SML Preview, Thoughts and Week 2 Lines!!!

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Because the SML is for Legends!

Sorry this preview comes a week late but hey I wanted to see the teams before I spewed my nonsense. The highly coveted Sunday Morning League is BACK! RoY has decided to do us all a big favor and take the season off, leaving us with a legend running the show: Kap! RoY however will still be around from time to time taking advantage of fill in opportunities because we all know he can’t fully stay away.

Anyways, this season should be an interesting season in a number of ways. First of all we only have 4 teams, but I think this is a good thing. There are 4 quality teams in this league so you know each week will be a good battle. Secondly, each week the games will be at 10 and 11 so everyone gets to sleep in a little later and fight off their hangovers! I am very excited to get this league going and with 4 solid teams in the league the banner is truly up for grabs. With that I present to you my delayed preview, post week 1 power rankings and the week 2 lines!

A Glance At Each Team…

Mama There Goes Those Men: Ruff’s team is back for another run in the SML but this time he brings a whole new cast of characters. Ruff and B remain from last year’s squad, but this season Ruff has added a tall-ish guard in Kevin Martinez, a solid big in Riko Bol and a strong and elusive point guard in Peter Fayette. After seeing these guys play week 1 it is clear that Ruff’s new bunch will contend for the SML 40 oz.

Pippen Ain’t Easy: Pippen Ain’t Easy returns for another run as well with much of the same cast led by SML legend (yes I use that term loosely) Jimmy Daigneault (only time I will spell out that last name!). Pippen has another title run in them this season with a solid group surrounding JimmyD. Hodgens is a lights out 3-point shooter as evidenced by his shooting clinic week 1. Ledee is a solid defender and does a nice job of moving the basketball and when you combine this with Rob Berian under the rim Pippen will be a tough matchup each week. Oh and don’t forget about that Foley kid. He can flat out ball.

Team Bring It: BobbyC and company are no secret in this league. These guys may have the best chemistry in the league as reigning MVP Jim Bayley leads a solid Bring It team. Bouche and Maloney may be the best the best defensive tandem in the league and even though Maloney is a FLAKE ARTIST he can still defend with the best of them. Cadman mans the 3-point line and with BobbyC leading the way Team Bring It will be relevant when its all said and done. The key for these guys though has to be Drew Legare. When he is on this team is nearly impossible to beat. Watch out.

Sunday Morning Legends: I normally hate writing/talking about my own team but the fact of the matter is the Sunday Morning Legends have to be the favorite to take the SML this season. With Mazz, Press, O’Cal, AB and highly touted newcomer Will Diieso the SML’s have all sorts of offensive firepower. I will do my best to contain all of these egos but the fact of the matter is this team is loaded. Hell I am privileged just to be able to step on the court with these guys. Look for the SML’s to really be a tough team each week despite some attendance problems along the way.

Week 2 Lines…

10:00 AM – Mama There Goes Those Men vs. Pippen Ain’t Easy (+3.5)

Every game in the SML will be tough this season so lines will always be in the single digits. This week features a great matchup in Mama There Goes Those Men and Pippen Ain’t Easy. I want to say that Pippen wins this one but I think Ruff has something here with a formidable squad. Martinez may be the toughest guy to cover in this league and if he has it going Pippen is toast. JimmyD will be a matchup nightmare for Mama so don’t count Pippen out though. The difference here will be the play of B for Mama. If he continues to jack wild threes and avoid taking it to the rim Mama ain’t goin’ nowhere this season. I like Mama in this one but this is truly anyone’s game.

11:00 AM – Team Bring It vs. Sunday Morning Legends (-5.5)

I can tell you right now, if Bayley doesn’t start playing team ball and stop trying to win the MVP award again Team Bring It will suffer. Either way, Team Bring It will give my boys and I all we can handle. I think in the end though the SML’s studs will have too much firepower with Press and Diieso on the perimeter. Mazz has turned into an assist machine and his size and presence should pose problems for Team Bring It. Bring It always finds a way to win games though and I expect BobbyC to have his guys ready to roll. The difference in this one though will be the defense of Maloney and the 3-point shooting of Cadman. If Maloney can play lockdown defense on one of the SML’s stars and Cadman can hit some threes Team Bring It will be relevant in this contest.

Power Rankings After Week 1…

4. Pippen Ain’t Easy: After a week 1 loss Pippen resides at the bottom, but things can change on a whim.

3. Team Bring It: Bring It took a tough loss to Ruff’s new crew so I expect them to put forth a solid effort in week 2.

2. Mama There Goes Those Men: Mama gets off to a win to start the season, as Ruff and his boys look primed for a solid season.

1. Sunday Morning Legends: Sure, I’m biased but the SML’s have to be the favorite after winning week 1, despite some chemistry issues.

This should be a great season fellas. Hit me with feedback and suggestions on what I can do better. Looking forward to week 2!