Mailbag XII

I really should be posting more often. In 2012 I barely posted anything. Let’s see if I can change that this year. I’d call it a New Year’s Resolution, but we all know those don’t hold up well. I don’t need to give any more ammo to #tibbslies

These Mailbags are easy enough, although I make them seem like a lot of work. I just take all the emails, tweets, texts you send me and repost them here. Minimal effort on my part! My favorite kind.

I play on the team “Mule and the Gang” – last week I made my very first hoop. It made it to the write up, but not the stats. It was a sweet two pointer made by the basketball challenged Kaitlin Folan. Could you update the website to reflect this miracle? -KFo
This is my favorite kind of email to get. Someone wants their stats posted online, but they’re self-deprecating about it! They have a sense of humor, it’s a rec league after all. And no, she’s not kidding, that was her first bucket of the season, and she wanted some proof of it!

“No Mikey Douche this season…his wife won’t let him out of the house.” – JayPreems
“Truth be told, they OUTRIGHT RELEASED ME TIBBS! Said i had nothing left in the tank. CUT. Tough times for MikeyD” – Mooch
Contrary to popular belief, Muccio wouldn’t quit on his team, he was CUT by the PrimioTickets before theB2 5v5 season. These guys would fit right into the Boston media racket the way they try to spin the story and blame it on the player. Of course, had Muccio hit a 3 or two last season maybe he would have stuck on the roster.

Hey Tibbs, I’m out for Mondays game. I got invited to a VIP Dinner with a couple celebrity chefs through work. This is once in a lifetime opportunity for me so its something that can’t be passed up if you know what I mean. – Counts
I told Counts the only way that would be acceptable was if he brought me. I was kind of kidding, but not really. Of course, it was such a swanky place they probably wouldn’t have let me in even if I did tag along.

Ya the money just got washed in the secret pocket of my swim trunks.  I was so excited, thought I found $150, but then I remembered. – Sarro
Sarro might be the only guy left in the league that hasn’t paid his fee yet. I loved this secret compartments in swim trunks growing up. You wouldn’t ever lose anything in there. Of course, now I’m always paranoid I’ll jump into a pool with electronics in my pocket (happens more often then you’d think). I need to chill out. I wonder is Sarro has a j in that secret pocket too.

I will be there 100%.  It was one of those nights [before missing the preseason game], had a few beers then a buncha chicks came over and it was go-time.  Ill be at every game, MVP and title or bust! – Osgood
100% bitches [attendance for 1st regular season game] – Osgood
200%-IN [for this week] – Osgood

So far Osgood is 0 for 2 in games where he’s INSISTED he will be in attendance, 100%. We’ll see what a 200% guarantee brings. Not looking good for our Sunday Morning team his absences keep piling up. Everyone knows we don’t want to rely on yours truly, especially come playoff time. If I don’t win 2 chips this season I’ll be devastated. The Sunday Morning League and the Co-Ed 5v5 West squads are so head and shoulders better than the rest of the league that they’re playing in it’s not even fair. For those that don’t know, I have a 3-12 record in championship games. That’s probably relevant.

Here’s that pivot table….I’ll update it later with the actuals. – Mals
Mals is the best. He took the mock drafts for the A Draft league and made a pivot table based on everyone’s average mock position and his valuation of each player. It was pretty fantastic. Mals will fit right in with the Franchise League.

Any questions or complaints, go to Tibbs… – Rubin
Rubin knows how to run a league! He’s in charge of the 4v4 B Draft East league and in his intro email to the league, makes sure to pass the buck as quickly as possible. Not that I can blame him, I do it too. Raised league fees? Josh’s fault!!

I’d like to go on record saying that I actually like both of those guys personally.  They are great people. [I] just would rather not play basketball for an entire season with them.  – Anon
Every Draft season I get a couple emails like this as guys are looking over the Mock Drafts, seeing where they’ll go and who they might end up playing with. Really, it’s the greatest motivational factor that I use to turn players into captains. “Hey if you draft your team yourself, you choose who you do and don’t play with!”


Remember that time McDonalds shot a commercial at CAC? Yea, no one else does either, pretty sure they never aired it. – Tibbs
I’m confident that most of our members would disown us if they knew that really happened. The place was a zoo, but it was before lunch, so there were no members to notice. Good timing!

Last question and I’ll stop bugging you, the girlfriend wanted to know about the spectator situation. She loves basketball and would like to come and watch, are there normally people there? – GSmith
BRING THE FANS! That’s my default answer. As a stat-keeper it always makes me feel better when I’m not the only one watching grown men attempt to play basketball. Plus when I roll my eyes after someone is complaining about not getting a foul call I’ll know I’m not the only one. Unless that’s her boo, then I’ll probably be getting glared at. – Serge
As you all probably know by now, Scal DESTROYED the competition.

I think the Off ” Franchise should get Hall of Fame consideration – Bailey
Yea, no

Be jealous – Cookie Monstah (the food truck) brought a bunch of samples to their interview to be on the greenway – LJ
Sam Boyer thinks my weakness is candy, but LJ really knows what it is. The only thing that would have made this any meaner would have been a picture of the cookies.


These are types of ice cream sandwiches Fromaggio is selling now: maple bacon ice cream sandwich – Gripp
Alright that was just plain mean! You’d think my wife would at least buy me one instead of taunting me with a picture, but nooooo….

Kap not a CaC hall of famer!? Borderline insulted I’m not first ballot. 5 rings, tons of leagues, awards, longevity. Sigh. – KAP
Apparently CAC Hall of Famer Adam Kneeland works in my building! I saw him and he shook my hand! What an honor. – KAP
The previous 2 emails were sent within a week of each other. And I’m just an ambassador for the Hall of Fame, it’s the past entrants that all have a vote for the next class. Ok, I take a vote as well, but I’m now one of 19 players that has a say. And that will grow with every new class that is enshrined. Hey, speaking of that…

Un-shun Ran into Poulos the other day in Back Bay. Only question he asked was that if we were still the only inductee class in the CAC HOF. He also wanted to make sure that we better have a final vote on any new inductees.  You have been warned. Re-shun – Wolverine
See, the old guard all wanted a vote before this even got started! Also, GP WISHES he still played at Wall Ball Arena.

Sorry, can only access the computer in the lounge at the old folks home once per week. Honored to be able to vote here [For the 2nd HoF Class]. – Meldrim
Man those Hall of Famers sure do have a sense of humor. Oh and they’re super old by now. You’ve probably barely heard of any of them. – Commish
This was a great read. I know it’s 13 years old at this point, but yea, the culture of pick-up basketball is pretty amazing. You guys aren’t bad either.

Aww we don’t miss you either Rory!

We miss you and your coverage too Dustin! The two best Co-ed guys we’ve EVER had (suck it BFab and JZuk).

Yaaaaaaaa, how are ya?
Hope everyone is still standing. I know that was Bush’s first game since 1996, so he’s probably feeling rough the morning. Anyway, first game is next Thursday, obviously. Can’t wait. I figure if we start with me on the bench, that’ll leave their undersized guard to matchup with Kuz. We could probably just go to the post for the first five possessions…or at least until they switch. We also should look to keep Bush and Corwin away from each other…that’s going to be “interesting.” – Bells
Matty Bells really was the best captain ever, I miss him so.


I’m excited to guard Kap tonight – Baby Dick
Boyer should be careful what he wishes for. Remember when this seemed relevant and Sam HAD a chance to win a couple titles? Oh yea, I don’t remember that either, because it never happened!

Yo Tibbs…we are still missing a win from last week, hook us up. And for the record, your not allowed back at the morse…I shoot like sh-t when you are there. – JC
Missed you last night at the scorers table, although the replacement you had did a nice job. You missed a CAC instant classic. Tibbstrong. – Neufeld
Two more emails that are pretty closely related. I love me some Minus 1 Cubans. So much, in fact that I took over their league late in the game last season and saw them go on a near miraculous run. The lesson? As always, I’m the best stat-keeper, and it’s not even close.


TIBBSTRONG will live on in them, and in me.


There is a lot wrong with the world. There are a lot of incompetent people and a lot of straight up greedy mother****ing assholes crawling all over the place. But I’ll say that Sean O’Cal is neither of those things. In fact, he gave a lot of himself to the people who played and worked at CAC, which covers a lot of ground around the metro-Boston area. On a personal level, playing and working at CAC was better simply by being around O’Cal, that bastard made me laugh. – FHF
You all know how heartbroken we were when O’Cal left for Houston and Gerrity summed up our feelings the best.