Quick Hits: Meghan Gerrity

yes THAT Gerrity

I have a very special guest to bring back the “Quick Hits” segment of my blog. She’s a CAC Basketball rookie and just played her first game last week, finishing with 6 points and 17 boards in her CAC debut. Now, as most of you know, players usually have to be around for a while to get me to throw inane questions at them via email, so something is clearly afoot, let’s find out what it is!

JTibbs: Nice and easy to start – who are you, where are you going and how’d you get here?
Meghan Gerrity: I go by the name G. I’m originally from A-Town and I graduated from Charleston Southern University in 2009. I have been up here a few years now and I live in The Ville. I wanted to start playing basketball more and I heard about the CAC women’s league from some people. I really like to play a lot of basketball and stay moving.

JT: 2009? Man the new CAC generation snuck up on me, I remember when I was the young whipper snapper, now all I do is complain about how much hustle the young kids put on the court. Why so much hustle?!
G: Gotta stay active and keep moving – One of the keys to a balanced life

JT: When I first saw your email, thinking you were related to the Mike Gerrity seemed too good to be true, but you are!!
G: Mike Gerrity is my brother.

JT: The statement ‘Mike Gerrity is my brother’ just blew a lot of minds. How are you going to handle the additional fans, stalkers and press coming to your games now? I hope you stay grounded.
G: You can never have enough fans. It would be nice to have more people at the games away. Can I get a free T shirt for this interview….

JT: Always looking out for #1, I like that, I’ll had Adam bring you a t-shirt tonight! But back to Mike, that’s pretty crazy and I know it’s a small world, but why does he continue to haunt me? I don’t know if you know this, but he was a pretty big deal around here. What’s he up to these days and where did his obscenely large (and unnecessary) vocabulary and pop culture knowledge come from?
G: He is a teacher now and he is also coaching high school basketball and track & field down in the South Shore. Good call about his vocab. He really does use a lot of big words that make no sense! Growing up, he always read a lot and he was always pumping out music from his boombox, especially oldies and hip-hop. Last weekend, he got up and sang some Beastie Boys karaoke in front a couple hundred people down in Myrtle Beach and he was pretty good. He always tells me that I can’t sing, but other than that, he’s pretty cool.

JT: Gerrity always killed it at the TD karaoke nights, no surprise we ripped Beastie Boys hard last weekend. We all want to know what he was like as a prepubescent runt, give us “I remember Mike when…” story
G: I remember when he was in high school when I was in 8th grade and he dressed up like Kid Rock for halloween. He wore my mother’s giant fur coat and and a big top hat. He looked ridiculous. But he won best costume because he had some girl in a prom dress next to him.

JT: So he grew up to be the man you all thought he would be, that’s good to know!
G: My brother is insane, but he usually figures out a way to get it done. He told me he misses playing in the CAC, but he is loving life right now.

JT: Everyone that leaves pines for the CAC a little bit. Rory hasn’t even moved yet and he already wishes he was playing this season. You’re on a free agent team this season, that’s always an interesting experience. What do you want to see out of the Women’s league this season?
G: I hope the ref learns how to call real fouls and stops thinking he got demoted to the Women’s league from the Men’s A League.  I hope the Women’s League stays competitive and fun.

JT: Ha! He’ll get his mind right. After watching you play just one game, it’s clear you’re a much better rebounder than Mike is, despite him ‘having a few inches’ on you. What’s your secret?
G: My secret to rebounding is to be ruthless like KG. Also, my brother just wants to shoot 3s. Of course, I am a better rebounder than him.

JT: That pretty much sums it up nicely, thanks for taking the time to earn yourself a(nother) free t-shirt and good luck this season!