Overcoming Adversity

Yeah, weíre down 3-1.  Tell me something I donít know dickhead.  You think this is the first time weíve had to overcome adversity.  2004, the Disco/Techno eras, and the episode of Saved By the Bell where Zack and Slater fought:  all examples of when faced with unfortunate events, we as a people ended up winning somehow in the end.


2004.  Do I really need to say anything about the 04 Sox?  They came back, down 3-0, en route to handing the Cardinals an ass spanking.  Sure, that team had better pitching, a healthy Papi, and that guy who plays for the Dodgers now, but we got the Pink Hat contingent now and even though those lovely ladies only know Gabe Kapler (who doesnít play for us anymore) is hot, with their true fan support, we shall overcome the Rays.


The Disco/Techno eras ñ The late 70ís (Disco) and late 90ís (Techno) this country was in turmoil because of the drug use and fashion that accompanied these 2 ìshould have been abortionsî forms of music.  Cocaine, Quaaludes, and a lot of crazy white guido suits almost ruined what could have been this countries greatest generation since 1776.  The BeeGees could have been the second coming of the Beatles but chose to go to the dark side known as disco. How did we conquer such a monstrosity of an era?  Rock and Roll kids beating the hair gel out of disco kids got it started and That 70ís Show finished it.  But…



However, in the late 90ís Discoís fugly cousin, Techno, tried to enslave this nationís youth after Hip Hopís post Biggie and Pac decline.  Kids….poppiní those Disco Biscuit Rolls left and right, getting blow outs, and waving glow sticks around wouldnít have been so bad if it werenít for the monumental influence of those groovy bastards known as the Venga Boys. I still have nightmares about my friends Rolliní at the BBC (Thatís right, the Bahama Beach Club right on Rt 1) and acting like complete tools.  How did we pull ourselves out of this sticky situation?  Well, actually, the Root of All Evil (AKA women) stopped going to the BBC and realized how big of tools guys were are this place.  Take away the Tang and guys will change their game.  Ok ladies, so you have done ONE thing for societyís benefit.  Donít go hurting yourself pattiní yourself on the back because you still are only interested in men who have money, are over 5î5 and donít live with their parents


The Zack and Slater Fight ñ


This one just hit too close to home for me.  I remember seeing these 2 stallions fighting over Joanna and wondering how I would go on in life if a girl could break up such a beautiful friendship (not too mention wondering how the state football champ was not winning a fight to a blonde pretty boy, but that is neither here nor there).   Just as I was getting ready to tighten the knot and kick the chair out from under me, Mr. Belding and his new wig fell off and brought my two boos back together.  Ohhhhhh, Richard you son of a bitch you.   Where were you in my high school!


Am I worried that we are down 3-1?  F no.  We here in the Northeast have a history of personally overcoming adversity and this series will be no different.  Dice K will take his sweet ass time tomorrow night as usual to win yet another 6 hour game.  Francona will promise Beckett that he doesnít have to do any sit ups for the rest of his Boston career and can be as fat as he dreams to be in order to get a sick start from him in game 6.  Finally, Lester will pitch righty so Tampa at least has a shot bc there is NO way he has 2 bad starts in the same series.  See you all in the World Series.