BLOWING his phone up complaining about a lack of games a couple weeks ago. And for what, a couple inches of snow fall? You know what this means, now we will NEVER cancel games and you’ll all have to drive in blizzards to get to them. And you know what, you’ll do it, you’re dedicated like that.

LJ: So I just decided that I was done with work, and decided to peruse the boards. Doesn’t it seem like Terry is yelling in ALL of his posts??

Me: yea, just like it seems like I’m overly excited in all my emails. I’m rubing off on him, in many disgusting ways…

LJ: ewwwwwwwww

So I might have crossed a line there. Are you sensing a pattern yet? I mean, totally worth it, but maybe it’s about time we wrapped this up…

Tibbs, I need to take a lesson you on how to shorten my [write-ups].  [I post a lot] but i don’t think any one reads all of it. ~JZuk

See, my man, you’re a noob. Sure you’ve got a lot of good things going for you, like your stats are up same day, you post great lines and create chatter, but guys don’t want to read novels (unless they’re in the B2 5v5 of course).  The average CACers spends a total of 4 minutes on the website each visit.  It’s documented. That’s not enough time to read their own write-ups, let alone the rest of the ones about the teams in their league. Give them something short, sweet, and most importantly FUNNY, and they’ll love you for it.  Basically, turn yourself into O’Cal.  See, this is why I wish I would get more “Tibbs, what should I do about X” emails.  I’d be great at giving advice, hell, that’s what I’m going to do with the next mailbag! If I get enough ‘entries’ I’ll even post it before the playoffs.

Excellent work as always CACers, keep the emails coming in!