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At Long Last: Hypothetical Co-ed Finals and REAL 2v2 Tourney Write Up!

Originally Posted 2011-07-22 With a little League Night Out mixed in I know, I’ve been a horrible slacker.  I got lazy on your guys.  I came up with a good idea of the hypothetical CAC couples tournament, gave you a taste and didn’t see it through.  Well I’m here to rectify that with the finals […]


Originally Posted 2011-06-30 Who Will Play In The First Ever Couples Championship? It started with 16 teams, and now there are just four.  1 married and 3 dating couples playing for the CAC Couple 2v2 Championship.  First they had to get to the championship and with a championship berth, we had a great prize all lined […]

CAC Couples 2v2 Quarterfinals!!

Originally Posted 2011-06-23 It’s time for round two in the CAC Couples 2v2 Tournament and the stakes have already gone up.  Teams that make it to the McCall and Wright bracket finals…the final 4 If you will…receive a free copy of Sean O’Callahan’s 3 volume DVD set: Living and Loving:  O’Cal’s 10 Ways To Keep Your Relationship Happy […]

1st Round Of First Ever (Hypothetical) CAC Couples 2v2 Tourney

Originally Posted 2011-06-15 Who Will Be King & Queen Of The CAC!! Over the last four seasons, my first and only four seasons at the CAC, I’ve been involved with the co-ed leagues as a player at first, and now a staffer.  Co-ed provides a different kind of atmosphere from the men’s leagues, which I’ve […]