Posterizing Dunks of All-Time

So I’m surfing the net looking for an idea to write about this week, and I stumble upon a still of the epic dunk of DeAndre Jordan. If your not a basketball fan or have been living under a rock for the past couple days, DeAndre Jordan has been dubbed by ESPN for having the “Dunk of the Year” with his posterizing alley-oop boom shakalaka jam over Brandon Knight a few nights ago.

This had me wondering, what are some of the best posterizing dunks of all-time? I found a bleacher report list that had a Top 20 list of the best posterizing dunks of all-time….here are some highlights from that list from 2010.


#18 Lebron James over Damon Jones

The look on Shaq’s face immediately after the dunk is like, “I gotta play on his team!”

Mission Accomplished!

#17 John Starks dunks on Horace Grant and ONLY Horace Grant

I’m a little biased about this dunk….granted I was a HUGE Knicks fan until……

Anyway this dunk was pretty epic in the fact that it’s still debated to this day if Starks actually dunked on Jordan as well as Grant. I had the poster many moons ago and Jordan wasn’t in the mix until after Starks put the ball through the hoop.

Proof that Jordan wasn’t even close!


#14 Lebron James dunks on KG

The 2008 NBA Playoffs were awesome, Lebron was becoming the player he is today and it was showing in this hard fought and in my opinion best series of the playoffs. In this play alone, he showed his dominance as he blew by Paul Peezy and crammed it on KG! Oh yea and that WAS a foul by KG! If KD was reffing that game, he would say, “Man count that shit!”


#12 Kobe Bryant “baptizes” Dwight Howard

Before Dwight Howard became the nuisance in the Magic locker room and then Kobe’s teammate, #24, excuse me #8 Kobe flushes this one on rookie Howard, teabagging Howard in the process.

Some experts may say he just grew into his adult body, but I think it was Kobe’s ushering that made him get his weight up.


#11a Vince Carter over Zo Mourning and #11b T-Mac over Shawn Bradley

This bleacher report ranking had the cousins posterizing jams at the same ranking, these two flushes were equally impressive but I think I have to give the nod to T-Mac simply because of the degree of difficulty (Alonzo – 6’10, Bradley – 7’6″). Both of these dunks were pretty so enjoy

Carter over Zo

T-Mac over Bradley


#6 Shawn Kemp cuffs it on Alton Lister

Shawn Kemp was the Blake Griffin of the early 90’s and this dunk proved that as he cuffed the ball and threw it down sideways. Chris Mullin was a solid defender, but his best defensive play was getting out of the way and not being on the poster or the victim of “The Point”.


Okay we’re at the Top 3, let’s see who winds up #1!


#3 Dominique Wilkins over the Miami Heat

Just like Kemp was the Griffin of the 90’s, Wilkins was the Griffin of the 80’s or should I say Griffin is the Wilkins of the ’10’s. ‘Nique was a highlight reel trapped in a human being and this play is no different. He splits a shoddy double team with a hop step and proceeds to dunk on three Heat players off a two foot vertical jump. Simply amazing!

Fast forward to the :48 second mark


#2 Scottie Pippen slams it on Ewing

I don’t think I need to say much about this play, but the step over after the dunk by Pippen was like icing on the cake. Watch and enjoy!



#1 Vince Carter leaps over Frederic Weis

As you read in this post before, I was an avid Knicks fan, but by this time, I was a perennial Knick hater (still am to this day, go Brooklyn Nets!) The Knicks are infamous for picking the absolute worst picks in the NBA Draft, and when they do select someone halfway decent, they wind up parting ways with said player within a year or two. Frederic Weis was selected 15th overall in the 1999 NBA Draft before Queens native Ron Artest (now Metta World Peace). Weis never played a single game in the NBA, and he is internationally known as the recepient at arguably the greatest dunk of all-time.

The international play call on this one captured it well, and the French dubbed Carter’s jam as, “Le dunk de la mort” or “The Dunk of Death”.







  • This list is terrible there are so many missing no Jordan dunks. I also liked when Rondo dunked on Howard, some Kevin Johnson dunks, some of Dr. J’s, Weber on Barkley, Lebron on Duncan, Amare Stoudemire has had some sick ones too (One on Lebron)and of course Blake Griffin.

  • Yea the bleacher report list is very outdated but there are some dunks on there that I did leave out just because of the longetivity like Jordan over Ewing….Webber on Barkley was also a great one too.

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