MWA Arms Race – League Night Out 5/14/10

If I don’t rag on myself – someone else will

So as you all may or may not know by now, League Night Out is this Friday, May 14th at Tommy Doyles in Harvard Square (6:30 – 9:30 we have the run of the basement – live music upstairs afterward).

Now that you’ve heard the details for the 1000th time, it’s time to introduce the contestants for LNO’s Most Wasted Award!

Let me back up, the LNO MWA is a coveted prize, one that fits in perfectly with out message board/smack talk/i’m better than you and have a fake award to prove it mentality @ CAC.

It’s a time honored tradition that he who is most wasted be recognized after the event, and tales of that man’s deeds told and re told, exaggerated and re exaggerated until the next one. And honestly, every event that we have can be geared around out doing the previous one.
Tibbs – 1/4 – listen, you’re not going to win money betting on me, I’m practically a sure thing! It’s my last big night out before gripp puts a ring on it, so you know i’m going out with a bang. Ill be trying to bring back the days of when I was ’23 like that’ and JITT…
JZuk – 1/1 – JZuk is even money, and let me tell you why, it’s because he’s a tiny little lightweight. I remember when we didn’t even think to give out MWA to a guy that couldn’t hold his booze. We’d just laugh him off and send him home to bed at 10 PM (around the time the Wolverine would show up to go prowling). Now? Everyone’s in it for an award. This guy is supposed to rep UNC? that’s the best that the coast can give us? Man, that guy is as useless to me as SPF 15 in Mexico…
TRance – 2/1 – Another of the favorites to take this thing home, it all depends on the amount of pre-gaming that’s done before hand. I cannot say this enough people, pre-gaming is NOT necessary for LNOs! We still will, however
Gerrity – 6/1 – If he caves and does carbombs, forget it, get your money in while you still have a great deal. The man is out to make a fool of himself (more so than usual) I can feel it.
AK – 100/1 – hasn’t had a drink in 8 months, needs to start building his tolerance for my wedding, might as well start now right?!?!

“Group” Bets
Any woman that shows up with their CAC significant other – 10/1 – Sure they’ve got to take care of us, but we drive them to drink.
Any newbie looking to make his mark – 15/1 – No LNO RoY has done it well since the original RoY way back in 06. That man knew how to make a mark, if he were sitll around I bet he’d be handling the ‘best run league at cac’. Who’s stepping up this year?

Who else wants in on the action?!  Just like the B2 4v4 leagues, it’s an Arms Race with each able CACer trying to make sure they have the edge on the competition. I prefer carbombs, Terry likes to shots, Zuk is a lightweight, O’Cal is 5’2″, we all have our strenghts and weaknesses it’s all about adding to the Repertoire.

For those of you that are new to this LNO thing (and I feel like there will be a number of you), here are some helpful tips.

How to Get the Most out of what could be the last public appearance from Tibbs :

Just Don’t bring any video cameras :

No matter what happens, everything will be recorded anyway:

Ladies, bring friends : no i don’t have a link for this, just do it.

Oh and everyone on staff loves free drinks!!