Sunday Morning League Fall 2011 Awards

By DRuff

Before I get to the awards I wanted to thank Matt Kaplan and Sam Boyer. Without these two guys stepping up to cover my games I wouldn’t of been able to play in the league so thanks for your contributions especially Sam who goes out of his way to post stats and write-ups in the same day. Another announcement before I get to the awards. To be fair, guys who played in less than 7 games were not considered so sorry to Jackson Bell, Jim Daigneault, Jon Press, Matt Cancel, Matt Maloney and Cheese. Based on the statistics you guys put up, you definitely would’ve been considered for some award recognition but use it as motivation for the playoffs or next session. Now without further ado

MVP: Jon Mazzone (Sunday Morning Legends)

Runner Up: Jim Bayley (Team Bring It)

Although he obviously doesn’t like me as he wants to have me replaced, there is no denying that Mazz was dominant “all season” and deserves this award. Numbers really don’t lie and SML wouldn’t be the same team without him, foolish numbers by Mazz congrats.

Offensive Player of the Year: Jon Mazzone (Sunday Morning Legends)

Runner Up: Morgan O’Loughlin (Hungover)

I really hate giving two awards to the same guy but no one else who played in 7 games or more came close to putting up the scoring numbers that Mazz did. Another well deserved award for Mazz that can’t be disputed.

Defensive Player of the Year Award: Drew Legare (Hungover)

Runner Up: Sean O’Callaghan (FUBAR)

I am firm believer in numbers don’t always paint the picture of who is actually a good defender, hence my teammate getting some well deserved recognition. In Drew’s case though his numbers support my decision. Number 1 in the league in steals and number 3 in blocks, nough said.

“True” Rookie of the Year: Brian Murphy (Sin City Spartans)

Runner Up: Henry Barkley (FUBAR)

What I consider a “True” Rookie of the Year is someone who has never played wall ball before. Wall ball is like no other and definitely takes some adjustment especially if you are use to playing on a bigger court with 5 guys. There actually weren’t many “True” rookies in the league and Brian’s team actually consisted of mostly rookies but regardless he still had a solid season. Despite playing on a winless team. Brian still managed to average a double double and lead his team in steals per game average.

Rookie of the Year: Zach Parker (FUBAR)

Runner Up: Peter Kopoulous (Sin City Spartans)

A Rookie of the Year is someone who is new to the Sunday Morning League. Anytime you play on a team with a guy that is guaranteed to lead the league in three point shots taken and still manage to average 18 points a game you’re definitely a good player and deserve some recognition. Solid first season for Zach and hopefully more to come.

5th Man of the Year: No One
Runners Up: No one

I bet you’ve never seen this before but with so many attendance issues across the board there wasn’t one player that consistently came off the bench. Hopefully this award will not be vacant next session too.

GM of the Year: Matt Kaplan (Sunday Morning Legends) & Bobby Colantonio (Team Bring It)

This is starting to become an every session award for Kap but Bobby was just as deserving this year. Would’ve been nice to see these teams play more than twice so I would’ve had a clear cut winner, maybe this will happen again in the playoffs though.

Most Improved Player: Mike Boucher (Team Bring It)

Runners Up: Chris Rimple (Hungover) Mike Cadman (Team Bring It)

This award is based off stat improvement from your last Sunday Morning League session and if you look at Bouch’s numbers he’s by far made the most improvement.

All “Damian” Team:

Some may refer to this award as the all chuckers team but on Sundays that’s what I do and so do these guys.

Vladi Nechev– 4.56 makes per game, 115 attempts, 36%
Zachary Parker – 4.00 makes per game, 107 attempts, 34%
Jon Mazzone – 3.44 makes per game, 95 attempts, 33%


Note: The All Star game will be played after the Sunday Morning title game on 12/18 at 10:30 AM. The number next to your name represents the team you’ll be playing on. Please let me know by 12/12 if you’re in or out so we can definitely have this game. If someone from the first three teams doesn’t play, players from the honorable mention will be selected in the order in which they are listed.

1st Team:

Jon Mazzone (1)
Jim Bayley (2)
Drew Legare (1)
Sean O’Callaghan (2)

2nd Team:

Mike Boucher (1)
Morgan O’Loughlin (2)
Damian Ruff (1)
Vladi Nechev (2)

3rd Team:

Bobby Colantonio (1)
Andrew Fincher (2)
Zachary Parker (1)
Matt Kaplan (2)

Honorable mention:

Mike Cadman
Jeff Hrkach
Chris Rimple
Peter Kopoulos

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