Spring 2011 B Draft Recap

Mother CACers,

After thoroughly enjoying covering the B Draft league, the reigns have been ripped from my hands by JTho and Matty Bells. They’ll be taking over the weekly lines (JTho) and write-ups (maybe from Matty) but I can’t leave you without giving you my final 2 cents (oh and I’ll be all over the boards this season). I don’t care that you don’t want my input. Here are my notes from the draft.


– TRADES! When I used to be an A Draft captain (formerly A1) I was always trying to make moves to improve my draft position. Sadly, it’s gone out of style in the last year or so, but this season, the B Draft brought draft movement back to the forfront. You’d think everyone was Billy Bellicheck Jr. Take a look at the official trades that happened.
1. Noah trades #s 8 & 38 to Saltz-Auto for #s 5 & 46
2. Jesse trades #s13 & 28 to Jadd-Auto for #s 6 & 45
3. Jamil trade #s 17 & 37 to Jadd-Auto for #s 25 & 28
And that doesn’t include some of the more redonkulous ones thrown out there. Guys offering up 30 packs of beer, sox tickets, hotel rooms, and hookers to try and swing deals. I love it.

– We needed more captains! I drafted 2 teams myself and Macho left me a list. If you have an APR under 40, I want YOU to be a captain next season, B Drafter

– No one is more hated than KAP. And no, in this case, Hate Love. As soon as Kap gets picked third (REACH) he immediately tries to take over Jesse’s draft, strong-arming his captain into drafting guys he wants to play with like he’s Majic. Hey speaking of Jesse…

– For the second season in a row, Jesse doesn’t give a F*%& about your conventions. Size in the first round? No thanks, he takes Kap. Save Serge for BFab? F it, he takes him at 48 ! Love the balls, but his unconventional strategy is reflected in the preseason rankings. Of course, this guy won the title and GM of the season in the Winter, you’d think I’d give him the benefit of the doubt. NO.

– Rookie Madness – You know why everyone was making Trades? Because half the league was made up of rookies and everyone thought *they* knew best who the “really good” rookies would be. That made for a lot of movement up and down the boards. I’ll admit it, I did too. In this case though, I always know best. Don’t be surprised if the two teams I drafted end up in the Finals!! You know what, enough rambling, let’s get to the rankings.

Preseason Rankings – Again, I’m not actually covering my league, but I like to give you my two cents, even when it’s not wanted. Remember, only the top 8 teams make the playoffs this season!

10 – The Giant Shillelagh’s

Drew DeBari – C, Greg Barr, Ian Rubiano, Eric Woolfork (R), Nathan Parisi (R), Evan Gutride (R)
Barr is definitely a steal at the #10 pick in the draft, but I’m not sure how the rest of the starting line-up will shake out. Drew is one of the few captains that didn’t get involved in all the trade shenanigans, and it might have cost him. Just not sure they have the firepower to keep up with the top squads this season. Prove me wrong!

9 – Rippers Reprise

Jesse Corwin – C, Matt Kaplan (R), Joe Zelinskas, Kevin Bliss (R), Jason Heald, Serge
Even though Serge didn’t draft the team, I wanted to rank it last. Couldn’t quite, but close. Jesse mortgaged the middle rounds of his draft to trade up into the first round for a second pick and then left JTho sitting out there! Not that there’s anything wrong with taking Joe Z @ #6, I just don’t think it was the right fit. Bliss and Heald are going to be asked to step up in a big way and produce if this team wants to make the playoffs.

8 – E Pluribus Unum

Nate Mendes – C(R), Arren Perkins (R), Michael Carter (R), Tim Dixon (R), Tejas Kalastavadi, Mike Royes (R)
AP is a hell of a pick late in the first round, and this backcourt tandem will be tough to match by any team in the league. I’m a little worried about the front court though. In a league with a shocking amount of size, Nate is going to have to hope the rest of the guys on his squad are Extremely Speedy to make up for the lack of size. Run’N’Gun boys!

7 – You Got Tibbs’D

Jadd Jennings *C(R), Jason Burridge (R), Jonathan Mandelbaum (R), Michael Faynzilberg (R), Josh Smith (R), Taha Jennings (R)
The first of the ‘auto-draft’ teams, I traded down out of the first only to trade back up into the second round, giving this squad 3 picks in the teens. I really, really like the make-up of it (even got the Jennings brothers on the same squad) but some others have their doubts. Don’t, this team is going to be nasty once they all figure out how to play together, and at Wall Ball Arena mark my words! I didn’t pick a team of all rookies for no reason, they’re going to shock and awe.

6 – Get’em Ballers

Jamil Ball – C (R), Bryan Gamroth (R), Linton Anthony Ranson (R), Tim Pruszynski (R), Daryl Rinaldi (R), Joe Randall
Jamil got great value with Gam in the first, traded out of the second to stock up 3 third round picks and really get good value. Ranson was going to be taken by Jamil no matter what, but the Rooks should both prodcue. Oh and Randall was a STEAL in the 5th. You people make me sick sometimes, don’t you know the value of a well time technical foul?!?

5 – Ghost of Nutso

Noah Spaulding *C, Xavier Holland (R), Brandon Reaves, Kyle Kolbe (R), James Hutchison (R), Jeb Fisher
So many good rivalries in this league – Jamil vs Noah, Kap vs his waistline, Jesse vs Noah, everyone vs Noah, that there should be plenty of chatter on a weekly basis. I expect Matty and Jtho to cultivate a great competitive atmosphere where everyone is insulting each others’ moms, sisters, skill level, nothing is off limits! Anyway I like what Noah did here. He wheel’d and deal’d his way to move up to get Xavier round 1, paired him with known stat-padder Reaves and took a couple solid rookies later in the draft. Just an all around solid draft here. Sure he wishes Cleary had been around to take him (back to back MVP, I don’t care what Matty said) but he’ll adjust to this squad.

4 – Earthquakes and Cupcakes

Mike Saltzman *C, John Thompson, Mike McCauley, Jeremy Fish (R), Brendan Caughey (R), Chris McCauley (R)
I’ve got to come up with a better team name for this squad, but this is the second auto-draft, and it was also involved in the wheeling and dealing, and my favorite of the two. Saltzman came into his own by the end of last season, and is a great fit on this squad with the McCauley’s and JTho. And I’ve just got a feeling about Fish, I turned away a lot of trade offers for him, so he better not disappoint. Sure ball handling and conditioning might be a bit of a problem for this squad, but I’m expecting big things.

3 – Tombstone Carvers

Chris Machado *C, Eric Nordstrom (R), Ka’reem Horton (R), Kevin Smith (R), Bernard Murphy (R), Ryan Bonnick (R)
Macho is already holding the A Draft League Brick hostage (Write-It-Off is the only team to run an entire season and playoffs undefeated) is he now going to take the yet-to-be-determined B Draft league trophy hostage as well? He gave me his draft outline (either Hallsy or Nordy in the 1st, an unknown in the 2nd, pg 3rd and best available after that) and I think I followed it pretty well. The key to this squad is Ka’reem. As DocSpauld said, he’s either the MVP or not going to show. He was thought about, by multiple captains, as a first round flier, but instead fell to the Macho Man in the second round. This could be a great squad.

2 – Team Fun Time!!

Matty Bells *C, Mike Strange (R), Dodd Gray, Brian Gelow, Jean Guirand (R), Jon Glumac (R)
Can the ‘nicest team in the league’ actually live up to these expectations?? They have a superduperstar in Mike Strange and 3 really, really good role players. Then it all comes down to what Jean and Glu can give them off the bench. I’m predicting big things from Glumac in this league. I feel like I’ve done that before but I mean it. Gelow, picked too early last season, was allowed to far way too fall this season and Matty took advantage. He’s dubbing this the ‘Perfect Draft’ and if Jean brings something solid to the table, he might be right.

1 – Fat Old Gamblers

Brian Fabry *C, Chris Hall (R), Mike Fraher, Mat Williams, Michael Weinstein (R), Harrelson Rivera
The FOG looks loaded to make a title run. Hallsy won’t be guardable in this league and the Ghost is always the key piece in any championship contender. Pair them with Mat Williams and Harry Rivera shockingly falling to the last pick in the draft, and this is the team to beat. Doesn’t matter if Weinstein even shows! I hope he does for FOG’s sake, BFab shouldn’t be the first guy off the bench. The point is, this team is gooood. The league is for the taking, and Williams and Fraher just did it last season. Love the make-up of this squad.