Re-Introducing the b.good Player of the Week!

After a number of years lying dormant, the b.good player of the week has come back to life, much like the zombie-legends that dominated #FranchiseLeague play last week!

Throughout the Winter 2015 season, each league will have a b.good Player of the Week nominated by their league scribe. We used to do this way back in the day, but with modern technology, it’s so much easier to redeem your free burger in 2015. Winners just need to download the b.good app and they will get a coupon for a free burger! Head to your nearest b.good purveyor for the tastiest burger in Boston!

As you are locked inside your homes on Tuesday, all of you listed below can daydream of the juicy goodness of a free burger!

WEEK 1 WINNERS (1/20-1/25)b.good4ng>

Franchise – Scott Mulholland, SMUL – Normally, I would shy away from a captain who names his team after himself, but Scott definitely backed it up in week 1. He was an absolute monster on the defensive side of the ball and actually made a few clever passes on the offensive end. But, the defense is what earned him the award, and when you lead a defense that only allows 38 points, you don’t need to put up points on the other end. ~Wolf

B Draft East – Jesse Corwin, Once You Go Blackborow– Jesse started out slowly in his week 1 game. But after getting into yet another tussle with Jon Proctor, Corwin buried jumper after jumper. He was definitely in Full Jesse mode. Barking at Kap, hitting his little scoop shot in the lane, and as usual, straight cash from 12-18 feet.
If you remember correctly, the exact same thing happened last season. Brawl with Proctor = Jesse is scoring 25+. Like clockwork. Nice work out there Corwin. ~Bradshaw

B Draft West – Matt Kaplan, Fat Guys On a Little Court – Going into the week, his squad was getting 4.5 points, and at halftime, they were down six. Kap sparked a comeback win with his scoring, defense, and most importantly, playmaking – as evidenced by his 13 assists. ~Pinto

SDL- Andrew Ray (Bean Town Bang Bros) – I have to go with ‘Sugar’ Ray here. He put up a ridiculous stat-line of 33 points, 22 boards (8 offensive), 8 assists and 3 steals in a 80-74 win over the Raging Bullies. Just an all-around dominant performance on both ends. He also buried two triples, one which was actually right in my mug. That’s right! I saw this performance first-hand and can safely say that his performance was the most impressive in all of the SDL on our opening weekend. Ruff scored the game and we both agreed that Ray was the No. 1 star of the day. Ray is the leader for Christian Tams’ squad and forms a potent 1-2 punch with Mike Comtois. They worked well together, whether it was utilizing a nice pick-and-roll or pick-and-pop game, which resulted in some open jumpers and lobs inside. Ray was knocking down jumpers and battling on the glass all day too. I think he had two or three offensive rebounds on the first possession of the game. The intensity is never lost with Ray. He and the Bully were hit with double techs in the second half.
Honorable mention goes to Nick Mazzeo (35 points on 9 3s) and Eric Benvenuti (37 and 24 in a losing cause).
-The Bully

B2 4v4 East: Ryo Gokita, #BBN – 37 points, 11 rebounds, five steals and maybe 50% effort. The dude entered the league with a ton of hype and probably exceeded it with his week one performance. Good luck guarding him, this season. Hope he likes burgers. ~ Matty Bells

CoEd 4v4 – Tristan (#9) He was the highlight player of the game. Not only was he the high scorer but his free throws in the last seconds of the game was the game winner.

Women’s 4v4 – Emily Forzano, Chasing Mavericks – A seasonal powerhouse in Chasing Mavericks have been successful due to this week’s B. Good Player of the Week. Emily did it all for her club to give her team a huge win over a veteran team in Hoops and start the seasom off on the right foot. 11 points, 14 boards and 4 dimes is a good night to get back into the swing of things, congrats to Emily! ~ Plaise

5v5 Draft West – Sam Garivaltis, Feelin Good on a Wednesday – Sam’s a rookie on Drew’s team and he really swung the game with shot making in the first half. 17 pts 4 boards 1 assist 1 steal. 3/4 from 3 in 1st half. ~Rubiano

5v5 Draft East – Jay Holmes, Classic Autodraft – The perfect rookie on a classic Tibbs auto-drafted team. Jay was focused and put the league on notice that he’s a sharpshooter with hands in or out of his face. Jay shot 75% from 3 land going 6 for 8 and grabbed 10 rebounds to end the night with 23 points while going toe to toe guarding an offensive machine in rookie Paris Cherry. Holmes great shooting helped his team overcome a classic triple overtime game. ~Mendes

B1 5v5 East – Jeremy Colon, Rimmon Heights – Jeremy was the best player on the court in any Big East game this week, leading the league in scoring, and doing everything he could to put his team in position to win. Sure, they didn’t win, but at least he gets a free burger..? ~Reeves

B1 5v5 West – Mike Trimboli, Tunesquad – The former UVM point guard took his talents to the CAC this season and boy did he make a big splash in week 1! He was known for assists in college (UVM’s all time leader in the category) but Mike showed that he can stroke it as well shooting 6/10 from beyond the arc and scoring a league high 31 points. If there were any questions about Tunesquad moving up to the B1 prematurely, they were answered emphatically by Mike and co. when they upset league powerhouse Lotion in the Basket. ~ Mazz

B2 5v5 South – Alex Beaton, Leo’s Legends – Even though his team lost he was ruthless in scoring the ball and displayed great competitive spirits. He was very effective on both ends on the floor. ~McPherson

B2 5v5 Central – Matt McDonnell, Extreme Boat – In the rookie’s first CAC game, McDonnell led his team in scoring and threw a couple ballsy behind the back passes that led to no points. he’s going to fit in really nicely here at CAC Basketball ~Tibbs

B2 5v5 Pacific – Andy Gray, Atomic Colonics – a regular John Henry. Blue collar hard working big giving his team advantage on the offensive and defensive ends as well as being a tenacious rebounder. ~ Earnest

B2 5v5 Mid – Marcel Quetant, Furious Rim Ticklers – Even though his team lost, Quetant played a big role to close a 20-point first half deficit to four in the second half. Quetant filled his stat sheet with 16 points, 11 rebounds, four assists, three steals and three blocks. He also hit a three-pointer. Look out for Furious Rim Ticklers to use this guy more often moving forward. — Roach

B2 5v5 West – Andrew Cho, Steamboats – Cho scored 24 second half points to break open a close game and lead the Steamboats to a week high 89 points across all B2 5v5 leagues. Cho was hitting so many shots that even the refs could only shrug and marvel at the shooting display ~Tibbs

B2 5v5 North – Xin Xhou, A-SHOW – The explosive Xin Xhou who had a league high output of 36. He might deserve two for the effort and energy he displayed in the great season opener. ~Earnest

Corp 5v5 East – Chris “McBuckets” Cassel, The Jack Daniels Martins – The minute you see Cassel walk into the gym you instantly think that he’s one of those guys that will just be a filler on the floor. Then he starts warming up. Knocking down shot after shot in the perimeter showed me that his opponent was in trouble. Cassel dropped 31 against CG3, going 6-9 from downtown and helping his team rack up a 68-40 victory in their first game. ~Frank Champ

Corp 5 v 5 East – Lamont Mouton, RARE – Lamont was all over the court on both ends. He ended the game with a FULL stat line of 32 points, 5 reb, 5 steals and 3 assists. Lamont was a killer in transition, slashing his way coast to coast for some high-flying, tough layups. At the other end, he was extremely active at the top of the zone disrupting passing lanes time and time again on his way to 5 steals. Complete performance. ~Cahill