Old Memories from Memory Lane – O’Cal’s Top 10 Blog Entries

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As I said last night, I’m devastated by the imminent departure of C.A.C. Basketball’s best staffer ever, bar none. The Kid did it all, he reffed, kept stats, posted blogs, drank too much, hit on the women’s league, everything. He was so versatile his PR only told half the story. Over the course of the next couple weeks it will be a Best of O’Cal all the time on every station. We kick it off with his best non-interview blogs.

I swore to myself that I would hold all my ‘best of’ lists to just 5 when it came to commemorating O’Cal. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending how you look at it) I was unable to do this when trying to narrow down my list of my favorite blogs provided by the Stallion. I couldn’t do it, it HAD to be a top 10 and after reading them, I think you’ll agree. Of course, you might not have the same ones in your list, but if you want to peruse all of his, you can here.

10 – It’s a Celebration Bitches – 8/7/07 – http://www.cacbasketball.com/its-a-celebration-bitches/
This entry would have been ranked a whole lot higher if he didn’t pen it immediately after knocking off my A2 squad that season. You want to know why I’m 3-12 in Banner Games? It’s because of Big Nice. Mazz may have been the one with my heart in his back pocket to stomp on whenever he wanted, but O’Cal was always the engine that drove those teams. I’m sure most of his blog is skewed with beer goggles but still, pretty accurate.

9 – CAC Staff Party recap – 11/24/08 –  http://www.cacbasketball.com/why-would-anyone-want-to-be-cac-staff/
Wait so you’re on staff, you like to drink, and you’re easy to get along with? O’Cal can make that work. Even a pedestrian night can turn epic in a matter of seconds.

8 – LNO Stories and Predictions – 10/13/06 – http://www.cacbasketball.com/past-league-stories-and-predictions-for-tonight/
If you haven’t gotten the memo, drinking is encouraged around these parts.

7CRFC’s Name Change – 5/14/07 – http://www.cacbasketball.com/crfc-to-cac-a-rose-by-any-other-name/
Raise your hand if you have a ‘CRFC Basketball’ jersey. Sadly, there aren’t that many of you left. Let’s see how many current players I can think of (not counting Serge, he’s on his 3rd knee surgery rehab in the last 6 years). Over/Under at 15

Me, Cheese, Covert, Turin, Mazz, Kahana, Erin Johnson, Caitlin Vestal (TIBBETTS), Sweeney (and by extension, Vig and Glumac), Chise

That’s all I’ve got. I might have missed a couple guys, but not many.

Matty has only been around since 2009 you guys. It feels like he’s an old-timer. Good soul, that one has.

6 – Summer Jort Report – 5/28/09 – http://www.cacbasketball.com/the-summer-a1-jort-report/
I was soooo excited to get drafted by O’Cal then he threw this out there. If you beat us one week, we’d wear Jorts for our game the next week. Of course, you assumed that same risk. Yea, totally worth it and forced me to play well (A Draft career high 24.5 ppg). We only wore them once, everyone else that took that risk looked more than slightly silly.

5 –  Investigative Reporting – Genzyme – 6/7/11 – http://www.cacbasketball.com/tainted-love-the-zyme-era/
Everyone always knew there was something fishy going on with those players from Genzyme (at one time, they had 5 teams in various leagues each season). Now that Sanofi has completely cut their funding I almost almost pine for these days, but not quite.

4 – No One Wants to be a Ref – 8/15/08 – http://www.cacbasketball.com/where-do-i-sign-up/
It’s not often a ref speaks out, but it’s also not often a ref has their own blog to do so. After a particularly contentious playoff game at Wall Ball Arena, O’Cal had had enough (and probably about a gallon of beer) and vented his frustration. As always, he rips into the players, but is hilarious about doing it.

3 – E True Hollywood Story – 3/22/06 – http://www.cacbasketball.com/tical-the-e-true-hollywood-story
There was a point in time when O’Cal never worked during the Winter season. Now we know why.

2 – Who you Calling Leon Powe? – 9/22/09 http://www.cacbasketball.com/making-new-memories-on-memory-lane
Ask most people what their favorite memory of O’Cal is and this blog comes up about 50% of the time. This is definitely where I stole the title of this blog from. It’s just amazing and a true masterpiece. I’m not going to ruin the story for you, just read it. It’s legitimately amazing and 100% true.

1 – Training Camps
The great 1v1 fueds of 2006 – 2009 wouldn’t have happened without O’Cal taking this spat between Mixtake (Mike Turin) and the Young Republican (John Edwards) and running with it. After these two blogs came out, anytime you had a spat with someone on the message boards, the immediate response was to challenge them to a 1v1 game. We had some classics, Gerrity vs Tibbs (I burned all the tape of his first win), Kap vs everyone, and obviously this epic match-up of Turin vs Edwards.

I like the fact that that’s the way we’re heading again. Just today we had a Drew vs DougFunnie 1v1 match-up proposed. If you have a beef with someone you should immediately challenge them to a 1v1 game. That’s obviously the way to settle your differences. 1s and 2s to 21 by 2. Straight to 25. Settle it on the court like men and women!

Honestly if you took every other blogger and tried to have their best effort crack this top 10, you might get 2, at most 3 entries get in there. O’Cal was a unique, completely individual talent that will be truly missed. He made it so effortless and crafting the english language around your funny boned seemed so easy for him. As I’ll be saying for the next month, he will be missed greatly here at CAC Basketball!