Spring 2013 B Draft West Draft Night Review!

Holy Crap what a Draft last night!! No not the NFL draft, it was #BDraftWest Draft Night! I showed up to moderate and dispel any rumors that I’d be the 60th entrant into the league, and thought I’d share with you how the day went before, during and after the draft.


– All was quiet on the trade front over the last week until Matty Bells drops BOMBS back to back at 9:30 AM. He swindles Sam (12/29 for 8/33) then flips 28/29 to Flynn for 19/39. Matty went from one of the worst looking set of picks to 3 in the top 19. That’s why you don’t ever, EVER doubt THE CHAMP.

– Seriously, in 10 minutes Matty changed the entire outlook of his team and didn’t take back a single 5th round pick. That’s how it’s done Sam. PATIENCE. You’ll get what you want eventually. Matty took the day off from work to fuck around on the spreadsheet, sandbag one of his boys into the league (Vella) and talk down Matty Roberts on twitter so no one else would take him.

– 3 Mock Drafts done throughout the day and only mine is correct. Leblanc purposely stays quiet so no one actually knows if he’s in or out of the league. He’s trying to get a ‘No Sam’ Clause worked into his paymennt.


– Rubiano was mentioning how down the combines were on Tuesday, but of course about 25 of you mother CACers showed up for the pick-up run before the draft. This is the best league around, and it’s becasue of YOU people. You show up to shit like this, hang out during the draft, and contribute on the message boards.  Sure it helps to have a good staffer cover your league, but it’s always up to the players to determine how interactive, friendly and tight knit a league is going to be. You guys do a bang up job.

– Of course, Matty Bells was the one organizing the pick-up games because Sam is a useless little girl that’s scared of talking to people or making decisions.

– Jesse Corwin is in attendance but no sign of Prickley Pete taking audio for the radio show. That’s too bad. Has anyone noticed how much Pete sounds like Jesse? If Pete didn’t rag on The Ripper I’d swear they were the same guy. Speaking of the show, did you guys see the debut of the new Ts?!

– We were going to order Wings Over but the delivery time was over an hour. Oh well, I’ll plan better for next time. Or at least for Saturday’s 5v5 Draft League draft.  Beers and Wings at 12 PM!

– Coming into the draft there were 2 clear strategies that people were picking between. Trade like crazy in hopes of getting ‘your guys’ or stay put completely and hope the right guys fell to you. This was honestly the deepest B Draft in league history and I don’t think anyone can argue that point.


– Only Randall (online) and Nick (left me notes) were unable to attend the draft. Considering half of the captains were unable to make this Saturday, I’ll consider that a win. Harry L, in his best decision since saying he wanted to be a captain, brought beers and shared them.

– In my last mock I totally nailed the top 5 of Strange – Xavier – Burridge – Kofi – Marcel. This is going to motivate me to do an in depth draft analysis of all the mock drafts and how they matched up with the real draft over the weekend. I’M SO SMART YOU GUYS!!

– Leblanc going #6 to KSmith completely ruins the title defense that everyone thought Fraher was going to put together. Ghost doesn’t panic trade though (take notes Sam) and happily took JBarrett after pretending to agonize over his choice for a couple minutes.  Seriously, he had a notepad and calculator handy, just in case he had to crunch some numbers.

– Nestler is like the NY Jets pick of the B Draft. No matter where he goes, everyone is going to hate it. I’m pretty sure I heard booing in the war room last night. Alright fine, that was just me.

– Unsurprisingly, no one was able to predict what Randall would do. Barrett and Haas? That’s going to win the ‘Best Team Beards’ Award, but that’s about it next season.

– Aziz/Ian at 15/16 was mildly surprising, but for those picks it was all about personal preference when there was SO MUCH TALENT on the board.

– Weinstein, coming off the scoring title, was mocked as high as 8 but never lower than 16. So what happens? He goes 18 to Jesse Corwin and immediately alleviates everyone’s concerns about how Jesse’s team will score enough points to compete. Jesus how could you all let this happen?! I take back my sentiments about captains getting smarter.

– Poor Harry, he was going to lose the popular opinion no matter what he did with his picks. I need a sit down interview with him on camera to really ask about his first captain experience. Harry, you down?!

– MC2 down to 27?! The McCauleys are almost identical (I know, I know, you’re separate, individual people with different lives and ideas, but whatever, we’re talking about basketball here) and Sam reached for one at #8 while Ghost had one fall into his lap at #27. Good lord.

– Kap at 28?! Wasn’t it just about a year and a half ago that he went #3 overall? Maybe some of the captains have gotten smarter…oh no, wait, I mean the exact opposite of that.

– Tristan at 31! WTF is going on with you peopl! This is why mock drafts are so inaccurate! The room is stunned into silence any time Randall makes a pick.

– The result of one of Matty’s Trades on draft day was to jump infront of Noah (#40) to ensure that he got Glumac. He nabs him at #39 and locks up one of the best team names of the season – Glu Guys

– I really thought that this was the season that Mendes cracked the top 30. He’s still there after 32, 39, AND 43!! Harry Ls potentially saves his season by having Nate to fall into his lap at 44. He’s going to be so motivated this season you guys. A shocking drop that I did not see coming.

– Who will be the bigger impact Rookie – Bodi (38) Love (42) or Larmar (46)? I’m saying Lamar out of necessity, Sam is going to need big things from him.

– Oh, obviously Seyi has RoY locked up already. Ok maybe Clement, whatever it’s going to be a great season!


It’s not uncommon, but given the way the weeks leading up to the draft I thought there’d be at least one trade on draft day. Allow me to propose a couple trades that should happen now that the draft is over and before the season starts

– SAM Trades Welin or Cundall to HARRY Ls for Nate – This is a win win for both teams, as Harry needs a bit more size to come off the bench and Sam’s team needs another scoring punch

– Noah trades Nestler for Tibbs – God I’d be perfect on that team

– Randall trades BBarrett and Waldman to Noah for Nestler and Jamil – that makes both teams much better IMO

– League trades Terry for either Rilwan or Rico – Sorry guys, Terry’s staying on as the ref this season!

Here’s my initial Power Rankings

10 – Big In Japan – Randall/Hacksaw/BAHBY/Waldman/Tristan/Bolton – I don’t know man, just something about this squad rubs me the wrong way. Waldman and Randall are best with the ball in their hands often (ie every possession) which one is going to blink first and ceed control? My man Tristan is getting better every season and boxes out like a mother fucker (couldn’t get around him in pup this week) so this team will need him and Bolton to find a way to contribute to compete.

9 – Underdawgs – Sam/Kofi/MC3/Welin/Cundall/Lamar – They wouldn’t be underdogs if they were ranked high. Sam got great late value with Welin at 35 and especially Cundall at 37 but I don’t think it was enough to save this season. One West Finals appearance and Sam goes and reinforces our notions that he’s not a good captain! I’m not a huge fan of his trading away picks in the 20s (twice) Which would you rather have,

Player A – 17.3 PPG – 6.3 RPG – 6.7 APG – 4.1 SPG – 1.8 3PG @ 36%
Player B – 14.1 PPG – 4.9 RPG – 3.2 APG – 1.1 SPG – 2.78 3PG @ 40%|
Player A went #8 while Player B went #28. That’s the definition of a reach Sam

8 – Tune Squad – Nick/Marcel/Ian/MC1/Counts/Salley – I’m not as down on the small ball experiment as you might think based off of my initial rankings BUT Marcel and Ian are never going to get a breather on this squad. They’re going to have to play nearly the whole game to match up with most squads in the L. To be effective Counts is going to have to continue to boost his stats at the rate he did from Fall 12 to Winter 13. Don’t get me wrong, his 54 TS% was an eye opener last season, but that was coming off the bench against other team’s second units. Can he do it as a starter?

7 – Harry Ls Trust Squad – Harry/Lens/Rubin/Hurley/Golden/ExtremeSpeed – Nate at 44?! Dude’s going to be playing with a chip on his shoulder bigger than him. That’s absurd. He’s coming off a good season, and if you set a line for his TS% before last season, EVERYONE would have taken the under on 45%. You were all wrong. If this team is going to be good (and they have 5 starter caliber players) they will need to play bigger than they are. I don’t think motivation will be a problem for this team as Harry wasn early laughed out of the Draft room as he was making his picks.

6 – KSMITH UNNAMED PROJECT – KSmith/Leblanc/Aziz/TYLERSMITH/Yanni/Dunbar – I really like the depth on this squad and think they’ll be really, really good. Aziz has been playing at an all-star level ever since the season that shall not be mentioned. Leblanc is super efficient and should make up for any erratic nights that Tyler (44.89TS%) and Yanni (45.82TS%) have. If the shot selection is good throughout the season this team will be tough to beat. KSmith will need to figure out that starting line-up though, 5 guys will want big time minutes, while Dunbar was impressive with his rebounding last season.

5 – Eggs Tyrone – Noah/Strange/Nestler/Jamil/Taha/LCC – After all that, the 9 pick ends up being Nestler? Yuck. Why’s everyone sleeping on Strange, though? With a point that will look to push the pace and play some serious D, Noah saved his draft by taking Jamil at 32. Taha off the bench is another ball handler that can give you good minutes and this team is built to highlight Strange’s biggest strength, volume scoring. He’s going to put up a lot of shots and they’re going to go in. Nestler easily had the worst TS% of anyone that put up over 100 shots last season, so if he gets some better rolls (or a conscious) this team will score a lot of points.

4 – CAC Attack – Flynn/Stat/Tang/Kap/Manning/Love – This is a team of wiley CAC vets that should all do whatever it takes to win. This is actually a better version of last season’s Deep 6 Squad. Kap and Manning already played together and sacrificed plenty of personal stats to win games. Tang replaces Noah as the glue guy who distributes and only takes wide open looks, but is obviously a much, much better version of him, while STAT takes over the Lens volume scorer roll. Love and Flynn don’t fit nicely into my analogy but they’re both going to have to be willing to sacrifice shots to see the team win. How DO teams match-up with that starting 4?

3 – Glu Guys – Matty/Healy/Roberts/Clement/Glu/Vella – Jesus christ he did it again. Matty’s team doesn’t look like the best on paper if you hate on Healy like Sam does, but god damn it this team is going to be impossible to beat. Clement and Healy shooting the rock, Matyt off the bench and Roberts just intimidating the fuck out of everyone like a bigger, stronger, meaner Bobby Haas. You do NOT want to fuck with this squad. Glu is much better used as a starter and willing to rotate in and out unlike everyone else in this league. This team is going places but has a BRUTAL opening schedule. Just sayin.

2 – Super Friends – Corwin/Burridge/Weinstein/Seyi/Bodi/Chao – Jesse got a couple solid steals in Weinstein and Seyi. Seyi is going to dominate for stretches in this league, he averaged 17 ppg in A Draft last season, and despite constantly mocking him in the top 13, he dropped hard. If jesse doesn’t win a title with this squad I’m vacating the Rippers title

1 – Napalm Death – Fraher/JBarrett/Nordy/MC2/Downey/Ott – Ghost, coming off a ‘Chip, was able to get THREE guys that fell below their projected level. Thats not even GM savvy, that’s relying on everyone in front of you to fuck up. Josh Barrett FINALLY gets to play with a big guy in B Draft. If you had told him before the season that Fraher was that big, he’d have been thrilled, but it’s Fraher AND Nordy. Good lord with MC2 slashing into the lane and lobbing it to Nordy or kicking it to JB/Fraher for open jumpers, I don’t see how this team isn’t THE heavy favorite in the league.  Just remember, you all did this for him.


Be on the look out for the full league intro email on Monday, and Captains I’ll send you contact info for your teams, but here’s the preseason sched

Thursday 5/2/2013 7:00 PM C.A.C. Glu Guys VS. KSMITH
Thursday 5/2/2013 7:30 PM C.A.C. NICK VS. Big In Japan
Thursday 5/2/2013 8:00 PM C.A.C. Napalm Death VS. Super Friends
Thursday 5/2/2013 8:30 PM C.A.C. Underdawgs VS. CAC Attack
Thursday 5/2/2013 9:00 PM C.A.C. Eggs Tyrone VS. Harry Ls Trust Squad


  • “Who will be the bigger impact Rookie – Bodi (38) Love (42) or Larmar (46)”

    I can’t get any rookie love huh? At the end, my stats may not tell the story but I promise, I will be IMPACT rookie of the year! Expect clutch offensive rebounds, pick and rolls until your noses bleed and above all psychological warfare!!!


  • 7th Tibbs? Everyone’s biggest hater shows once again he is awful at ranking squads, and you call another team the deepest in the league, when our 5th man is as good as another teams starting PG? You’re crazy. Last time my team was pre-ranked 7th we won the title, FYI. The only thing you did right was the top 2, then it’s probably Noah, us, Matty, and Flynn in that order.

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