Quick Hits – Tom Kahana (AGAIN!)

Cuz he had twins people

Another Quick Hits blog this week and this is the first time that someone has gotten a 2nd! It’s Tommy Kahana, of course it is, who else but RoY-VP? Let’s just right in, you’ll read all about him in a moment, no need for a further intro.

Tibbs: You’re a new dad! Congrats! What makes you more special than TJ, who didn’t get a blog of his own after he gave birth to his kid?

Tommy: Thanks Tibbs!!! I think it has something to do with the fact that I have double the amount of “kid” than him. But…more likely I’m sure it’s my pestering, frequent bribes of Yuengling (did I mention I’ll be in PA next month) and overall level of annoyance which had something to do with it.

Tibbs: Obviously I’ll take a case again (bottles this time dammit). You realize we did one of these with you just a year ago. This is now like your 5th interview. I should be getting paid as your PR manager

Tommy: That just goes to show you that everybody truly loves RoY. We’re just giving the people what they want, more of me….

I’m pretty sure everyone wants less, but you certainly have been less active on the boards of late, why’s that?

I get the hint, be more active….check!!

There was one A Draft season where you lied about having twins so you should get drafted late. Less than 2 years later karma bitch slaps you in the face with twins. How’s it feel?

Seriously, how weird is that!! Maybe I should have mentioned that I was about to win the Mega Millions and intern ditching CAC mid-season. Oh well, but I still feel like I won the lottery.

I’m sure Mrs RoY will appreciate that line. Let’s give her another reason to gush about how much you love your kids. How has having twins changed your perspective on life, basketball, your wife, etc 

Wow, well I can’t think of a better thing for me to do now in my life than mentor two little ones. I mean, I’ve done a remarkable job showing the way to the likes of Kap & Grubb so why not impose my wisdom on Baby RoY 1 & Baby RoY 2.

Seriously, can you think of a better mentor….yeah I couldn’t either.

Oh great I’m sure you’ll make them pay for all your inspirational videos too.

You can get yours for the low low price of $29.99, but I might actually offer them a discount. Ok, probably not!!

They might be your kids but you’ve still got an empire to run. Speaking of your empire, it will really only grow globally when you’re inducted to the CAC Hall of Fame, is that why the second edition hasn’t come out yet? The first was like 3 years ago

I actually think it’s because you just really want to spare yourself. You know when it does come out you’ll have to put me on it, which means I’ll be getting another interview and therefore, you’ll have to interact with me again. I see what you’re doing here…

Our interactions shouldn’t get fewer and further between. Remember that Celtics game I brought you to that one time?

First time for everything….

Are you ever going to take the reins of SML back from Ruff?

My heart will always be with the SML, one could argue my first baby, but it’s in the very capable hands of DRuff right now. He’s done a great job lifting it back up from the depths of despair that Kap propelled it to.

Wow that was a chance to throw DRuff under the bus and you passed on it! I’ve really liked his work with the pregame lines the last couple season. Still, no one does how you do Tommy. But people try. In that vein, who are your favorite new cacers? Do you interact with anyone besides the big nice guys?

Wait, there are people at CAC besides Big Nice??? Ok, just kidding…I pay attention. A couple of people recently have caught my attention on the boards. And although I am not responding as often as I used to (prepping Team RoY to enter its own squad for 2030), I still see what these young guys are doing.

First shout out to D-Willy, funny stuff and WAY better than Rory ever was in the Co-Ed.

Also, can’t forget to mention Sam who just likes to remind everyone how good he is.

And lastly big shout out to the new scorer in B1W 5vs5 for noting that one of the players in the league drop 307 points in week one.

Baranowski! He got addicted to CAC pretty quickly, I like his hustle. I think we’re going to end here with you actually talking about someone other than yourself! Thanks Tommy, or shouldn’t you be thanking me for putting you on blast yet again?

Your welcome Tibbs for giving up my precious time to appease ALL my fans and ALL your haters