Quick Hits – Kariuki Thande

BOOM Goes the DynaMIT captain

In an effort to preview the Co-Ed Championship Game (Boom Goes the DynaMIT vs Dizzy Llamas White – 12/14/11 @ 8 PM @ the Charlestown Boys & Girls Club) I asked both team captains a few questions about the upcoming game. Kari, captain of BOOM (the #14 seed) has been outspoken all season long (really, since he joined CAC) and this post season tournament has been no different.  Hell, it’s right in his wheel house.

To start the tournament, Kari had the utmost confidence in his team despite the fact that they were seeded #14.  His confidence has been well founded, as they’ve ripped off 4 straight wins and now are just 44 minutes away from the title.  His team has averaged 67 points a game over the last month and don’t look like they’ll be slowing down.  His answers seem a bit formulaic but he hasn’t lost any of that belief in his team.  Not in the Bellichek, “Grumble grumble, we’ll play hard and try to win, grumble grumble’ type way. Well you’ll see.

1 – You’ve been talking smack since the playoffs began, and unlike everyone else, you’ve backed it up. How do you explain BOOM winning 4 straight games and appearing in the Finals after a 3-6 regular season?

Kari:  We were trying out some different things in the regular season. I guarantee no team changed their defensive and offensive looks more than we did. In the end we’re just better than everyone else … Period! 

2 – This is pretty much exactly what we wanted when Rory and I worked out the details of the Co-Ed Playoff Madness, but no one thought it was possible.  Tell us all about your team, not even your victims know what’s going on with you guys.

Kari: We’re better than everyone else … Period!

3 – Do you use any special motivation techniques to get your team amped up for the playoffs? I’m looking to do something different next season.

Kari: I remind my team that we are better than everyone else … Period!  You should get a better team.

4 – How do you plan on slowing down UConn alum and all around Bad as she Wants to Be – Nicole Wolff?

Kari: Nicole will be a non factor Wednesday night … Ask her about Liz Bowen (hint: High School)?

5 – Give us your prediction – don’t back down now!

Kari: Back down?? I’m insulted! BOOM wins by 10. Don’t wait until tonight, post my answers now cause it just doesn’t matter, we’re better than everyone else!

Now I’m curious about the Liz Bowen vs Nicole Wolff match-up, but further requests went unanswered. All I know is that this game should be a hell of a battle (Rory has sent the line at DLW -10.5 which is way too high and will come down with all the action put on BOOM) and Kari is confident that his team will emerge victorious.