Missing Monday Nights

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…and the world kept spinning

this is an ode to ee cummings. or my shift key just doesn’t work. same goes for question marks or the number three.

here are things that i miss or more random observations about life in and around the club from my computer at wollaston beach.

  • i haven’t played at the cac since august. i miss it tremendously. playing with guys like scott mulhollandand dan ollquest can’t be replicated. same goes for competing against bulldozers like majicb-dubs and terrible athletes-but-smart players like spaulding. i miss competing. god, i really miss competing…monday nights in the a1 are just the best when the league is tibbs-free.
  • i miss intelligent insults. i absolutely love talking smack to people and then facing off in some great basketball games. it definitely enhances the playing experience. also, pointed remarks at brad mulhollandare hysterical. skidmore sucks.
  • i like kaplan, but i hate his fucking posts and the low blog. nobody fucking cares. the low blog should be renamed jerkoff station.
  • i enjoy the fear of losing a basketball game. it is a terrible feeling, but not having it at all is much worse.
  • i’ve noticed that in the last two months that no one has really said anything of consequence here. at least, anything that’s real or that’s important outside of rory duyon‘s stellar work. i’m wondering if anyone else can step their game up.
  • and no, i don’t read write-ups that aren’t rory’s. i do check a1 4v4 and co-ed box scores when i can.
  • i dig spacing the floor. and stagger screens. and crisp outlet passes. and boxing out. that’s the fun stuff within the game.
  • same goes with grabbing your teammates and pushing them through to their defenders after a screen or a well-executed drive. ask pat lawson. it’s like playing air traffic controller. it always comes back to quick wits and great communication. a true test of the mind.
  • i miss the scoreboard being broken half the time. after awhile, my anger at josh’s apathy just corroded into laughter over time.
  • i still wonder if they hired any hot girls at the front desk. it’s a gym. good looking girls. it’s not that hard to figure out.
  • i miss hearing news like the women’s league disbanding. the gym will probably never get any of the females who have played in the last few years back due to their feelings on the league. pissing off your customers is never a good thing. god, this stuff makes me laugh.
  • i miss balling against and drinking with biehler. he is the man.
  • and pat at tommy doyle’s. and bob the ref. and especially mattybells. to others and harvey, you know who you are.

i’ve learned that the world keeps spinning with or without you. it really resonates when you figure it out on through your own experiences. we may be just ‘spokes on the wheel’, but we can create change for the better. even if it’s by breaking down some old walls that need to be destroyed or by throwing ammonia into the fire. oh fortuna, you are a wily bastard. we’ll keep this dance going.

and no, i’m not officially done yet. there’s still a duet i’m in the midst of creating. think of ‘watch the throne’ meets ‘chinese democracy.’ in spite of not rocking the clock anymore, i enjoy blogging and i really enjoy talking to all of you immensely. truth be told.

also, i wanted to see if i’d get the fifteen bucks for writing this. i want a calzone some time soon.


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