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UPDATED ON 12/10/19

The WINTER 2020 league sign-up and payment information is about to be updated! The deadline to sign up for the upcoming season is Monday January 13th, one month away. Don’t hesitate to sign your team up early to make sure there are spots in the league on the night you want to play in. The WINTER off-season is fairly long, but don’t let the holidays come and go without setting up your team for the Winter and miss your window to get into the leagues! Here are important dates you need to know about the upcoming season.

Key Dates
Sign-ups Open – NOW
Early Payment Deadline – WEDNESDAY DECEMBER 18th
Draft League Payment Deadline – WEDNESDAY JANUARY 8th
Draft League Combines – SATURDAY JANUARY 11th
Draft Week – JANUARY 11th – 16th
Team Payment Deadline – MONDAY JANUARY 13th

Be sure to note the Payment Deadline. All league fees are due before the end of the day on MONDAY January 13th in order to get on the league schedules. Teams that have not paid by 1/13/20 will not be placed on the schedule for the league they were holding a spot in.

Again, all league fees are due by 1/13/20.

CAC Basketball is bringing back the Online League Pay and Early Payment Discount for the WINTER 2020 season. Teams will be able to pay their league fees online and automatically receive league discounts. Teams that take advantage of this system will find the registration process streamlined, picking up jerseys a breeze, and a better overall customer service experience.

By registering and paying online each season, the CAC Basketball leagues will be more user friendly and hassle-free!  To sign-up yourself or your team, or if you have any questions, please email

1. Click the link:
2. Register as a new user (if you not have paid online for a 2019 league). This is a new Online Store for CAC Basketball
3. To pay for a league, select the appropriate 4v4 or 5v5 Team League
4. If you’re a free agent, choose “Individual Draft League” to pay for a Draft League
5. If you’re a individual playing in a league that accepts Free Agent Teams, choose “Women’s/CoEd Free Agent to pay for the League
6. If you pay for a team in a league that offers an Early Pay Discount before the deadline (Winter 2020: 12/18/19), a discount of $100 will automatically adjust the team price at check-out
8. “Check Out” and provide your credit card information to pay for your WINTER 2020 leagues!


Q – Are any of these FAQs different?
A – Yea, sure, they definitely are, you should read them to find out.

Q – You got a ‘burbs update for us?
A – Snow days are the woooooorst. They’re much worse than I thought, worse than summer vacation, the previous worst. Now that #BabyTibbs has been in school for a couple months its nice having her out of the house, you know? Thankfully, I’m still at C.A.C. 3 days a week (Mon/Tue/Wed). Pester me at every opportunity, through email (, text (617-921-7851) and twitter (@CACBasketball) to make sure I’ve got your sign-up and that you’re good to go for the WINTER season!

Q – Yo, I see league fees went up, what’s up with that?
A – You’re right, for the first time in over a decade, the individual Draft League Fees have gone up to $175 (from $150). For our legion of players that run in more than 1 draft league, you get a $50 discount this season on your first two leagues. That means you don’t pay any more in the Winter than you have previously, it’s still $300 to play in 2 leagues. Team fees have been raised for the first time in 5 years as well, up to $1500 for 5v5 and $100 for 4v4 leagues. Our Early Pay Discount is still being run, so don’t miss out on your chance to save $100 (12/18/19) .

Q – If a League doesn’t happen, what steps do I take to get a refund?
A – If a league doesn’t have enough players or teams, all money will be refunded within a week of the 1/13/20 deadline. Email me ( if there are any questions.

Q – How much are jerseys?
A – Players new to the league need to pay an additional $10 per jersey when picking them up at CAC (215 First St – Cambridge). All players are required to wear CAC jerseys to games. For anyone who wants to purchase an additional or new jersey, the cost is also $10.  This helps us control inventory (we order thousands every year) and help us avoid raising rates in the near future. Captains are able to pick-up jerseys at any time

Q – I’ve been playing for a few seasons now, can you just hook me up with a free jersey?
A – Sorry, to control inventory and avoid raising league fees for everyone, anyone who needs a jersey needs to pay $10.

Q – I constantly ruin/lose/leave my jersey behind at the gym. What can you do for me?
A – I can offer you some very helpful tips!

  1. Don’t lost your shit! I know, I know, I’m a habitual shit loser, the struggle is real.
  2. Make sure that you wash your jersey in cold water, not hot
  3. Do not put your jersey in the dryer
  4. Ask Alexa where your jersey is. She knows everything else I do in the house so probably heard where I took it off last.
  5. Don’t have kids! They take all the space where you used to put your shit, take your shit when you finally find a spot to put it and throw it in the trash or out the car window. It’s all the kids fault

The dryer (and kids!) is the cause of every ruined CAC jersey ever. This will never change. Simply hang your jersey up to dry (or ask your parental unit/significant other to do it for you) and it will last for years and years. I still have some that I have deluded myself into thinking I can squeeze into from 2005. I wear them at Wednesday pickup if you don’t believe me.

Q – I want to pay as an individual, can I do that online?
A – If you’re playing in one of our many Draft leagues (A Draft, Over-30 Legends Drafts, B Draft, Saturday Draft, 5v5 Drafts, Franchise League) or you’re signing up as an individual for one of the leagues that are forming Free Agent Teams you are able to pay online! In order to hold your spot for any of the Draft leagues, you simply must pay before the draft league payment deadline (WINTER 2020: 1/8/20). You can do so online or in person at C.A.C.

Q – Follow-up question that is asked every season, so I can now pay part of my team fee online instead of paying through my captain, right?
A – That’s still incorrect, but thank you for asking that very important question.  If you are part of a team that is entering a non-draft league, someone must pay the full balance of the league fee online (or in person at C.A.C.) in order to get the discount, we do not accept partial payments for teams.

Q – One of my teammates is on staff or is a member of the gym, how can we make sure to get the Early Payment Discount?
A – Please be sure to email in advance of the 12/18/19 deadline to make sure the correct team balance is paid. Basketball stat-keepers can comp one team entry ($150 value) for the WINTER 2020 season. As with every other team, the entire balance must be paid in full all at one time to receive the discount. The price will be slightly different, but still needs to be paid all at once to receive the discount.

Q – I’ve paid for my leagues online, when I come in to pick-up jerseys for my new team members, will the front desk know I’ve paid?
A – Yes!  Online payments streamline interactions with the front desk and make the process easier on everyone.
In addition, printing out your confirmation email (automatically sent after purchase) and bringing it to Cambridge Athletic Club (C.A.C. – 215 First St – Cambridge MA) will make the process even easier when you pick up jerseys. Team captains that pick up jerseys for their team will be charged an additional $10 for each new player that needs a jersey when they pick them up.

Q – I want to pay before the season starts (1/21/20), but after the Early Pay Discount Deadline (WINTER 20: DECEMBER 18th), will I still get the discount if I pay online?
A – First, please note that we will not be accepting league fees during or after the first week of the season.  All team league fees are due by 1/13/20 in order to get on league schedules. Teams that have not paid by Monday 1/13/20 will not be placed on the schedule for the league they were holding a spot in and for the people in the back, all league fees are due by, 1/13/20!
Second, If you pay after December 18th, the discount will not be applied to the league fees, even if you pay online. That means if it’s 12:01 AM on Thursday December 19th, the discount will NOT be available.

Q – What if email/call/text/tweet/facebook msg/insta/snap chat you on Wednesday night December 18th while watching the Cs take on the Mavs, before the payment deadline asking for an extension and I don’t hear back? Can I still get the discount if I pay the next day or later in the week?
A – Look, i’ve got two kids now. I’m not 19 years old like Jayson Tatum still is. I DVR games and watch them when I’m up at 5 AM with a screaming toddler. But I DO have some great news. You don’t HAVE to wait until the last possible second to pay! You can pay anytime between right now (right this second!) and December 18th. To take advantage of the discount, all league fees must be paid before midnight on Friday August 9th, either online or in person at C.A.C. (215 First Street – Cambridge MA). CAC closes at 11 PM on Wednesdays, so if you want to pay in person, please plan accordingly.

Q – In the past you’ve let teams on the schedule without paying by the deadline, can my team wait a week or two to pay?
A – No. The January 13th deadline is a hard deadline and teams must pay by then to get into the leagues. Even if it screws with my division alignments and I suddenly have 3 with an odd number of teams and dreaded bye weeks, no more Mr. Nice Guy (and Josh will kill me if I let that happen again).

Q – I’m able to pay the team league fee online, but I’m not the team captain, can I do that?
A – Yes, someone other than the team captain can pay the league fee for the team. To avoid confusion and confirm the fee is taken care of, please send an email to to confirm your team name and captain’s name after processing the order.

Q – I paid the fee online, is the spot for my team saved?
A – You must first check with me ( to make sure there is room in the league you want to sign-up in, before paying the league fee. As always, in order to hold a team spot, a team name and full roster list (names and emails) are also needed to hold it.

Q – A “Billing Information” pop-up appears when I log-in, do I have to store my information online? 
A – No, the only time you must enter your billing information is at check-out.

Q –  How excited are you for TRoS??
A – As someone who genuinely loves the ST (Sequel Trilogy, come on non-nerds) and has rewatched the Last Jedi more than even I care to admit, I’m pumped. I am hoping the Palp Clone theory is a fake out though…