Summer of the Wolverine

George Costanza had his summer. Bryan Adams had his summer. And with the past four weeks off from CRFC hoops, the Wolverine finally had his summer. While at times I struggled to find meaning in my life without CRFC basketball, I managed to have some semblance of a normal life mixed in with some good old fashioned hijincks (and no Bermont and Whitney, I did not go to referee camp). Here are some highlights of how I spent the time away from CRFC:

ß         By far the highlight was talking to ìThe Golden Boyî Ric Flair at the Westin Hotel one random Saturday night. This may have been one of my best celebrity sightings, right up there with bikini clad Victoria Secret supermodel Gisele two chairs over from me at the Bellagio pool circa 2002 and Ice T with his wife Coco next to me in the Bellagio poker room circa 2005. If you donít think Ice T is such a big deal to see, take a little peak at Coco –

ß         Speaking of wrestling, if you havenít already ordered the WWE 24/7 channel, I suggest you do so. They have all the old school matches that I was never allowed to watch when I was a kid ñ Piper, JYD, Valentine, Steamboat, Jake the Snake, Atlas, Slaughter, Backlund, The Iron Sheik – they are all there. Where else can you get hours upon hours of non-porn related entertainment for a mere $7.95 a month?

ß         During this time off I had recurring nightmares featuring the likenesses of ìMr. Fantasy Statî Fred Bermont and Ian ìMike Seaverî Whitney chasing me around the roof of a skyscraper wearing only an extra small CRFC jersey screaming ìCímon Wolverine!î It was one of those dreams where you are trying to scream for help but canít and Iíd always wake up just before they chased me off the roof. If anyone knows a dream interpretation expert, please let me know as soon as possible. And a psychiatristÖ

ß         My 5 on 5 Stackpole team acquired the rights to former Five Knuckle Shuffle point guard Brian Skerry to address our guard depth woes in the last seasonís semifinal fiasco. If we are not the pre-season 5 on 5 favorite after this move, I am going to beat Tibbs with a large jug of cranberry juice. Again.

ß         I attended my 15 year Saugus High School reunion (I know, I donít look a day over 28, but not as unbelievable as the ages of Mike Manning at 44 or Cheese at 41). When asked what I was doing with my life these days, I referred them to the CRFC basketball website because nothing reeks of success like someone having their very own blog. I also found out that the town is selling the high school (currently located right on Route 1 North) in order to make room for some more much needed retail outlets. The Board of Selectman has identified a large pig farm as the site for the new Saugus High School (I am not kidding). Good oleí Saugus.

ß         Had my regular monthly appearance on NECNís Friday morning adoptable pet segment (which, for all you TiVo fans out there, appears at 7:40 AM on the 3rd Friday of every month). When am I going to get more face time for these appearances? I really wish these spots were on CBS so I could take my shot at Sara Underwood. I know, sheís married to the Herald Patriotís beat writer Michael Felger, but my material is so much better than his. And itís the Herald!!!!!!

ß         If you are ever thinking of vacationing on Marthaís Vineyard vacation, well, donít. Sure we saw screen legend Luke Wilson at the Navigator Pub, but the nightlife scene made the Kells look like a 5 star establishment (and I am talking about the old school, $2 Red Dog, wear your hat backwards, flannel shirt tied around your waste, Kells). And there is absolutely no eating places open after midnight which really puts a huge damper on the night. I had to settle for vending machine pretzels. Why did we think anything other than a summer Vegas vacation was a good idea?

ß         With no Tuesday night burritos and donut with Sergery, my dinners usually consisted of eating peanut butter and crackers seeing that I wasnít making the extra cake from reffing CRFC basketball. I wonder if there is any truth to the rumor that DMac actually had his Lexus repoíd?

ß         I decided to retire from teaching spin class at CRFC. Of course, I have retired from teaching spin more than Evander Holyfield has from boxing, so I reserve the right to teach again someday. I do think that my retirement will last longer than Junior Seauís though.

ß         Completed the Ipswich and Newburyport Triathlons. Followed that up with a triathlon of my own ñ Fuddruckers, Kellyís (Revere Beach, of course) and Papa Ginoís, which was, by far, way more fun.

ß         Finally, I ran into the Papa Georgio table late one Saturday night at Abe and Louieís that featured all three J Sar brothers (Jim of SHS tennis lore, Jeff of SHS baseball lore, and Jay of CRFC lore) and the Diranian brothers (Johnny Drama Mike D and Johnny Vegas Nick D), complete with each of their respective eye candy accessory. Talk about a Sopranoís-esque scene!!!! See, we Saugus guys have come such a long way since the days of waiting in a really long line at the Hilltop and hoping for that table next to the life size Native American statue.


That was all fun and all, but itís time for CRFC to return as the main focal point in mall of our lives. Sure it wonít be as fun for me without the mirrors, but maybe Iíll buy myself a pocket mirror when I get my 1st CRFC check.