Tossing and turning last night, my brain would not slow down. Ideas from the mundane (did I take out the trash earlier) to the absurd (one of these days I’m going to do something) were racing through my head.

I can’t escape the clutches of C.A.C., even while nestled in my safe place, so of course all the things I could be and should be doing were flashing before me.  Josh’s shiny dome even made an appearance as I was ruminating on my responsibilities.

Man it sounds like I had a traumatic evening.

Anyway, as usual with nocturnal contemplations, many of the ideas seem fuzzy at best and unobtainable at worst, in the light of day.  But something that’s stuck with me since I’ve puttered around the apartment this morning, is the fact that I should be putting more out there on the interwebs.  Sure I post a dozen write-ups a week (usually) but I have over thoughts, dammit!  Even if they struggle to come out, I’m going to keep pushing until they do, or I hear a plop, and know I’ve pushed too hard.

So what you’re going to get from me, for the foreseeable future, is at least an entry a day on this here blog.  It might have nothing to do with basketball or the leagues (it will).  It might be terrible (again, it will). Just think of it as your daily dose of vitamins, or at best, your celebratory ‘I’m out of work for the day beer!’ that you drink every half hour.  What, no one else knows that’s a thing?

Hell by some miracle you might not hate it and I won’t run out of ideas too quickly but you’ve got to deal with it for now.

And no, this doesn’t count for today’s entry. I’ve got something special keyed up for later this afternoon, so stay tuned! If you miss a day or two, or before you accuse me of having missed one, don’t forget to check out the archives.