More Hall of Fame Goodness

Because you can never have too man CAC-aholics

By now you have probably started to take notice of the new front page.  Let’s hope you clicked on that before making your way over to my inconsequential blog.  Anyway, your eyes aren’t deceiving you, that is the Inaugural Class of the C.A.C. Hall of Fame.  The Class of 2010 is the first ever CACers to be immortalized with their own web page!  It’s here.  We’re going to make this a yearly (at least) occurrence and immortalize more CACers as time passes.

This is indeed the 10 year anniversary of C.A.C. Basketball.  Back in 2000 the 6-team league was started with a flip scoreboard, those gross pennies that didn’t get washed between games, and no website.  Stat sheets and write-ups were posted on the bulletin board outside the court.  You played one night a week (Monday) and every other night was pick-up.  How quaint, those first few days of C.A.C’s (nee: CRFC) life, how unsophisticated and out of date they look.

But what a collection of players, talent, coaches and innovators O’Cal and the Committee have put together on that list. I won’t rehash every single one, but instead touch on a few of my favorite headlines about the lastest step in increasing everyone’s CAC-aholism


Favorite Inductee

The Professor

I don’t think O’Cal quite went in-depth enough with how instrumental the Prof was with the Player Rater.  Not only did he come up with the rating system (imperfect as you all judge it to be now) but he’s the one that pushed for it to get up on the website.  Everyone knows how difficult that can be.

We’re talking about back in the old message board days, when no sign-in was required and guys could anonymously blast you and your ideas to smithereens.  Everyone was a Frail in the making before they had to identify themselves..  That’s right I was around for those days too.

This was back before rebounds were separated into offensive and defensive (hence the same multiplier for both) and before 3point % and free throw %.

The Prof made it happen. He wanted a ranking system for the A1 draft, and without him I wouldn’t have spent endless hours refining my APR and fielding requests/suggestions on how to better his work.  We haven’t changed the formula since its inception (turnovers were a disaster) and it standing the test of time is a testament to his Hall worthiness.


Favorite Storyline

League Expansion

Without ALL of these guys, the leagues wouldn’t be nearly as popular as they are today.  The best players obviously kept coming back for more quality runs and forced guys to bring their friends and compete.  The B League, as stated many times, would not have gotten off the ground without the Wolverine and Professor pushing for a league for ‘regular’ players, along with the Commish’s approval.  I wouldn’t have this awesome real (fake) job, we wouldn’t have 1000 players per season (2009 stats) and we wouldn’t be the biggest, baddest rec league in Boston without the hard work of our predecessors.

So what, you haven’t heard of most of these guys, they were one of you before you were relevant.  Now if only we could get those All-Time stats updated we could see how far in the dust we’ve left them.


Least Favorite Stat

Title Chances

Back in the day, there was 1 league per season, with 6 teams.  You didn’t get to enter 3 teams each league.  But that also meant you had a 1 in 6 chance of taking home a title at the end of the season! There were no Unification Games to win, no East/West division, you had a GREAT shot at a title.  That’s why all these players have so many titles, and I only have 1.  That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!!


Biggest Snub


How the Committee left the Stallion off the list is beyond me.  Sure he claims his best playing days are ahead still ahead of him, and that the H.o.F. is only for retired players. HOWEVER, the man is a living legend.  If anyone deserves to have gone into the Hall as a Living Legend, it’s the funniest scribe, the same guy that’s quickest with the handle AND the Ladies.  My man was folding towels back in ’00, won the inaugural CRFC Championship and never looked back. The winningest winner there is has 10 total titles.  10!! Check the banners people, I can’t make that up. That alone should be enough to get him in, let alone the various MVPs and All-Star berths.  By Far the biggest snub there’s ever been.


Great Debate

The Next Round

The qualifications of the inaugural guys were pretty self explainatory. Be here from the beginning and have a big impact on the floor or off it.  But what about the next round of players to be inducted?  What is the starting point for those players.  Do they have to be retired as well? Can we induct Living Legends (O’Cal, Chise, et al) and do they actually have to be any good on the court?? What of the trailblazers of the Women’s and 5v5 Leagues?  All this and more is up for debate. Let me know what you think on the message boards and who would be in your next round of inductees!