Round 1 Coed Madness Game Lines – 7/23

Round 1 Coed Madness Game Lines – 7/23


The time is now upon us, Coed Madness is now here.  Our round 1 matchups kick off tomorrow night at the Morse School as teams try to get hot and take home the Combined Coed Title Belt(I wish there was a real belt, but Tibbs hasn’t made that happen yet).  The Coed Madness tourney culminates on August 8th at the Cambridge YMCA as 20 different teams try to dethrone the reigning champs Sexy and I Know It.

I’ll be covering a good portion of the tournament, especially the Monday night games including the round 1 matchups.  I’ve put together some game lines and predictions, enjoy!

PS Don’t forget to check out the bracket:

6:30 PM – #14 Monstars(3-6 West) – 10.5 vs. #19 Above the Rim Jobs(1-8 West)

These two teams should know each other pretty well, already playing each other and being in the same division all season allowing them the luxury of catching some games and seeing what their made of.  Not sure who this will benefit more, but what I do know is that the Monstars are going to give ATRJ fits athletically with Tommy and Swecker pushing the ball up the floor and playing tenacious defense.  The Rim Jobbers are going to need Boozer to get hot from deep and to find a way for CBoll to get some space to work and get to the basket.  I think that the Monstars hold the X-factor in Swecker who has showed he can take over games in many ways whether it’s running the point and dishing to his teammates, getting to the basket, or dominating the glass.  I don’t see ATRJ having an answer.  Monstars should move on to face #3 Wheels in Round 2.


– TJ will have 4 steals
– Henny will score in double digits
– Boozer will draw one 3 shot foul on his up fake
– Danielle will use her “mother” voice on D-Mac when she believes he misses a call at least 3 times.
– Kari will show up to watch the game despite having a bye, then beg the janitor to let his team scrimmage some college squad after the final game is over so he doesn’t get rusty.

7:30 PM – #16 This is How We Do It(2-7 East) – 3.5 vs. Child, Please(2-7 East)

So I’m sure Grubb and Matty A are going to be all over me for this one since they’ve already swept this matchup this season.  But the most reason victory came with Mike Reddick there and he is not playoff eligible and the first matchup was early on when Child, Please had a serious familiarity advantage over TIHWDI.  This time around Slim Jim and Co should be much more prepared and used to playing with each other.  I don’t think you can ever count out a squad that has Slim Jim scoring the basketball and the shooters that they have who can get absurdly hot from 3.  CP has a strong chance to win this game but I think with Moore’s injuries that TIHWDI will be able to eke out a slim victory.

– Grubb will have at least 3 eye rolls and Matty A will have 4 shoulder shrugs at D-Mac to express their disgust with a “missed call”
– Nibs the Balla and Slim Jim will combine for at least 15 3 point attempts.
– Carlos will show up in a Tony Parker autographed jersey, finally proving to all of us he really is Tony Parker and not just his doppelganger.

8:30 PM – # 12 Pumped Up Kicks(4-5 East) – 23.5 vs.# 21 Pita Predators(0-9 South)

PUK will be without Gael for the playoffs but that shouldn’t hurt them until Round 2.  Pita Predators has struggled finding a rhythm and haven’t been able to get into the win column yet in a weak South.  Good news is they get to play a team outside their division, bad news is it’s #12 PUK, a team that was able to beat the # 3 seed Wheels earlier in the season and has a very tough matchup in Xavier on their squad.  Pita will not have an answer for him which is going to be dangerous.  One thing I will say is Pita has a reputation to fight until the end so I expect to watch this game and see them pushing themselves hard until the last whistle.  PUK will move on to play BOOM in Round 2, this is where the loss of Gael really hurts when playing against a very athletic, strong defensive team.

– Xavier gets a triple double
– Pita Predators will secure at least 5 steals in the last 5 minutes of the game just from pure hustle and desire.
– Christina scores 25+
– Hayes earns himself Jackhole of the Tournament by blocking a lady Pita with only 2 minutes left up 20 points.

Good luck everyone, I’ll see you on the court.