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10 Reasons Why you NEED to go to Jillians this Saturday for JBerr’s BDay

Our beloved cougar in training is turning the Big 25 this Saturday @ Jillianís Bar (Yes, I have already exhausted every insult to throw at her for throwing her birthday party at a place that is named after her IE ìJBerr, you know the bar isnít named after you because it isnít called ëThe Big […]

Facing My Own Mortality

This past Saturday at the LNO, I hate to admit this to all the kids out there who idolize me and read this blog (and God knows my networking at surrounding playgrounds has done wonders for my popularity among people under 12 and people who wear badges):  I drank a tad irresponsibly.  Sometimes you got to know when […]

I Survived LNO

It was a bizarre, but very fun league night out last Saturday September 6, 2008 some new faces were there and some regulars were notably absent. Based on the experience I think itís safe to come to a few conclusions. #1 Excessive amounts of beer pong before LNO is not a wise idea and will […]

A Trip Down Memory Lane

With the Birthday Upcoming (This Sat Nite @ 10pm Hurricane OíRiellys – all are welcome), my friends from college have been blowing up an email chain as they gear for a reunion after a 2 year hiatus. Seeing as how they are traveling back for my b-day, it is only fitting that they remind me of […]

(Almost) Losing to Cinderella

Big Men on Campus Obviously, you all know that this past weekend was the opening weekend for the NCAA tournament.  Itís easily the finest four day stretch in sports, as favorites get knocked out early (take that THend!), thereís a never ending supply of basketball, and itís a great excuse to get drunk with a bunch […]

Drunk with Tibbs

Beware the Warning Signs After yet another night out on the town (this makes a solid 7 out of 8) itís time for everyone to know the warning signs.  The warning signs that youíre out with Drunk Tibbs   To start the night, Tibbs has that far away, stalker-ish gleam in his eye, especially when checking […]