Quick Hits – Matt Roberts

DL White Captain

In an effort to preview the Co-Ed Championship Game (Boom Goes the DynaMIT vs Dizzy Llamas White – 12/14/11 @ 8 PM @ the Charlestown Boys & Girls Club) I asked both team captains a few questions about the upcoming game. Matt Roberts, captains of DL White this season, was gracious enough to answer my questions with something other than, ‘we’re the best!’. Not that I’m knocking Kari at all, but it was nice to see Roberts show his teammates a little love and get them some pub.

1 – Dizzy Llamas are in the Championship game!! No one saw that coming as recently as 2 seasons ago – tell us all a bit about DL White

Roberts: I joined the DL White squad 3 sessions ago, when I was aggressively approached in the john at King Open by one Patrick Millina. I used to run with Wheels of Steel Coed, but since they weren’t returning the next session, Millina’s great sales pitch, and my desire to pad my all time rebounds lead over Nick Altschuller, it just made sense to join the Llama ranks. The team has changed a little each session, and the previous players and captains set the foundation for consistent improvement. (Pat Brown, Nibs, etc.). Huge respect to everyone who has ever thrown on the Llama jersey and rocked it proud.

2 – The story of the season seems to be Nicole Wolff’s impact on the Llamas, but Mark Claffey has had himself quite a season, explain his making ‘The Leap’ for us.

Roberts:  Mark played very well last season, but this time around he has elevated his game to a unbelievably high level. I feel like he is hands down league MVP, not for his numbers alone, but the way his presence impacts the game, on both offense and defense. This session he has been playing with a ferocious physically to his game, won’t be denied taking the ball to the rim, and rebounds with intensity. Combine that with his solid 3 point shooting, and he is hard to stop.

People don’t realize how much Mike Claffey’s impact has had as well. For me, Mike is the playoff MVP, to this point. His ability to lead the team from the point, play aggressive D, score, rebound, and set us up with easy baskets has been incredible.

Adding Nicole to the team has clearly allowed us to compete with the elite teams. I think everyone would agree that the competition seems to get better every session in co-ed, and without her, I’m afraid we wouldn’t have been able to keep up. Her ability to fit in with us seamlessly has been the key to our season. She works so hard for the team, and has been tremendous to play with.

I feel like Carissa, Jen, Nick, Phil, and I are always consistent, hard working performers. And that is what our team tries to be about. We grind hard, no matter who we’re playing, full time.

3 – Kari’s been talking a lot of trash in the postseason and actually backing it up. His Swagger is clearly even more important than his play, how do you knock a guy like him down a peg or two

Roberts: I just met Kari last night, real cool dude. If the swagger helps him elevate his game, then I’m all for it. That team is playing incredible. No one would have picked a team with that seed to go that far, and that’s a testament to their leadership and their heart. No need to try him knock down a peg, we’re just gonna show up and grind, and hopefully at the end the scoreboard is in our favor. We are sure as hell not going in thinking this is a done deal. We gotta do what we do, no matter who says what, or who is on the court for BOOM. 

4 – Any special motivational tactics in store for tomorrow’s email? Come on, give us a peek into your coaching style!

Roberts: Sheeeeeit, Tibbs, thats a whole day away, I’m not sure what inane ramblings might come out. 

5 – Give us your preview of the finals – don’t hold back!

Roberts: To start, I’d like to just put it on the table that we did have quite a bit of luck with the tournament draw. Monstars were short handed, Gamroth couldn’t make it for Western U, Comtois was on the tail end of double header for NAS, and we luckily were able to dodge Child Please….. Preview: I feel like we’re gonna be real tough to beat. What we do isn’t any secret: Boom better have their track shoes on, because we’re gonna run.

I’m pretty sure every champion in a bracket like this March Madness style one needs a bit of luck to get to the Finals, let alone win it. No need to try and marginalize the run any team has made in winning 4 in a row. Some former champs can’t even win one game (WoMS, 2Y4UB). Both teams that made the finals are playing excellent ball right now, and both deserve to be crowned as the Co-Ed champ. But only one can be, so good luck to both teams tomorrow night!