SML Preview – W12

By DRuff

Yes people we are back.  Welcome back to the returning teams and players and welcome to the new comers.  My name is Damian Ruff and I’ll be covering and playing in the Sunday Morning League this winter.  This is my second session and I’m glad to see the league has grown from 5 teams to 9.  Games for my team Team Free Agents will be covered by Matt Kaplan or Jason Tibbetts both great stat keepers.  Generally my polls are about the league but sometimes I have to make them about what’s going on and this week I’m sorry it’s all about football but we have plenty of weeks for polls about the league.  So let me get to my pre-season rankings and lines.  Captains I expect you to make your team members aware of the boards so we can get lots of chatter on here.

9) SWAGhounds  I actually hate this team name.  The word SWAG is older than me so I ranked this team last.  Look at the urban dictionary definition of swaghound “Describes a person with an insatiable appetite for swag (stuff we all get). Most likely derived from the expression “ham hound” which describes a person who hangs around the buffet table at a party eating all the ham.”  Terrible just terrible if you ask me but who knows this team might be good.

8) Team Alpha  I mostly putting this team here because of the name and I don’t know any of these guys.  As the season continues I’ll have more to say about your team and maybe just maybe you’ll move from this spot.

7) How Now Brown Cow  To me since a few of these guys played in B2 I expect this team to be decent but hey once I get to see them play more they could move up.  I actually don’t like this team name either.

6) Probably Still Hungover If this team played well at Basketball City I expect them to play well at CAC in a smaller gym.  I mean anytime you have someone named Jordan on your team that automatically makes your team decent.

5) Team Free Agents No way in hell I rank my team low.  Although I’m not in shape yet, I got to see Jon play and I like what I saw.  If we are able to recruit a big guy we will be a dangerous team.   Every session I’m always making some type of if I get Michael Jordan to come out of retirement type comments so get use to it.
4) Team Bring It Before even seeing their roster I was expecting a lot from this team, then I saw Tibbs was on the team and you automatically lose credibility.  I mean seriously if you think you’ll win the league as Tibbs as your big guy, good luck too you.

3) Hungover Every session I rave about good this team is I know they have 3 good players and I expect nothing less from their 2 rookies Derek and Jeremy.

2) Delonte West’s Guitar Case  I actually like this team name a lot but don’t like “some” of the guys on this team very much but can’t deny their talent on the roster.  Very balanced team, they can beat you from inside or outside.

1) Sunday Morning Legends As the defending champs you will almost always get the # 1 ranking unless you’re old like the Dallas Mavericks, Boston Celtics and Los Angeles Lakers.  Although SML was gutted like a grouper fish by Delonte’s West’s Guitar Case one could argue that they are actually a better team.  Chris Kerr is = or > than Jon Mazzone, Terry Henderson is > or = to Jeff HrKach and Mike Strange is = or > than Jon Press.  I see Kap still has great recruiting skills.


9:20 AM Team Bring It vs. Probably Still Hungover (+3) Usually Team Bring It comes into the season rusty because as Bobby C said to me last session his team doesn’t tend to pick-up the ball in the off-season.  I’m interested to see the rookies play this week and could pull off an upset but I don’t think so, Final score 66-63

10:10 AM Sunday Morning Legends vs. Delonte West’s Guitar Case (+1) GAME OF THE WEEK I’m going to go out on a limb and say the captains of these two teams don’t like each other.  Both of these teams are loaded with talent but I think the game is going to come down to a big shot from Kap and Tommy on the other hand is going to miss a big shot, if I am right you can call me a prophet, Final score 80-79

11:00 AM  How Now Brown Cow vs. Team Alpha (+5) I’m kind of basing this game of ranking and experience.  How Now should win because they have played at CAC but an upset is possible, Final score 65-60

11:50 AM Hungover vs. SWAGhounds (+20) No disrespect to SWAGhounds but sometimes you have to disrespect a team to see what they are made of.  I’m hoping the last game of the day will prove to be a good one but my gut tells me a blowout will occur,  Final Score 90-70

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