SML S10 Preview

By RoY

Has it been 3 weeks already? Sheesh, where has the time gone, I feel like it was only yesterday that I had to crown Cold Blooded for the second time in as many seasons after they took down my squad in the finals….BTW, thanks for that. The least you could do for the owner of ‘CAC’s best run league’ was let him win the title. It’s not like I lost two finals and 3rd playoff game in a span of 5 days or anything and I’m still agonizing over it…..

But I digress, so welcome back to another season of the Sunday Morning League (SML) and I’m happy to be with you once again. Even if it means Mrs. RoY is spending her weekends on the rock alone with all those rich studs, like she’s complaining, I’ll be here for you guys…well most of the time. After a stellar second season for the SML, and the introduction of our trophy (the Golden 40oz),

Golden 40oz!!

we enter the summer season with 4 new teams looking take down 4 SML powerhouses. How the season plays out, only time will tell, but I think we’re going to see some surprising upsets throughout the season as the 4 heavyweights potentially overlook the newbie’s. So without further ado, let’s get to the previews.

As I just mentioned we have 4 new teams most of them I don’t know much about, but I’ve done some digging, asked some sources and made my biased opinions on the new teams and individual additions by all teams. So here we go:

#8 – The Gucci Boys
Joey & James have decided to leave the free agent market and put in their own squad and with the way last season ended I don’t blame them. After their squad started out with such promise, things went south early and it ended downright ugly. With their own squad, I’m sure they will get along much better. I don’t know much about the new guys (my sources obviously didn’t pan out for this one) but I can tell you that James will be chucking from downtown and Joey will find ways to contribute in all aspects of the game. But if they don’t get help from their supporting cast, this could end up being another ugly season for them.

#7 – Ruckus
Some of these guys have been balling at CAC longer than I have and they feel like it’s time to step into the big leagues. They’ve won a title before and are now coveting the Golden 40oz. I’ve gone against Fitz and the guy is a tank, and has some crafty moves around the basket, but he’s not all they got. Leddy, Louis & Defarias are all career double digit scorers and they have a good mix of size, speed and got that shooter you need. Their biggest downside is attendance so I hope they are able to get their guys there. If nothing else, they can do what other former SML’ers did, just sleep on the couch until it’s time for you to play.

#6 – FLOriders
You spin my head right round right round….oh wait, this isn’t Flo Rider and his ill music? Nope, this is just Ben Flo and his band of B2’ers looking to prove they belong. This close nit group of guys are looking for their first CAC championship and may just have the horses to do it. With some good size upfront, they could very well have what it takes, especially if they go with that killer zone. On such a small court, trotting a couple of tall guys on the wings will force teams to step past half court to chuck those 3’s. A concern, like every new team in the SML, is will this group of partiers find themselves staying in on Saturday nights or are they stumbling in right from the bars? I can’t wait to find out.

#5 – Prime Time
CACmore no longer exists, but that doesn’t stop Mixtape from coming back and he brought some old friends. Cheese, after an underrated SML season, has been called upon to help run Turin’s new squad and I can’t want to see these guys play. Da Bronco, who hasn’t graced us with his presence in years, joins forces with Turin, the guy he torched for 55 points in a playoff game. Oh wait, I was on that team and I think 40 of them where on me. Anyways, there is plenty of CAC veterans on this squad so don’t sleep on them. They’ll be well rested and ready to go for every game I promise you that.

#4 – Hungover
So what does a team do when their star big man and unstoppable lefty guard decide to take the summer off to chase tail and lounge on the beach? Well you go ahead and just reload, and rumors are a former Bucknell player is in da house. Morgan, Jay and co. have reloaded in a big way and could be poised to finally make that deep run in the playoffs. Sure, last season’s DPOY will probably have to spend a little more energy on offense to help with the scoring numbers and Drew will continue to get to the basket at will, but how will the new guys adjust to the small court and will they all mesh as a team? I expect big big things from this squad (notorious for making that second half run) this season but they’ll probably prove me wrong again as they show up shorthanded in the playoffs and are unable to fulfill expectations.

#3 – The Situation
I really hate this team. No really I do, so it pains me to put them here. Of course not everyone on this team I hate, but 3 guys certainly stand out. That’s right, I’m talking to you Bobby C, Caddy and Jim B. You guys SUCK!!! Now that I got that off my chest, initially I had them way down the rankings but I heard Jim B is back and although Billy isn’t playing this season, I anticipate Bobby C has loaded his squad to try and steal another title from me (yup, still hate you guys). At least I can rest on the fact that Bobby C is no longer the man for the Situation franchise and this team will continue to thrive on the likes of Jim B, Bouch and Litch. Sure Caddy probably still has his dagger 3’s and surprisingly quick moves around the basket, but I can rest on the solace that Bobby C’s (I can’t believe I gave this guy an MVP once) game is in the toilet. I hate you guys and your A2 title.

#2 – Andiamo
We already know what a team does when it loses two of its best players, but what does a team do when it loses in the finals? Well they dump their worst player and upgrade, and that’s exactly what DRuff has done. In what amounted as a cold hearted email to yours truly, DRuff painfully (at least to me) explained to me ALL the reasons as to why his team is better off without me. So he goes out and adds rebounding machine (and personal fav of mine) Lee Greenburg and probably the best athlete in the league Vlad (and no not the guy you see in A1 who Tibbs hates). Needless to say this team has probably gotten a lot better thanks to DRuff’s shrewd managing skills and obviously at my expense.

#1 – Cold Blooded
So what does a not so good and now exiled player do when he has no squad to play with? He finagles his way onto the two time defending champs and most certainly ruin’s their chances of winning third straight. I mean seriously, what was Nim thinking? Hasn’t he seen what I can do to a team? I’m not really sure what he’s doing here but if he thinks I can provide extra stats, leniency with the refs, discounts on the league or even towels from the front desk, he’s sorely mistaken. And let’s be real here, there is no way I can replace JHend. All they’ve asked me to do is dribble the ball way to much, jack 15+ 3’s a game and play absolutely no D…..wait, sounds like I might fit right in. Thankfully for CB, they still have some serious ballers that can and will carry the load. Wachtel, Chiverton, Chuilli and Nim will have to keep me on the sidelines and go 40 min each until The Lord comes back from his injury. C’mon, guys are resorting to “injuries” just not to play with me. Regardless, CB always seems to find a way come playoff time, so while I’ll probably ruin their regular season, they all step up in the playoffs and will continue to hold the crown until I or someone else knocks them down.

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