Spring 2010 B2 5v5 East Awards

By Laura W

**eligibility for awards is based not only on stats, but on games played. To be eligible for regular season awards, you must have played in 6+ games**

MVP: Fernando Rosario(aka Melo), Millennium –
I know some may scoff because Melo is getting MVP and OPoY, but the numbers are hard to argue, my friends! Not only does he lead the league in PPG, but he is also third in league Player Rater and in assist per game. He is the best player on the best team in the league, their offense flows through him and he is a key part of their defense. MVP it is!

Defensive PoY: Kalin Mitchell, Millennium
Ok, Kalin and Eric you can argue amongst yourselves for this one. You guys are 2nd and 4th, respectively, in rebounds. And are separated by less than one steal and less than one block per game. So, in what was a close call, the player rating of #1 sealed the deal for Kalin. But keep that friendly competition going…you guys make each other better!
Runner Up: Eric Braun

All Defensive Team
Kalin Mitchell, Eric Braun, James Cuff, Thomas Snelling, Kervin Vixama

Offensive PoY: Fernando Rosario (aka Melo), Millennium
Hands down winner for this award, both in my professional opinion (ha) and in the league’s, based on the message board poll. And while this is clearly an individual award for his scoring and distributing abilities, Melo’s success is a direct result of great defense. He has two giants in the middle to block and send out the quick outlet pass (Kalin and Melo connected on full court passes for easy layups 8 times last week alone) and sneaky guards who love to fill the passing lanes and find him cutting to the hoop. Melo gets the award, but it was a team effort!
Runner Up: Joe Tilton (OBC)

All Offensive Team
Melo, Joe Tilton, Randy Garry, Josh Pantojas, TJ Compagnone

GM of the Year: Andres Berrio BioHazzard –
This actually pains me to give this award to BioHazzard. Their recruiting techniques, questionable, their ever growing roster, endless. Time out calling tactics, extremely questionable…but I must give credit where credit is due. No matter what way you look at it, no GM put more effort in on a weekly basis, preparing their team for each match-up to the best of their ability, than Andres.

Most Improved PoY: Manny Espaillat – Millennium
I think this award is supposed to be the player who has improved the most from last season, but quite frankly, I don’t know anything about how any of you played last season, so this is going to the player who has continued to improve and gain confidence week after week this season, Manny.
Runner Up: Derek Salisbury

All-Star Squads – As stated above, to be eligible for awards you must play in at least 6 of the team’s 9 regular season games, but in the case of the All-Star Squad, I am making the criteria a bit more difficult. I believe to be an all-star, not only does performance have to be there, but so does commitment. And the All-Star teams are as follows:
1st Team
Melo, Kalin Mitchell, Tom Snelling, Joe Tilton, Sam Kachmar

2nd Team
Eric Braun, Tiago Garrido, Josh Pantojas, James Cuff, Randy Garry

Honorable Mention
Jose Espaillat, Derek Salisbury, Scott Hazzard, Adam Winston, Shandon Halland

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