Sunday Morning League Awards – Summer 2010 Season

By RoY,

I come to you live, pool side from the shores of the Outer Banks, where the temp is 90+, the drinks are cold and the food is delicious. I can’t believe we’ve just completed our 3rd season in the SML and we are weeks away from celebrating our 1 year anniversary. We had another solid showing by the players of the SML this season despite many having the itch to hit the beaches and get their GTL on. And as we close out our third regular season, it’s time to bang out some awards and reward those that excelled, elevated their games this season and in some cases paid me off.

As usual, I will never please everyone so I encourage you all to voice your opinion, express your concerns and remind everyone how inept I am at this. I love the feedback, support your thoughts and encourage the debate.

However, before I begin, I need to pass along some CAC related stuff or Tibbs will kill me. If you’re interested in signing up for next season for the SML (the 1 year anniversary remember) or any other league, you can do so by clicking on this link:

Also don’t forget the Andy Danielson Memorial 3vs3 tournament happening next month. It’s always a great time and for an even greater cause: … nament.php

MVP: Drew Legare (Hungover) – 20.3 ppg, 14.2 rpg, 3.0 apg, 2.4 spg, 1.0 bpg (34.6 OPR, 22.7 DPR)
Honorable Mentions: Damian Ruff (Andiamo), Mike Boucher (The Situation), Chris Maciejczak (Prime Time)
Probably not the expected choice here by most, especially given the press DRuff, Bouch and Majic got late in the season but those of you who watched most of the games know, Drew elevated his game and was Mr. Everything for Hungover this season. On a team that suffered attendance issues most weeks, Drew was the stable and it’s not like his numbers where bad. I’d take 20/14 from a guy who’s mastered the drive to the left jump stop and a man who brought just as much offensively as he did defensively for his team. Anyone who’s been matched up against him this season will tell you, the guy is just incredibly tough to guard and he causes fits for you on the defensive end as well. Not the guy I would have thought early on, but when I sat down and analyzed all the players, he was the choice for me. This takes nothing away from DRuff, Bouch or Majic who all had stellar seasons and could make a compelling case but Drew stood out just a tad bit more.

ROY: Evan Pepe (FLOriders) – 19.8 ppg, 17.2 rpg, 3.6 apg, 1.6 spg, 1.2 bpg (39.0 OPR, 23.0 DPR)
Honorable Mention: Mark Noonan (Hungover), Tom Crary (Cold Blooded), Ryan Jamesy (Hungover)
As always I try not to pick someone who’s just new to the league, but new to CAC and we had some great choices this season. As expected Hungover found a way to re-load their talents, and CB found a gem in the ruff, but the guy who gets the nod is Pep from FLO. At the start of the season, I emailed BFlo and asked for some insight on his team and this is what he had for me on Pep “he’s the Al Bundy of our team….if he doesn’t show up with his game intact, we’re in trouble” and that’s exactly the case. The guy the lead in basically every category and was unstoppable down low. If he had a little more help (guys showing up) this team would have finished with a better record and he probably would have had better numbers. I hope he and FLO come back next season because this is a talent we don’t want to lose in the SML.

OPOY: Damian Ruff (Andiamo) – 30.0 ppg, 6.0 rpg, 3.7 apg, 2.1 spg, 1.2 bpg (42.2 OPR, 14.5 DPR)
Honorable Mention: Chris Maciejczak (Prime Time), Evan Pepe (FLOriders), Bobby Colantonio (The Situation)
My MVP runner-up was the clear choice for this award and him dropping 50 last week had nothing to do with it. The man absolutely flourished offensively this season after shedding the dead weight from last season (i.e. me) who dribbled way too much, turned the ball over repeatedly and shot without regard to his teammates and with me out of his way, DRuff ran the offense on one of the league’s top scoring teams. With players missing week in and week out, DRuff played great all season and was the one constant offensively. Sure he struggled with his shot at times, but what impressed me the most is his ability to abandon the urge to shoot the 3 and attack the basket. When he put his head down and barreled through the lane, there was no one that could stop him. As we embark on the playoffs, I expect this offensive force to continue throughout the playoffs and I’m sure he’s hoping to lead his team to the Golden 40oz.

DPOY: Mike Boucher (The Situation) – 21.6 ppg, 10.0 rpg, 2.6 apg, 1.9 spg, (34.2 OPR, 14.3 DPR)
Honorable Mention: Drew Legare (Hungover), James Evans (Andiamo), Morgan O’Loughlin (Hungover)
Here’s another pick I am sure most people didn’t expect but this guy was a beast on the defensive end and caused many elite players some serious havoc. He always guarded the team’s best guy regardless if he was a guard, someone on the wing or a big man down low. He used his strength to push his opponent further out from the basket than they wanted and was as quick as anyone on the ball. In a season that didn’t have someone with gaudy block numbers or someone who changed everyone’s shot when they drove the lane, I noticed that this season we had tremendous on the ball defenders, guys with quick hands, and solid team defense. Bouch was the best of the best this season and is not someone I want to face come playoff time, especially since I’ve got inflated numbers I got to uphold.

GM of the Year: Tom Kahana (Prime Time)
Honorable Mention: Nim Cohen (Cold Blooded), Bobby Colantonio (The Situation), Jason Leavit (Hungover)
This might appear to be weird to the naked eye as I don’t play for Prime Time or have any affiliation to them, so how could I be rewarded with the GM award on their behalf? Well with a team on the verge of being instinct, I came in and provided them with a jolt of life. I not only got them some help in players like CAC’s resident troll Kaplan and Rah, I found a way to bring in newly crowned B1East MVP and CAC legend Majic. A team that was on the brink of walking away mid season is now the 5th seed and a legitimate contender for the Golden 40oz. So if this team wins, I’m sure to take a lot of credit for their success, otherwise, I’ll just leave the blame to Majic, Mixtap and Kap.

5h Man of the Year: Mike Lichten (The Situation) – 4.8 ppg, 4.7 rpg, 2.4 apg, (12.8 OPR, 6.7 DPR)
Honorable Mention: Dart Danier (Prime Time), Steve Chuilli (Cold Blooded), Chris Rimple (Hungover)
I’m starting to feel like this is a season of the non-obvious but with a several teams missing guys only these guys truly stood out as the 5th man. But Litch, above all else really stood out and played and thrived in his roll. He never excelled at anything besides selfless play, a good all-around game and being a quality team guy. The true definition of a 5th man and what you want coming off your bench. And with egos like Bobby C, Bouch and Jim B, you have to have a baller like Lich to even everything out.

Tommy Award: Damian Ruff (Andiamo) – 30.0 ppg, 6.0 rpg, 3.7 apg, 2.1 spg, 1.2 bpg (42.2 OPR, 14.5 DPR)
Honorable Mention: Pete Destasio (The Gucci Boys), James Evans (Andiamo), Michael Turin (Prime Time)
Honestly, this is the one award that I never had a second thought on. For those of you that don’t know, the Tommy Award is an award created by me (it’s my league and I can do what I want), decided by me and delivered by me and is award to the player who cares deeply about his stats and isn’t afraid to show it. These guys point up to me after a pass and yell “Assist”, remind me via email or chat that I missed a steal or board, and might even change the stat sheet when I’m not looking. These guys are truly men of my own heart and DRuff has been lobbying for this award since last season. That’s right folks, he started working me last season in anticipation of receiving this award this season and that’s the kind of dedication this award needs. Nicely done DRuff, you’ve taken this award to a new level, one that everyone will be judged on moving forward.

In a league full of stars, I wanted to shout out a few guys whose game I love and you probably haven’t heard much about. These guys deserve to be recognized and guys I’d have on my squad any day.

All No-Name Team:
Lee Greenberg (Andiamo) – A rebounding machine that doesn’t look for his shot nearly enough.
Ryan Jamesy (Hungover) – Don’t be fooled by those knee braces, he’s silk smooth and owns the mid range jumper market.
Cheese (Prime Time) – You know that lefty drive to the basket is coming, and still no one can stop it.
Chris Louis (Ruckus) – Got a great mix of inside/outside game and selfless to boot.
Honorable Mention: Matt Maloney (The Situation), Phil Lord (Cold Blooded)

We definitely saw a lot of offense this season, with several teams going for over 100+. But you’re hard pressed to put up those types of numbers against this squad.

All Defensive Team:
Mike Boucher (The Situation) – The DPOY hast to lead this cast.
Drew Legare (Hungover) – Continues to own the paint and make every shot a difficult one.
James Evans (Andiamo) – Always takes the opponent’s best guy no matter the size.
Morgan O’Loughlin (Hungover) – Could be the best on the ball defender the league has.
Honorable Mention: Lee Greenberg (Andiamo), Josh Wachtel (Cold Blooded),

Alright people, here are the best of the best. These 12 guys have earned a spot in the SML All-Star game which will be played on Sunday August 1st immediately following the finals game. Hopefully everyone can make it, but if you can’t please let me know and we’ll work on a replacement for you.

SML All First Team:
Drew Legare (Hungover) – MVP, MVP, MVP
Damian Ruff (Andiamo) – Could have been the MVP, but will always be MVP of my heart even though he booted me off his team
Mike Boucher (The Situation) – DPOY and way exceeded my expectations for him this season
Chris Maciejczak (Prime Time) – A full season might have made him the MVP

SML All Second Team:
Bobby Colantonio (The Situation) –A late season surge tried to reign on Bouch’s parade
Morgan O’Loughlin (Hungover) – Continues to thrive in the SML and even found a 3pt shot or two
Bernard Johnson (Andiamo) – Absolutely elevated his game the second half of the season with monstrous games
Evan Pepe (FLOriders) – This season’s ROY could be on this team for years to come if he comes back

SML All Third Team:
James Evan (Andiamo) – Stellar rookie season for James and should make plenty of these games in the future
Josh Wachtel (Cold Blooded) – The best player on CB would have been higher up if he played more games
Tom Crary (Cold Blooded) – Another baller who could have found himself higher on the list with more games
Fitz David (Ruckus) – Did a little bit of everything for his team and was consistent week after week.

Honorable Mention: Lee Greenberg (Andiamo), Jim Bayley (The Situation), Ryan Jamesy (Hungover)

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