SML W11 Awards

By RoY

Another great regular season for the SML has come to an end and it’s time to gear up for the playoffs and win that coveted Golden 40oz. Of course the road to it won’t be easy with several teams having a legitimate shot at winning it but today isn’t about who’s going to win or not. Today is about who impressed me this season and what awards they have earned. But before I get to the awards, I want to remind everyone that there is still time and room to sign up for next season. Just check out the link:

And speaking of next season I figured this time would be as good as any to let you all know that I won’t be coming back in the spring to run the league for you all. It has been nearly two years now, 5 incredible seasons but the time has come to walk away and pass the torch over to someone I trust will take care of you guys. So after searching far and wide, I really only found one person who is deserving of taking this role and will continue on with the standard you guys expect. I needed to find someone who is so dedicated to CAC, someone without a life that can pour his heart and soul into lines, write-ups and awards and continue on with what I’ve done. Well after interviewing several hundred candidates, I found only one loser and degenerate worthy enough to take on this responsibility. So with that said, please let me introduce to you, everyone’s favorite troll… .KAP. Kap, would you like to say something?

“Thanks Tommy,I just wanted to take a minute to tell all of you how lucky you are to have me running the SML next season instead of Tommy. I am honored to be taking his position as SML legend and I promise to deliver you great write ups and top notch stat keeping, something that has been lacking ever since the SML’s inception. I am looking forward to next season’s action after my boys and I take the crown this season and serving as your SML commish. Good luck to all in the playoffs!”

Ok, well enough of that, this is still my show and I’m running it with what little time I have left. So with this being my last hurrah, I thought I would share with you a couple of my favorite moments from the last five seasons:

Bayley actually playing a game in jeans this season, which was pretty awesome btw.

Anyone remember that free agent team when we first started, Franks & Beans? How awesome was it when they got their first win in season two….we all celebrated like they won the national championship.

How can I forget the classic Halloween costumes seen at the SML the last two years. Big props to Bobby and Josh, and for those that don’t remember, classic…..



The creation of the Golden 40oz. That incredible night at Tommy Doyle’s when O’Cal and I after several beers decided it was a only fitting to have the 40oz as the trophy. Then the following weekend when I told Mrs. RoY I couldn’t take her out as promised because I needed to stay home and drink and paint the bottle of OE so it would be ready for the following morning….Man she loved that one…..


Another one Mrs. RoY loved, was the two consecutive years I had to cancel on taking her away for her birthday and v-day (two days apart) because my duties at the SML took precedent.

There have been some incredible finishes to games and individual performances, lead by game winners from Bobby C and James Henderson (anyone even remember that dude and how sick he was?) or the 50+ pt outbursts by Bayely and Majic.…ok I don’t remember who actually hit the game winners or dropped 50+ but I just assumed they have. Either way, I know we had some real instant classic games.

Got to say I feel like I brought some good and fresh things to you all, some never been introduced to CAC. Things such as pre-season awards or the first ever ‘All-Tribe’ team, those epic father/mother/Halloween lines and yes of course I even let Mrs. RoY drop some knowledge one week.

Oh, and lets not forget the everlasting smell of stale booze and liquor as people in many cases showed up hungover while some even stumbled in still drunk.

But the thing I will remember most about this league is we started with nothing, a brand new league and teams and guys have stuck around to watch this league grow and develop into what I believe is the premier 4vs4 league at CAC with the top talent top to bottom. Thank you all for a great time. You are a great group of guys and make it easy to work for and I know Kap will continue on the tradition of making the SML the best league at CAC.

OK, OK…on to what you’re all waiting for. So of course I won’t please everyone but seriously, I don’t care. I’m going with what I feel is the best candidate and if you don’t like it, too bad!!! I’d tell you to hit me up on gchat, email or message board to complain but I’ll probably just ignore all your messages and whines and let you all stew wondering why I haven’t responded. Congrats to all on this list, it’s well deserved. So without further ado….

MVP: Jim Bayley (The Situation) – 32.1 ppg, 13.8 rpg, 2.9 apg, 1.8 spg, 0.1 bpg (45.3 OPR, 16.7 DPR)
Honorable Mentions: Chris Maciejczak (Sunday Morning Legends), James Daigneault (Pippen Ain’t Easy)
This has to be the closest MVP race I’ve ever experienced because you can make a compelling case for each of these guys. Jim was “Mr. Do It All” for his team leading them in nearly every statistical category. Majic might have actually had a better season than his MVP season last year, but I think Bayley has done more with less and completely elevated his game and carried Situation farther than I expected. I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t go wrong with either of these guys but Bayley’s body of work and the supporting cast he has around him, is hard to ignore. However none of these guys should be disappointed in their performance and I’m sure we’ll see them at the All-Star game.

ROY: Phil Van Voorhhies (Pippen Ain’t Easy) – 22.8 ppg, 10.3 rpg, 3.3 apg, 1.9 spg, 0.8 bpg (38.3 OPR, 14.8 DPR)
Honorable Mention: Dave McLaren (Sunday Morning Legends), Chris Williams (Trapped in the Closet)
Normally I save this award for a complete rookie but these three guys, all CAC veterans, were new to the league and had to be considered for this award. We got another close race here with Phil leaving the lasting impression for me Sunday. Chris’s numbers faltered a bit the latter half of the year with some late arrivals and missed games, and you can’t question DMac’s offensive outburst (which he’ll get recognized for soon enough) but PVV’s all around game was just sick. And has anyone mastered the mid range jumper better than him? Hopefully we see all three of these guys return again next season and beyond.

OPOY: Dave McLaren (Sunday Morning Legends) – 31.4 ppg, 4.3 rpg, 2.7 apg, 0.7 spg, (41.5 OPR, 5.9 DPR)
Honorable Mention: Joe Pagliuca (Cold Blooded), John Mazzone (Trapped in the Closet)
This really was a two man race except for the late push by Mazz, but DMac and Pags really put on an offensive show this season. Both put an assault from the 3pt line and scored incredible numbers, but at the end, DMac’s first place finish put him over the top. Either guy you choose, these two were the standard for offensive production and we can all learn from them. You know, Dmac was my mentor when I arrived to Suffolk, obviously everything he taught me was never retained.

DPOY: Matt Maloney (The Situation) – 22.6 ppg, 14.5 rpg, 3.5 apg, 0.8 spg, 3.3 bpg (34.2 OPR, 14.3 DPR)
Honorable Mention: Jim Daigneault (Pippen Ain’t Easy), Sean O’Callahan (Trapped in the Closet)
This one may come as a surprise to everyone but if you actually see him play, he’s probably the best defender Situation has. He’s covered big man or guards and no matter who he locks up, you know their production is going down. He has an incredible motor and not being the focal point on offense allows him to exert his energy on the defensive end. Thankfully Situation would never be dumb enough to waste his talents on me but I feel the pain for those that do have to face him.

GM of the Year: Matt Kaplan (Sunday Morning Legends)
Honorable Mention: Morgan O’Loughlin (Hungover), Jim Daigneault (Pippen Ain’t Easy)
Last year some thought I shafted Kap for this award but this year he absolutely earned it. Right from the start I never thought this revamped team would work but I was pleasantly surprised by the makeup. I won’t give him too much credit for the DMac pick-up because that’s an easy one, but Big Mike was huge for them. He fit the role perfectly and allowed the other members of the team to stay with what they do best, shoot. So you mix it all together and Kap gets another #1 seed. Now lets see him handle his team come playoff time.

5h Man of the Year: Jeff HrKach (Trapped in the Closet) – 2.5 ppg, 8.2 rpg, 3.9 apg, 1.8 spg, 0.6 bpg (18.0 OPR, 13.4 DPR)
Honorable Mention: Matt Maloney (The Situation), Rob Berlin (Pippen Ain’t Easy)
Another close race here, and initially this was a two man race but Rob certainly made a late push. But again looking at the total body of work, HrKach or as TC knows him as, Mr. Everything, was truly that. With guys missing time, Jeff found himself all over the floor taking on big guys or guards and always looked to pass the ball from the high post. I don’t even know how many assists he had from there this season but it seemed like several every week. Then you factor in him providing his team with a dedicated cheering section every week and he’s the clear winner. Another award to notch on that CAC belt for Mr. Everything.

Tommy Award: Damian Ruff (SBI) – 19.9 ppg, 6.5 rpg, 1.7 apg, 1.2 spg, 0.5 bpg (28.3 OPR, 10.2 DPR)
Honorable Mention: Jim Bayley (The Situation), Dave McLaren (Sunday Morning Legends)
So we all know this is the most coveted award I hand out and this season it was a runaway to DRuff but I had to throw some love to Bayley and DMac as well. C’Mon Bayley, you can stop telling me you’re only looking at the sheet to see what the other team did, and DMac, I’m so thankful you’re won’t be correcting my mistakes on the site anymore. And although these two make a compelling case, the award clearly goes to DRuff and this is why. Take a look at a couple of emails I got from him this year:

What a humanitarian, the guys even knows other peoples stats….

“I had 23 points yesterday. 2 and-1’s, 4 free throws and 5 threes. Also Jeff from Trapped hit a jumper giving him 2 points. I hate seeing anyone with zero”

This exchange probably sealed the deal…

“Was one of my 10 3-point attempts you counted the half court heave I had in the closing second of the first half? If so that shouldn’t count as a 3-point attempt. The rule is if a 3-point shot is attempted at the close of a period it doesn’t count as a shot attempt. I’ve copied Tibbs on this message because he is very familiar with this rule and can vouch for this.”

…And it continues…

“Yes, I’ll take the publicity and maybe a leg up on the Tommy Award. Don’t forget my behavior during the game. My favorite antic was when I yelled for my assist on Walsh’s and-1.”

Really, was there any doubt????

In a league full of stars, I wanted to shout out a few guys whose game I love and you probably haven’t heard much about. These guys deserve to be recognized and guys I’d have on my squad any day.

All No-Name Team: 
Mike Cook (Sunday Morning Legends) – No one rebounded and passed the ball up better than this guy, and did exactly what his team needed.
Ian Urquhart (Trapped in the Closet) – With all the stars on this squad, Ian quietly dropped nearly 13 a game and played tough D.
Mike Lichten (The Situation) – No one yelled at the stars on their team better than this guy, he kept everyone in check.
Carlos Ledee (Pippen Ain’t Easy) – Little known but was killing it from deep late in the season for Jimmy D and Co.

We definitely saw a lot of offense this season, with several teams going for over 100+. But you’re hard pressed to put up those types of numbers against this squad.

All Defensive Team:
Matt Maloney (The Situation) – The DPOY leads the way.
Jim Daigneault (Pippen Ain’t Easy) – No one alters more shots.
Sean O’Callahan (Trapped in the Closer) – Might be the best defending guard CAC has ever seen.
Drew Legare (Hungover) –Always covers the best guy on the floor.

Last year I introduced the All-Tribe team and although we lost a couple from last season, have no fear we found a few more and our team is still stacked..

All Tribe Team:
Josh Wachtel (Cold Blooded) – I can’t believe I didn’t make the connection sooner with that killer jewfro
Chris Maciejczak (Sunday Morning Legends) – Last season he was a new recruit to the tribe, now he’s creating tribe member offspring
Tom Kahana (Cold Blooded) – Parents right off the boat and dual citizenship continues to gets me an award
Nim Cohen (Cold Blooded) – Clearly the Cold Blooded captain favors our kind
Jon Mazzone (Trapped in the Closet) – Shocked to see him here, well he’s part thanks to a loving grandmother
Matt Kaplan (Sunday Morning Legend) – Has to be here because he’s an award whore but is still a tribe member

Alright people, here are the best of the best. These 12 guys have earned a spot in the SML All-Star game which will be played on Sunday May 1st immediately following the finals game. Hopefully everyone can make it, but if you can’t please let me know and we’ll work on a replacement for you.

SML All First Team:
Jim Bayley (The Situation) – MVP gets the first nod
Chris Maciejczak (Sunday Morning Legends) – I might just create a permanent spot for in on this team
Jim Daigneault (Worcester IceCats) –Feel wrong to have him only third on this list
Dave McLaren (Sunday Morning Legends) – Offensive machine with the sweetest J in the league

SML All Second Team:
Phil Van Voorhhies (Pippen Ain’t Easy) – ROY might have been a first teamer if he showed up to one more game
Joe Pagliuca (Cold Blooded) – Elevated his game to another level and shooting lights out in the process
John Mazzone (Yacht Rock) – Carried the offensive load for TC
Tom Crary (Cold Blooded) – The rock in the middle for CB has played at an all-star level all season long

SML All Third Team:
Drew Legare (Hungover) – Injuries late derailed what looked to be another potential MVP season
Matt Foley (Pippen Ain’t Easy) – Also slowed down a bit late, but did enough early to earn a spot
Morgan O’Loughlin (Hungover) – Carried the offensive load down the stretch when the roster became thin
Matt Maloney (The Situation) – With so many worthy guys, I almost forgot our DPOY

Honorable Mention: Vladi Nechev (Sunday Morning Legends),Ed Finn (Trapped in the Closet),Even Pepe (FloRiders)

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