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The Press

Not the media, ‘the press’, but the press in basketball. I really need to get better at writing the titles for my blog entries. Last week I wrote a purposely harsh write-up about one of the teams in the B2 5v5 South. So my wife started coaching 7th and 8th grade girls this season. They’re not very […]

10 Commandments for Referees

Most of you know that I’ve been avoiding many of my favorite websites (ESPN, Deadspin, KSK, etc) since January 20th, a day I’d rather not think about ever again. I told everyone that would listen that I’d rather the Pats go to Denver than play at home against Baltimore. Mostly because fuck the Ravens. I was […]

Old Memories from Memory Lane – O’Cal’s Top 10 Blog Entries

[show_avatar email=jason@cacbasketball.com align=left user_link=authorpage show_name=true show_postcount=true avatar_size=100] As I said last night, I’m devastated by the imminent departure of C.A.C. Basketball’s best staffer ever, bar none. The Kid did it all, he reffed, kept stats, posted blogs, drank too much, hit on the women’s league, everything. He was so versatile his PR only told half the story. Over the course of […]

Where Do I Sign Up?

All the craze these days is reffing basketball games.  Everyone always asks me how they can follow in my tiny footsteps and become an iconic CAC ref.  Well let me warn all you wanna bees out there it aint all the glitz and glammer that the Wolverine makes it out to be.  When you put that whistle on, […]