Spring 2012 All Coed Team – Female

Ladies and Gentlemen,

For the 2nd season in a row I’ve put together an All Coed Team.  The purpose of this team is to see who were the best players from each gender regardless of division.  Each division typically gets awards and first-teams(sorry East) but I think it’s fun to compare across the divisions.  These are some of the parameters I used:

– Had to play in at least 5 games, if you only played in 5-7 games you lost points
– All-around play was rewarded, great scorers were hurt if rebounds, steals, assists, and blocks were hurting
– Intangibles were considering or as I like to call it the “eye test”
– How badly your team would be hurt if you were lost to injury
– Playoff/big game performances were considered, if you showed up during prime time with a big game you got bonus points.

See below for the Female team, look for the Male team to be posted tomorrow:

1st Team Female
G – Lauren McNamara(WUD) –
Deadly shooter, smart with the ball, better defender than she is given credit for.  Don’t leave her open from anywhere beyond the arc, great range
G – Pamela Robinson(Sexy) –
Incredibly quick shot release, very quick and athletic going to the basket, pushes the ball well and hits more tough shots than probably any other female(or male for that matter) than I’ve seen
G – Christina Daniels(ToonSquad) –
Incredible scorer, can get her shot off in traffic, crazy range from 3.  Long and athletic enough to guard multiple teams, big part of ToonSquads offense.
F – Kelsey Simonds(JLAI) –
Incredible player on both ends of the floor, can post up anyone male or female and still score the ball.  Strong rebounder and blocks/alters a lot of shots.
F – Nicole Wolff(Wheels) –
Great shooter, crisp passer and very cerebral player.  Tough matchup for any female due to her height and athleticism.

2nd Team Female
G – Meghan Stetson(BOOM) – Another great shooter in this bunch, quick hands on D to deflect passes, smart player and a good ball handler
G – Steph Baran(JLAI) –
Great combination of hustle and fundamentals.  Very crafty on the court and plays incredibly smart, especially with her shot selection.  
F – Saritta Hines(Gunz) –
Great post player, finishes around the basket well and good at drawing fouls and converting FT’s.  Probably an even better defender, with a knack for getting out from the paint to block the mid-range jumper.
F – Jess Butler(Shots) –
Great fit for her squad, feeds well off of John and Kevin down low.  Runs the floor incredibly well to get her team transition buckets.
F- Heather Marino(Heroes) –
Probably the most efficient scorer in the league, doesn’t shoot a ton but still managed to average almost double figures. Good rebounder and shot alterer/blocker, incredibly smart on help defense.

3rd Team Female
G – Kaitlyn Hennigan(Monstars) –
Sneaky good, smart player.  Scores efficiently and is fearless around the basket.  A good ball handler for her squad allowing Swecker to play off the ball more, fits in very well.
G – Sara Doherty(CACniss) –
Good shooter and ball-handler.  Smart rebounder and will post you up and finish.  Very tough, hustle type player with strong fundamentals.
G – Carla Pacione(Gunz) –
Insanely quick release and efficient jump shooter.  Does all the little things well, contributes well on both ends of the floor
F – Mo Sharkey(WUD) –
Guards multiple positions well, defense is her greatest asset.  Seizes scoring opportunities when necessary.
F – Laura Jasinski(Thunder Buddies)
– Good mid-range shooter and rebounds from the weak side well.  Plays smart zone defense and can defend multiple positions.

Again, look out for the male version tomorrow. Well, because as always, ladies first.