Spring 2013 B2 5v5 West Preview

I know it seems like I’m only covering the #FranchiseLeague, but I swear, this league is just as much of a priority for me! I’ll be your scribe all season long and we’ve got Nate Weitzer and Jeremy Fuller in stripes and it’s going to be a hell of a season. MAKE SURE you sign up for the message boards (http://www.cacbasketball.com/discussion/) as I’ll be posting shit all season long but it will get tiring just talking to my own teammates. I want everyone on the boards, reading and commenting! Also, if you’re a tweeter, follow along on Thursday nights for live updates on league games (http://www.twitter.com/CACBasketball).

Every couple of weeks I’m going to put out a power rankings with the pregame lines. Since in the preseason and I actually know a majority of the teams in this league (and can find info on those I don’t) let’s kick the season off with some Preseason Power Rankings.

8 – Oxford Boys Club – Where did Scott Reilly go wrong? An 0-9 campaign in the Winter and he’s posting all over the CAC Basketball facebook page about keeping that perfect record intact! What happened to the days of Tilton banging 3s, Goldenberg banging down low and Felix getting to the cup at will. Ah the good old days of yesteryear. Spring 2012 to be exact. Unless Scott has some tricks up his sleeve it’s going to be a long season for the OBC Franchise.

7 – Make It Drizzle – No disrespect to Danner (plenty to OBC obviously) but Serividio and Sons went 1-8 in the Mid last season and this league is just as tough. Sure, there are plenty of new names on the roster, but it will take a couple weeks for me to believe that they’ve got what it takes to compete week in and week out. Of course, they play OBC twice this season, so one of those two shouldn’t finish with fewer than 2 wins. I really don’t know who it will be.

6 – Patrick Chewing – Formerly 3 Finger Minimum, the boys are back after their first foray into a 5v5 league in the East and are in for a big ol’ upgrade to the West. Matt Goodwin led the team in scoring last season but only played 3 games. They’re going to need a bigger commitment out of him this season and hope that Drew and Bob can add in a few more buckets each game now that they’re back to running on the big boy court after a couple seasons at Wall Ball Arena.

5 – Swamp Donkey Legends – I know, I know, they went 6-3 in this division last season, but they lost to Hot Rim Action twice, including an ugly low scoring playoff game and I don’t see many changes to this roster. Look, the top half of this league is going to be TOUGH to break into. I’ve not given Jon Ross a great reason to just ignore any stats I get when he covers my game, but whatever, this is where SDL belongs heading into the season. It’s on Felix, or one of his teammates, to step up and provide SDL with more of a scoring punch this season. With the new teams in the league, 49 PPG ain’t going to cut it. And I know, they were the HIGHEST SCORING team in the L last season. I have my doubts…

4 – Hot Rim Action – Best regular season record and a very respectable playoff run without Malley (Ewing Theory Alert!) in the Winter 2013 season still garners them no respect. I said it for the Donkey, I’ll say it for HRA, you guys are about to get a whole lot of competition up in this joint! HRA still has the biggest guy in the league, and don’t think I haven’t noticed Big Boi’s uptick in 3 point efficiency and attempts. THey’re also still probably the best bowlers. I mean, I’ve improved a lot over the last year as my facebook wall will attest, but Malley and company can knock down pins like nobody’s business. Too bad we’re not playing that game.

3 – Steamboats – After a 7-2 season in the B2 5v5 North (Sunday nights) the ‘Boats are returning to their roots on Thursday night. They’re going to face a tougher division than they did in the Winter, but I think they’re equipped to handle it. I see that Leng “Pootie” Teng has recovered from last season’s injury enough to be included on the opening night roster. Thuy, MJD, MacKay and Ong will all chuck 3s with reckless abandon while Flash and DTang will pressure ball handlers. This is an all around great team, if a little small, but size has never mattered to them before!

2 – Tickle-Shits – Good lord am I excited to play on this team. We’ve got 3 Sweeney brothers (and their 4 kids), we’ve got the Round Mound of Rebound (hi vig!), Crazy Tino, and of course, Glumac. Everyone loves Glu! We easily have the toughest schedule in the league, and you’d think that wouldn’t be the case since I made it, but I did. This team might not be the biggest or fatest or strongest, but we’ve got scrappers everywhere, a few guys that can put the ball in the hoop, and I can’t emphasize this enough, we’ve got glumac!!

1 – Old Goats – The Fall 2012 B2 5v5 Champs are back! They have the best player in the league in Chris ‘Chise (as in, the Franchise) McMahon and his supporting cast ain’t nothing to sneeze at. KO/Togs/Malcolm/Hunter are all CAC vets who can do seriuos damage on both ends of the floor. And then, of course, you have Paul Z, who’s turned into Jason Terry at this point, more effective at running his mouth than he is on the court. But whatever, he’ll come through in a playoff game when he’s needed most and everyone will suddenly forget how terrible he was during the regular season.  Glad to have you back Z!

Preseason Awards Ballot

Projecting who wins what

MVP – Chise – You guys don’t even know. Or at least, most of you don’t
RoY – No Idea – hopefully someone on OBC
DPoY – The Worm – So many rebounds, so many steals, so many technicals
OPoY – Pootie Teng – Assuming he’s fully healthy of course. But no one is going to be able to stop him getting to the rack
ALL-CAC 1st Team – Chise – Teng – MSweens – Ross – Connell
ALL-CAC 2nd Team – Goodwin – KO – Ross – MJD – Worm
ALL-Chuckers Team – Tibbs – MacKay – Z – Malley – Tilton
BENCH MOB – Togs – Mach – Tino – Thuy – Graham

Week 1 Thursday 5/9 Schedule

Sure I haven’t seen you in action on the court yet, but that doesn’t mean i’m going to deprive you of my biased opinions. Full league schedule and intro email out tomorrow!

6:00 PM Kennedy School Hot Rim Action vs. Patrick Chewing (+5.5)
First game of the season brings Malley back from India after 6 weeks away, I’m sure he’ll be in great basketball shape. Still, the team did alright without him, and I think they should be able to take care of Chewing in this one. I’m just pumped to start covering for this league. Many a tweet will be sent out during game play.

7:00 PM Kennedy School Make It Drizzle vs. Oxford Boys Club (+7.5)
This is about the time I normally take my pregame meal, 2 hours before tip-off. If I seem distracted during the first few minutes, it’s not because you’re the two teams currently ranked last in the power poll. Poppa’s gotta get his calories. No idea what to expect in this one. Reilly hasn’t been able to recover from the defection of Felix to create the Swamp Donkey Legends. A once respected franchise has fallen on hard times. Kind of like the Cs will once KG and Pierce retire. God I do not look forward to that day.

8:00 PM Kennedy School Swamp Donkey Legends vs. Steamboats (-8.5)
Good opening test for both teams, but for once I have the steamboats roster correct before the season starts and I think they have a big edge in this one. Its all about getting easy points, and no one is better on the break or bombing 3s than the Steamboats. As I mentioned in the rankings, Ross from SDL is going to be covering my games. When we play each other in week 5 (6/6) I’m going to need someone to step up to the plate and score for just 1 game. That’s all. I know one of you in the league will be willing.

9:00 PM Kennedy School Tickle-Shits vs. The Old Goats (-2.5) Game of the Week
Like I said, toughest schedule for the Shits, 5 of our 9 games come against teams ranked in the top 5 to start the season. That’s absurd! We match-up with the Old Goats pretty well, but I have a feeling we’ll be playing some zone D until we get our bigboycourt legs under us. I’m not really sure Mike hasn’t said what’s going on yet. All I know is that I’ll need plenty of warm-up time after sitting on my ass watching the other games for the previous 3 hours. That’s something CAC grants right?!


  • i’d take offense to the comment about my basketball shape if it wasn’t 100% accurate.

  • We are looking forward to getting back on the court. The OBC acquired a new C/PF in the off season and looks to get prodcution out of all players. We’re running 8 again and expect to have everyone contributing. We looked as sharp in practice last week as we did at Tommy Doyles aftwerwards. Tilton has been working on his 3 point shooting and incredulous fouls face, Steve has been hitting the gyms down in the Dominican, Danny C swam the English Channel, Kris took a pilgrimage to his homeland of Buffalo, Salisbury came out of the closet, and we really feel it has been addition by subtraction since we cut Ryan in the off season (we cut him right?).

  • I’m going to pretend like I didn’t see that 6th overall final ranking Tibbs. C’mon man! Patrick Chewing has some new blood this season….

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