Spring 2012 All Coed Team – Male

Ladies and Gentlemen,

For the 2nd season in a row I’ve put together an All Coed Team(this time without the help of a very dapper Rory Duyon).  The purpose of this team is to see who were the best players from each gender regardless of division.  Each division typically gets awards and first-teams(sorry East) but I think it’s fun to compare across the divisions.  These are some of the parameters I used:

– Had to play in at least 5 games, if you only played in 5-7 games you lost points
– All-around play was rewarded, great scorers were hurt if rebounds, steals, assists, and blocks were hurting
– Intangibles were considering or as I like to call it the “eye test”
– How badly your team would be hurt if you were lost to injury
– Playoff/big game performances were considered, if you showed up during prime time with a big game you got bonus points.

1st Team Male
G – Maurice Collins(Shots) –
Incredible player top to bottom, athletic and explosive, great rebounding guard, good shooter, crisp passer, strong finisher, runs the transition offense insanely well.  Was the engine behind the undefeated champion Shots squad.
G – Mike Kearney(Sun Dance) –
What can I say about him I already haven’t. Killer instinct, ability to just put a team on his back.  When he gets hot shooting it’s impossible to stop him.  Smart player as well and very strong defender.
G – Terrel Newton –
Probably the best all around athlete in the league, good shooter, incredible at getting to the basket and finishing.  Could probably average a triple-double if he really wanted to.
F – Gary Corbett(WUD) –
Highest PR on a season that I can remember at 81.33(correct me if there was one higher).  NBA range from deep and at a high percentage.  Strong to the basket and hardly misses FT’s, best inside-outside game in CAC coed and he once dunked on my face(I’m only 5’11 on a good day so that’s not that impressive)
F – Kevin Jacobs –
Another freak athlete with an endless motor.  His team snags the rebound and before you know it he’s finishing at the basket on the other end of the floor.  Strong inside presence and uses his strength and athleticism with incredible effectiveness.

2nd Team Male
G – Tristan Mouligne(Wheels) –
Absolute assassin with an incredible instinct for blood, probably the fiercest competitor in Coed.  Great shooter, strong ball-handler, very good defender.  He does it all and is not afraid to take over games.
G – Ian Sugel(BOOM) –
Gets incredibly hot from deep and hits them in bunches, efficient driver and better defender than I originally gave him credit for.  Smart player and a vocal leader on the floor for BOOM
F – Billy Durbrow(Heroes) –
Very good player top to bottom, does everything well on the floor.  Plays near the rim and gets a lot of rebounds and blocks he shouldn’t.  Efficient scorer as well.
F – Terry Henderson(Thunder Buddies) –
Incredibly strong down low and an absolute pest on the glass.  Stepped up when his team needed him without Bouvier.  
F – Kevin Swecker(Monstars) –
Plays every position on the floor and does it with the best of them.  Above average shooter but incredible in the paint and a very accomplished passer.  Centerpiece to the Monstars who would have a tough go without him.

3rd Team Male
G – Brian Sharkey(WUD) –
Always been a good player but I think he’s elevated his game to the next level.  Very good shooter and a strong but smart ability to get to the basket.  Very good on the defensive end as well, uses his length well and shows good lateral quickness.
G – Matt Forlizzi(JLAI) –
Was called an assassin by a retired scorekeeper and that’s a good way to put it.  He gets into a zone and hits shots from everywhere on the floor no matter who’s guarding him.  Also a big time hustle guy, no matter the situation he does what it takes to help his team.
F – Xavier Holland(PUK) –
Another great athlete who is very hard to keep away from the basket.  Has triple double capability but has some weaknesses that prevent him from being higher on this list.  Is the type of guy you can build a team around.
F – Mike Gore(WOMS) –
A rare combination of size and atheticism.  Can defend any other teams big and is a strong scorer around the basket.  I don’t even think he’s reached his full potential because he likes to share the ball and doesn’t take over games like I think he can.
F- Mike Rocco(Heroes) –
Strong post player, tough to stop if he’s got the ball near the basket.  Good rebounder and defender.  The type of player you need on a successful team.

Bob Haas(Team Fun), James Henderer(TIHWDI), Keith Baranowski(Sexy), Angel Torres(CACniss), Julius Holbert and Ramon Garcia(Gunz), Matt Roberts(BOOM), Matt Smith(Sun Dance), Nate Brigham(JLAI), Chris Boll(ATRJ)

Hope you guys enjoyed this, don’t forget to check out the Ladies version