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O’Cal’s Worst Games

Guest Post by Tommy Kahana   Hi All, RoY here and just like all of you, the RoY household is disheveled that our beloved O’Cal is leaving us. Actually I’m not sure who’s more upset me or MrsRoY but we’ll leave that for another day. Moving on….with O’Cals impending departure, it got me reminiscing about […]

Good King Adam Kneeland

This weekís guest in the Trap is Serenity Nowís fearless leader ìThe Good Kingî Adam Kneeland. Adam 1st emerged at CRFC as a role player on the Greaserís A1 Tempest Bledsoe Project. But like so many others before him, he soon decided to lead his own band in the B2 league. In his first B2 […]