Sunday Morning League Awards – Winter 2010

By RoY – Owner of CACs Best Run League

Another regular season in the books (this is our second) and I have to say it has been another successful season. We grew to 10 teams, have a great group of guys and most importantly, guys are starting to be more vocal on the boards and show their personality. Soon enough we’ll have to be turning teams away because we just have no room for them. That being said, it’s never too early to sign up for next season and I know several of you have already reached out and committed. Get your spot saved before it’s too late. Just Click Here!!

But before I unveil the awards, I have to tell you these were all tough choices. Each award had several worthy candidates and I found myself eliminating guys based off attendance. Guys like Tom Smith (Tiger Style), Billy Durbrow (Mount CACmore) and Matt Hohrath (Hungover) would be clear candidates for First Team honors as well as the individual awards had they been at more games. I know I will never please everyone, and I certainly encourage the debate. So, let the debating begin……

MVP: Jim Daigneault (Worcester IceCats)

Honorable Mentions: Sean O’Callaghan (Mount CACmore), James Henderson (Cold Blooded)

I think this was the toughest award of the season. Jimmy D came out so strong and set the tone, but late pushes by O’Cal and JHend have made it tough. All are worthy candidates but I’m going to give it to the guy who elevated his game to another level this season and not only set the tone defensively (as we expect) but also on the offensive end (which is not something I expected). Jimmy D led the league in PR, scoring nearly 23 ppg and grabbing 16 rpg, was 4th in assists and led the league in blocks. In the game he wasn’t there against one of the top 6 teams, the Cats just weren’t the same and lost by 20. This certainly isn’t an indictment on O’Cal or JHend, who are my two favorite point guards; because these guys put up monster seasons as well that help carry their squads. Instead it about how well and better than expected Jimmy played and how he elevated his game all the way around.

ROY: Scott Taylor (Tiger Style)

Honorable Mention: TJ Jensen (Pork Chops Sandwiches), Evan Coleman (Any Means Necessar),

As usual, I like to give this award to guys who are not just new to the league, but new to CAC. We have several that I considered, but I narrowed it down to these 3. It was hard to not award Evan or TJ (lead the league in scoring) but their records certainly hurt. However in a season with injuries and some no shows, Scotty was the rock in the middle for Tiger Style. All he did was average 23 pts and 15 reb and was the key to TS shooting so well by attracting so much attention. He was Mr. Consistent for us and deserves this award. I’ll tell you though, both TJ and Evan are deserving candidates and I hope to see more of them in the walls of CAC in the future.

OPOY: Sean O’Callaghan (Mount CACmore)

Honorable Mention: James Henderson (Cold Blooded), TJ Jensen (Pork Chop Sandwiches)

At the beginning of the season I told O’Cal that he’d have to score more and be more of a shooter for this squad and clearly he listened. Not only did he lead the league in assists with nearly 7 a game (which is expected) but he scored practically 26 a game (which is a career high) and shot 50% from down town. There were many occasions when CACmore was shorthanded and the offensive load fell on him and he stepped up but still managed to get his teammates involved. Sure JHend and TJ put up crazy numbers, but for a guy who isn’t about his offense, O’Cal did what he had to do on the offensive end to keep CACmore winning. This may be the only time he ever wins this award but if this new O’Cal is what we can expect moving forward, we’re all in trouble.

DPOY: Morgan O’Loughlin (Hungover)

Honorable Mention: Jim Daigneault (Worcester IceCats), Josh Wachtel (Hungover)

This might come as a surprise pick to some but it shouldn’t if you watched Hungover play. After averaging 25 ppg last year, he was happy to take a step back offensively and focused more on shutting down the opponent’s top guy and he did a great job. He used his physicality to prevent bigger guys from easy baskets down low, while having enough speed and quickness to keep up with the smaller guys on the perimeter. Although his impact wasn’t as flashy as Jimmy D, Morgan’s efforts haven’t gone unnoticed by this guy and believe this award is well deserved. Morgan will need to continue this tenacious D as he leads his squad on a playoff run.

GM of the Year: Mike Turin (Mount CACmore)

Honorable Mention: Jason Leavit (Hungover), Damian Ruff (Tiger Style)

Yes, this could have gone to Jason of Hungover, bringing in Matt Hohrath mid season to help bolster the lineup )they’ves won 6 in row going to the playoffs) but I have to give this to Mixtape. Not only has he assembled an entire roster of CAC current or potential hall of famers, he was smart enough to not show up for games because he knew he’d bring the team down. If that’s not a GM hard at work I don’t know what is. Not to mention how the hell did he get this collection of talent approved by the league? Oh wait, you ask the commissioner to join the team knowing he can’t commit and replace him with a hall of famer. Classic GM maneuvering by a wily veteran, well done Mixtape!!

5h Man of the Year: Mike Boucher (The Situation)

Honorable Mention: Patrick Griffin (Worcester IceCats), Steve Chuilli (Cold Blooded)

While we had no true 5th man with lots of teams having no shows, Bouch was the closest thing I can come up with that was a worthy choice. I remember him coming off the bench several times to start games so I’m just going to go with it because I can, it’s my league after all. Looking at Bouch’s stats won’t really tell the tale of his contributions to Situation. He really did a little bit of everything for them, but the thing that impressed me the most was his aggressive style of play. It really set the tone for them whenever he was in there. It’s hard to ignore Griff, who really stepped up his game this season or Chuilli who increased his production in every statistical category. However, Bouch brought a sense of hardnosed toughness to Situation, something that they didn’t seem to have last season and it definitely has rubbed off on the rest of the group.

Tommy Award: Jim Bayley (The Situation)

Honorable Mention: Damian Ruff (Tiger Style), Phil Lord (Cold Blooded)

I created this award last year because, well, again it’s my league so I can do what I want. I wanted an award that would resemble my tendencies and last year’s winner (Nim Cohen) was a worthy candidate. Nim shot a lot of 3’s, was short, and most importantly ran to the balcony after every game to check out the stat sheet. Well this year, I’m making a slight modification to the award, because one person stands out of the crowd. My man Jim was asking for the sheet from the court below and expected it ready for his viewing by the time he reached the balcony. Seriously the guy had no patience and I guess rightfully so. He’s finally getting some shots for Situation and leads the team in basically every statistical category. If that was me, I’d be doing the same thing. And did I mention he shot nearly 6 3’s a game. There should be a big shout out to DRuff because he was a close second. Seriously, anyone who emails me about crediting someone else with his two FT’s is a viable candidate.


In a league with even more stars this season, I wanted to shout out a few guys whose game I love and you probably haven’t heard much about. These guys deserve to be recognized and guys I’d have on my squad any day.

All No-Name Team: 

James Kane (Water and Ham) – A guy who did a little bit of everything for his squad and never quit.

Nate Brigham (Pork Chops Sandwiches) – Another guy who did a little bit of everything for his squad and always covered the big men.

Cheese (Mount CACmore) – The aging and hurt veteran showed he has many more years to play to cause havoc.

Patrick Griffin (Worcester IceCats) – Finally got more minutes, more chances to contribute and stepped up.

Honorable Mention: Angelo Phillip Terra (DeLiotte Globetrotters), Angel Albelo (Pork Chop Sandwiches)


These guys are truly men of my own heart. The shoot the 3 with utter disregard for human life and have no problem with it. From the moment they step into the building they feel like they’re in range and will jack it up… kind of players!!

All Chuckers Team:

Damian Ruff (Tiger Style) – No one shot more than this guy, 106 attempts and his arms never get tired.

Paul Nimblett (Pork Chop Sandwiches) – Shot nearly 12 a game and started firing from the moment he walked into the building.

James Henderson (Cold Blooded) – Took 10 a game with higher arch than anyone in the gym.

Bernard Johnson (Tiger Style) – Also took 10 a game, and made a third of his attempts.

Honorable Mention: Matt Foley (Worcester IceCats), James Bray (Water and Ham)


Big guys know how to get to the line, but many times, they just can’t convert. Well I’d like to reward the guys who can’t convert and give them a little love. You have a newly created team that I know you hope NOT to be on next year.

All Shaq Team:

Billy Durbrow (Mount CACmore) – No big man shot worse from the line at a whopping 35%…wow that’s really really bad!!

Jim Bayley (The Situation) – He made 3 FT’s a game but only completed them at 47%.

Steven Lambert (Any Means Necessary) – Could get to the line whenever he wanted to, but at 47%, why would you want to.

Jay Ferguson (Worcester IceCats) – Was a beast down low but that 51% is not so beastly.

Honorable Mention: Michael Comtois (Water & Ham), Matt Filosa (Mount CACmore)


We definitely saw a lot of offense this season, with several teams going for over 100+. But you’re hard pressed to put up those types of numbers against this squad.

All Defensive Team:

Morgan O’Laughlin (Hungover) – The DPOY hast to lead this cast.

Jim Daigneault (Worcester IceCats) – Continues to own the paint and make every shot a difficult one.

Josh Wachtel (Cold Blooded) – Take the opponents best guy every week, never complains and happened to lead the league in steals.

Sean O’Callaghan (Mount CACmore) – Probably the best on the ball defender the league has.

Honorable Mention: Greg Hurwitz (Tiger Style), James Henderson (Cold Blooded),


Alright people, here are the best of the best. These 12 guys have earned a spot in the SML All-Star game which will be played on Sunday March 28th after the finals game. Hopefully everyone can make it, but if you can’t please let me know and we’ll work on a replacement for you.

SML All First Team:

Jim Daigneault (Worcester IceCats) – MVP, MVP, MVP

Sean O’Callahan (Mount CACmore) – Could have been the MVP, but will always be MVP of my heart

James Henderson (Cold Blooded) – The team had plenty of no-shows, but he was the engine that kept going

Scott Taylor (Tiger Style) – Was the rock and most consistent guy for Tiger Style

SML All Second Team:

Morgan O’Loughlin (Hungover) – The DPOY has to be on this squad somewhere.

TJ Jensen (Pork Chop Sandwiches) – I expect him to be a first teamer next season.

Matt Filosa (Mount CACmore) – Was a huge presence down low for the league’s best team

Jim Bayley (The Situation) – This energizer bunny led the team in almost every statistical category

SML All Third Team:

Drew Legare (Hungover) – Another season, another all-star nod for him

Josh Wachtel (Cold Blooded) – Had he made more games, I would have had to find a spot for him higher up on the list

Mike Comtois (Water and Ham) – Got them their first win and I expect bigger things from him next season

Evan Coleman (Any Means Necessary) – His game is silky smooth and can get to the rack against anyone.

Honorable Mention: Damian Ruff (Tiger Style), Henry O’Loughlin (Hungover), Julio Santil (DeLiotte Globetrotters)

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