My Open Invitation to Criticism

You’ll have plenty, I’m sure

It better be constructive criticism, however.  As of last week, I have officially become a full-time employee of the Cambridge Athletic Club Basketball Leagues.  Some will still see me as unemployed, since my ëjobí consists of keeping stats (usually intoxicated), heckling a bunch of guys who ball for the pure joy of it (again, drunk), and hacking away at a key board for a few hours every night (never a good idea while intoxicated). Needless to say, many wonít take me seriously. Iím here to serve you, the guys, and not to mention the ladies, that play to forget about work and life for a few hours a week.  Anything I can do to make this experience more enjoyable, more rewarding, or just less painful for you ballers, let me know, itís what Iím paid for.


As such, Iíll be taking pre-emptive steps from here on out to make your experience that much better, and to help continue to make these Leagues the best in the entire Boston area.  Since Iíve got little else to do besides keep my local Kappyís in business I sit around all day, musing about the future of this fine website.  The following is a list of improvements that I think the CAC Leagues need to employ in order to make this an even better experience for all involved.  Obviously you all enjoy your daily dose of stats and write-ups (now down by noon the next day!), but weíre looking to give you even more.


Rules Page – For all the new members that join our exclusive group, and for those of you who seem to forget the league rules on a weekly basis, this is already in the works.

More CAC related blogs – These basketball leagues are one of the most addictive substances available on the open market, and the rest of the staff and I are committed (should be mentally) to bringing you more of what you need.

Historical Updates ñ Each league has its own brand of player, and the league leaders should be universally recognized.

Update Profile/Profile Pics ñ Who doesnít want their mug flying around cyber space?  Plus you know you want your seasonal player rater added to the stats that you show your parents/significant others/kids.

b.good Player of the Week – We all love free burgers, and b.good loves to make you feel like a part of the family (2 new joints opening means things are booming).  This season winners will be notified via email to make sure that they donít miss out on giving our sponsor a try, itís well worth it.

Active News Page – Youíve all clicked on the “News”link in the past and noticed that it hasnít been updated since before OíCal could legally buy me a brew.  Well what better place to get updates on pickup runs, upcoming 3v3 tournaments, new leagues, and LNO (official and unofficial).  Too much information is never enough.

Scoreboard – Iím not going to lie, I like it when fans come to ask me the score of the game and chat me up while the action is going on.  But weíve all been hearing rumors of a scoreboard going up above the mirror for so long now, that itís got to happen.  Plus, I just knocked our current scoreboard off the balcony nearly killing Mike D, I think itís time for a change.  If you know anyone who knows someone, please, pass the name along

All-Star games – Iíve tried this in the past and itís been hit or miss with attendance.  A better notification system and a little planning ahead will go a long way towards making these a reality.

In-game/pregame music – All thatís needed is a couple speakers hanging around the gym and an Ipod play list to get the players and crowd pumped up.


These are just a few of the things that I want to start working on.  Leave your suggestions on the message boards (where this is also posted) or feel free to shoot me an email.  All ideas and criticisms welcome, but donít say ìlower league fees!î  We all know this isnít going to happen; the gym has to pay me somehow.