Nothing But Smiles with Reggie St. Germain

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It’s that time again, another intimate look into the life of a fellow CACer.  This time around we’re profiling a man who is most known for his smiling face and all around hustle.  Reggie’s played on a lot of different Coed and B teams, always bringing a different aspect to the game.  I’m fortunate enough to have him on my squad this season so he can no longer block my jumper with his absurdly long arms.  Enjoy the read:

D-Will:  Reggie, a lot of your fellow CACers and I have seen you around the C.A.C. courts for awhile now.  You’ve been quite the personality in the coed leagues and it seems like you’re always smiling.  I don’t like to speak for others but I think we’d all like to get a little more insight into who you are off the court and also find out some embarrassing stuff(besides your hoops game of course) that we can poke fun at while getting drinks at the bar after games.  So where did you grow up, where did you go to school, what do you do for work?  Just give me a little background on yourself.

Reggie:  Wow, you start with the tough ones!  At least there’s nothing I can embarrass myself with…yet.  I was born in NY and lived in Manhattan for a few years and then we (my parents and my younger brother of 3 years) moved to southern MA.  I can tell you endless stories about how tough it was growing up here as an unapologetic Yankee fan who HATED the Red Sox.  The only reason I’m alive today is because I was also a big fan of the Pats and Celts fan before it was fashionable to root for them.

I went to Avon High School and then Trinity College in CT for undergrad.  Rev. Rip also went to Trinity and Rory was the first to point out that as the reason why our teams have not have much success in the CAC.  It’s karma for Trinity’s squash (variation of racquetball) team holding the NCAA Division 1 record for most consecutive wins…they went undefeated from 1998 to early 2012!!
I now live in Cambridge/Harvard Sq. where I just moved in with my girlfriend, Marie and her adorable, 3 month old pomeranian puppy, Teddy.  Karma again for years of making fun of guys who walk tiny dogs.  When I’m not embarrassing myself on the court, I manage the underwriting department at a life insurance company.  The easiest way to explain what I do to people is: Ben Stiller’s occupation in Along Came Polly.
D-Will:  Don’t worry, you embarass yourself enough on the court and there’s plenty of interview left to get into the juicy stuff.  On another note I knew there was something about you I didn’t like, you’re a damn Yankees fan.  I was born and raised a Cubs fan and the Yankees embody everything that is the exact opposite of what it means to be a Cubs fan.  Interview over….

Alright, just kidding.  But on a more serious note it’s good to see you have some sense and like the Celts over the Knicks or *gulp* Brooklyn Nets.  I know that Karma can be a bitch in the CAC, my name will forever be associated with the Dizzy Llamas which is probably the most losingest(not a word, I know), if you exclude DL White’s championship run, in CAC coed history.  I don’t have any stats to back that up but I’m just assuming that’s the reason why my CAC teams seem to fall short after hot starts as of late.
Alright, back to more questions. What got you into the career you’re in?  I mean I’ve never heard of a kid telling their 3rd grade teacher they wanted to be an underwriter when they grow up.  And while we’re at it, why don’t we talk some basketball.  What was the reason you picked up your first basketball, why did you decide you wanted to try your hand at a little roundball?
Reggie: Ain’t easy being a Yankee fan anywhere.  However, I can honestly say that I’d be happy to see the Cubs finally win a World Series.
Those Dizzy Llamas teams were pretty bad, but you might remember that you and DL Green won by 30+ points against me in my CAC co-ed debut…not that I’m not still bitter or anything.  You had somewhere between 20-30 points and for the first and last time, you made all your open layups.  Hey, at least you can always say you and DL Green did that against a team that had Carlos, Syd and Stets on it.
Hmm, when did I first pick up a basketball?  I know my parents told me they got me one when I was around 4, but I can really remember really starting to  practice when I was about 9 because of MJ.  Might redeem myself a little with you for being a Yankee fan when I tell you I was also a huge Bulls fan.  Then again, who wasn’t?  We’re lucky we got to “Witness” the greatest ever.  I don’t care what anyone says, Kobe and LeBron aren’t even close.  My first stab at playing organized basketball was my freshman year of high school when I made the varsity team and it all came full circle when I got to play a state championship at the then FleetCenter the day after MJ had played his final game against the Celtics in a Bulls uniform.  We won 3 state championships in a row and that one was definitely my favorite.  More Karma as to why I’ll never win anything in the CAC.
Funny, that’s what I say all the time, “no one ever said they wanted to be an underwriter when they grow up”.  Hell, I’ve never heard of it until my senior of college when I was applying for jobs.  I had actually interviewed for another insurance job and got rejected…looking back, I got really lucky because that job would’ve been miserable.  Anyways, that same company that rejected me, called me 4 months later to tell me they would like to interview me for an underwriting position. and later hired me.  It sounded like an interesting job at the time and here I am 8 years later…just at a different company.
D-Will:  I don’t think there are many people who root against the Cubs, except for those asshole White Sox fans that I find myself arguing with at the bar when I go home for a weekend.

Yeah, we thought we were the shit after we ran you guys into the ground.  I think that was my best offensive game in the CAC ever, then the next time we played you when you guys returned the favor I think I scored single digits.  That was such a disappointing season, 1-8 record with our only win being 30+ points, probably the only time in the history of the CAC that’s happened.
MJ is the reason I started to play hoops too, I remember getting a Dream Team Michael Jordan jersey when I was young and wearing that thing all summer while shooting around across the street from my house at the park.
So what got you to move up to Boston?  And what brought you to the CAC?
Reggie:  I was living in Hartford, CT and desperately had to get back to the Boston area.  If you’ve ever spent more than a day in Hartford, you’ll know what I mean when I say there’s NOTHING to do.  I can only imagine how different it would’ve been if the Pats hadn’t turned down a free stadium and moved down there.

I had played in a corporate league back in CT and took me about 4 years to get the itch again.  I joined the B-Draft league after finding the CAC on the Internet.  Write-ups for every game was unheard of and I knew then the CAC was for me.  You guys really don’t get enough credit for the hard work you put in covering the leagues.
D-Will:  So I have been to Hartford, a few times in fact.  I once got kicked out of a bar(couldn’t tell you the name) for what could be considered public indecency but I’ll save that story for a more private setting over beers.

The CAC sure does have a corner on the market with the quality of coverage, makes this league so much fun.  I think it would be impossible for me to join any other league now, especially if you add the people aspect, so many awesome people around to play with/against.  Next time you say we don’t get enough credit make sure to let Tibbs know your sentiments, I sure could use a raise….
Alright, back on task.  What do you do for fun outside of basketball?  I mean you mentioned before that Hartford was boring so what types of things does Boston offer that keeps you busy?
Reggie:  You getting kicked out of a bar in Hartford wouldn’t surprise me at all because most of the bouncers there are ridiculous.  I’ve never been kicked out of a bar in the Boston area, but I got kicked out 4 or 5 times when I lived in Hartford and all my friends have similar stories.  Basically, you can be a nun minding your own business to get kicked out of a bar in Hartford.

Tibbs, better show you guys the money!  I agree, along with the coverage, the peopledefinitely make the CAC.  It’s really rare to find someone you wouldn’t have a beer with.
When I’m not on the court, I spend most of my time hanging out with my girlfriend, family and friends.  Being in Boston, there are just so options for bars, restaurants, parks, etc. to go to.  Other than than that, you can usually find me listening to music, watching sports and going to the movies.  You’ll find all kinds of music on my ipod except for country and I’d have to say that football is by far my favorite sport to watch.  Can’t tell you how excited I am that the NFL and College Football seasons are coming up.  There’s nothing like being parked in front of the Red Zone Channel on Sunday with a beer while tracking my fantasy football stats in 3 different leagues.
D-Will:  The guy that kicked me out of the bar told me to not come back for like “3 or 4 months” so to that I drunkenly slurred “That’s fine, I don’t even live around here”.  Yes, for those of you who haven’t drank with me I’m pretty ridiculous.

Now that I know you have Red Zone, what time should I be at your place on Sunday?  All jokes aside I’m incredibly excited for football season, nothing better than a Sunday afternoon of yelling at/cheering for your fantasy players, watching your favorite team grab a divisional win, and throwing back a few carbonated beverages.  Who do you root for on Saturday’s and Sunday’s(I highly recommend that you lie if the truth is the NY Football Giants)?
Reggie: Yes! Hartford bars are also notorious for giving out “suspensions” when they kick people out.  Probably because the scene is already dead there.  Any other city would just kick you out or tell you that you’re never allowed back.

The Pats are by far my favorite team in all sports and whenever I hear about the NY Giants, it takes me back to those two Super Bowls which makes me want to go into the fetal position in a dark corner.  Last year was tough but not even close to how tough it was deal with the 2008 Super Bowl loss.  I really like our chances to get back to the Super Bowl and hope not to run into the Giants again.
I don’t really have any solid college allegiances, so other than the hometown team, Boston College, I tend to root for the underdogs to take down the big SEC/Big 12/Big 10 schools.  It’s nice to see “mid-majors” like  Boise St. and TCU always in the mix.  Last year, I ended up watching a lot of Big 10 football for some reason and really started taking a liking to Northwestern.  They’re my next team that could take it to the next level and crack the BCS rankings in a couple years.  They’ve had no business being in the Big 10, but from what I saw last season, they were are very underrated.
D-Will:  I can’t say that I’m in the same position when it comes to heartbreaking super bowl losses.  However, I’m a Bears fan and when they played the Colts in the Super Bowl a few years back I was at Purdue University. For those of you a little rusty on your geography, Purdue is almost exactly halfway between Chicago and Indy.  Basically not only did I cry myself to sleep that night, I had to see a lot of White and Blue jerseys around campus for a few weeks.  Disgusting.

Reggie, Thanks for taking the time to talk with me.  Do you have any closing remarks?  Anything you’d like the CACers to know about you that hasn’t already been mentioned?  Or you can just make fun of me or others, I mean after all I’m a pretty easy target.
Reggie:  You pretty much covered everything and thanks again for having me.  I’m looking forward to another fun-filled season the CAC and being one of your teammates.  Just remember to finish all my assists!
D-Will:  No guarantees, I’ll do my best to finish all your assists but you’ve seen my lay-up attempts and chances are for every 10 passes you make to me when I’m open you’ll average 1.5 assists.  Sorry, but I’m terrible at basketball.  Enjoyed talking with you and look forward to winning a Coed Title with Prince’s Revolution.
There you have it, hope you guys enjoyed getting to know Reggie a bit more.  I’m sure you all ignored my portion of the conversation, as you should since Reggie is much more interesting than me, but I know I had a lot of fun doing this.  I’m open to suggestions for people to interview, let me know who you want to know more about.