So Long to, Ari, Vince, E, Turtle and Drama

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Entourage: 2004-2011

After 8 seasons and 96 episodes, one of my favorite shows came to a close last night.  Entourage is all done (except for maybe a movie) and like any other major program that comes to an end, we tend to reflect and evaluate.  Here’s what I came up with…

**Over the past two or three seasons, people have been getting sort of down on the show.  I’m not a good TV/film critic, because I’m easily amused.  I could understand the gripes that people had, but I still really enjoyed the show, but I finished last night’s series finale with a sour taste in my mouth.

**So Vince is getting married and we didn’t even see the ONE date he went on with his bride to be?…I mean I guess that’s kind of the show’s style…lots of stuff happen and they basically tell you about it later, but this one was too unbelievable.  The funny thing is that Vinny deciding to marry Sofia after one date didn’t shock me.  His character has always been impulsive and emotional, but how in the hell did this woman pull a complete 180 in what I believe was about 24-36 hours?  One episode she is interviewing him for an article and judging him as a womanizer and now this Oxford educated journalist is going to fly off to France and marry him?  Sorry, I don’t get it.

**I think everybody knew the show would end with them all going back to NY.  If the writers were trying to keep that a surprise, they pretty much blew it when they revealed that Sloan landed that job in New York

**While it’s kind of funny, I don’t like that the guys just told Sloan…”no, he f*ck Melinda” and that was the end of it.  I’ve always liked E’s character so I always wanted him to end up with Sloan (I’m a huge tool, it’s ok, I can live with it), but I didn’t like the way it happened

**How about John Ellis dropping that bomb at the end.  There’s the cliff hanger that may never be answered unless they do this movie…

**and speaking of the movie, what will they do?  I keep hearing that the entire cast is interested, and it will obviously be a money maker, but I don’t even know what the focus would be on.  It’s such an ongoing story that no matter what they do there is going to be unfinished business.  I don’t know what they can work up to for a movie climax…does that make sense?

** The end left me pretty unsatisfied, but I knew that would be the case when they announced that there were just 8 episode left in the series with Vince was in rehab, Ari on the verge of a divorce and E about to take Murray down.  I almost feel like THIS season should have been the movie.

**It wasn’t all bad.  I really enjoyed the return and redemption of Billy Walsh in seasons seven and eight no matter how unlikely.

**Turtle is a millionaire…how about that?

**All in all, I’m bummed that its over, because even if people are falling out of love with the show, I still really enjoyed it.  I hope the movie does in fact happen even though I feel like it may lead to more disappointment.  I think it’s finally time for me to get the DVDs and start from Season One of The Wire.

Anyway, thanks for the ride, Mr. Wahlberg.  It was a lot of fun.