So Long Fall 08 and Thanks For all the…

You read it Right – 24.1 to 22.8

Congrats to the Hot Dog Toboggan for winning the Inaugural Women’s 4v4 Draft League, it was a heck of a ride and a privilege to see the Women’s League continue to blossom before my eyes on Tuesday nights this season.

As I was chatting with Cake&Sprinkles, this morning I received the following message.  “I can’t believe Gripp threw your little bet last night…what kind of scoring output is that for her in the finals? She was supposed to drop 30 and have a better average than you!” Now for those of you that don’t know, Mr. Harvey follows the Ladies on the message boards and is one of the lone guys that chimes in on the threads, mostly to mock JBerr, but that’s ok in my book.  But his message got me thinking, I wouldn’t have been able to achieve my goal of outscoring Gripp (24.1 to 22.8) without a whole lot of help. And luckily for all of you, I just happen to have my acceptance speech on me…

A few tears of joy were shed after the vodka was drank last night (hence a few rambling drunk posts/emails) and Gripp was asleep. I really didn’t think this was possible. I’d like to thank God first, of course, because without Him, well I wouldn’t be where I am today. And then there’s Little Baby Jesus, I like to think of him as the Little Baby, I can do all things through Christ who strengthens Me.  That’s in that Book somewhere, right? I mean, yes Father, I’ve been reading my Bible every night.  Just like when I was a little boy.  Prayers? Or course…

Wait, who’s playing my exit music already? I’m just getting started!

Thanks to all the Ladies who helped hold Gripp to only the third highest points per game average in the 4v4 league and made my goal a realistic possibility.  Seriously, without some intensely focused defense, some well timed hacking, and getting under her skin at the free throw line, this never would have happened.
I’d like to especially thank Sweet Lu, the ROCK, the Slumpbuster, the Beloved, LJay, and LKelley for providing such formidable defense in the post and from the outside.  Seeing her frustrated, denied, and missing shots, while at the time wasn’t good for her team, gave me a little warmth deep down inside. I knew I’d have a couple of games with fewer than 10 points (because honestly, I’m a choker), so your efforts throughout the season were fantastic and much appreciated.

Of course, this couldn’t have been done without her teammates.  I’d like to thank 100 Proof Juice, for intoxicating Gripp on the weekends and then taking some of her shots away from her on Tuesdays. It’s been a real pleasure, I was so happy to see you drive to the hoop at horrible angles and miss layups rather than give them to the league’s best player that can finish with either hand.  Jennie Brown Sugar too, for being such a reliable scorer.  If you weren’t as good as your player profile indicated when you signed up for this league, Gripp would have had to shoot a whole lot more.  I can’t thank you enough for being unlike the dozens of new guys that sign up every season and vastly over-estimate their basketball skillz.  You have now idea how happy I was to see you live up to, and surpass your profile info.  And Hallie, well honestly, do I even need to say it?  Sure, you could have racked up 15 assists a game by just dumping the ball into the post.  But thanks for not taking the easy way out.  Thanks for making JBerr feel like she was a part of the team. I really appreciated that, it was nice touch.  And thanks for not hating me so much any more, you’re not nearly as scary as I thought you used to be.

This couldn’t have been possible if I wasn’t playing, so I’d like to thank my A1 teammates. They let me chuck all season long, yet still remained remarkably easy to tune out when they complained.  You guys really put up with a lot of bad 3 pointers, terrible decisions on a 1 v 3 fast break, and multiple missed layups.  Thanks for hanging in there and not starting a mutiny.  I hope it didn’t discourage you from coming back and giving the A1 another shot. Especially you Kariuki, your only mistakes this season were ever giving me the ball, especially when it looked like I was down court ahead of everyone else.  Honestly, I just didn’t feel like getting back on defense.  But you did, you hustled to get me the ball, and I appreciate that.  Pierce, well you play a bit too much like me, but don’t worry, only the rest of the gym will hold that against you.  To Mike & Mike , well I’m sorry we didn’t get a championship, but I got my personal record, so I’m happy.  I hope you guys both come back to A1 next season and land on much better teams.  You deserve it after that.  Karmic retribution will probably give me two twisted ankles during the A2 playoffs, probably tonight when I face off against Sweens, but I must say, it was worth the risk.

To my shooting coach, AK, thanks for teaching me a thing or two, and then not flipping sh!t when I promptly disregarded it all.  Just be happy I didn’t take so many 3s on Wednesday nights.

How can I not thank the Leading Lady? Gripp,of course.  I wouldn’t have been so inspired if I wasn’t so jealous all the time.  You make my basketballs bounce and my heart skip a beat every time you put up a shot.  You’re the MVP for a reason, but I just wanted to score. So what the championship tally is now 3-1 in your favor, and your player rater is still 8 points higher, I’m a MAN I scored!!  Papa’s cookin’ the Bacon…

And Lastly, most graciously and from the bottom of that pit in my stomach, I’d like to thank the Mixtape.  If he didn’t choose to play in the A1 Fall 08 league, I wouldn’t be here in front of you all today.  Without my most spectacular 43 point outburst against him, my Dream never becomes a Reality.

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