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5v5 B West Fall 09 Preview

Welcome to the Fall 2009 5v5 B West Selection Show (thatís a mouthful)!! Much like all of my lifeís scrupulous decision making, I have comprised this preview based on a refined method of selection I like to call ìeenie-meanie-minie-mo.î You may have heard of it in one of your advanced applied economics courses?  I find that not only is it […]

It’s Not You, It’s Me

Dear 5v5 B, If youíre reading this letter than you already know. Iíve been replaced. My lines. My write-ups. Everything. Iím at the Comfort Inn. Room 112. Please knock before entering, <3 JBerr. Itís not you, itís me (read Josh). While our intimate and surly tryst has brought nothing but pleasure and complete satisfaction to […]

Get Rubbed: 5v5 B East Awards

Welcome to JBerrís massage parlor, where egos are created, nurtured and encouraged to thrive, turning even the most modest of men into full-blown, narcissistic ego-maniacs.  [ìUuuuuuuh, caress me downî softly cues in the background]  I would first like to thank you all for an entertaining and highly enjoyable seasonóI hope the feelings are mutual, and […]

5v5B Season Mid-View

You wanted a my opinion, you got it. Iíve taken a lot of time, way too much in fact, pondering over these teams and the schedule, attempting to foresee potential outcomes. And not unlike most races involving politics, the results are 70% popularity/attractiveness, 20% bribery/flattery (Iím not above either) and 10% substance and legitimacy. Since […]

5v5 B Awards

Let me tell you guys, it’s not easy being the person to give out awards, because it means I gotta break a lotta hearts, piss people off, feed-egos, create egos, and moreover remind myself that none are ever bestowed upon me (sigh). It’s been a great season and I’ve loved working with all of you guys, […]

5v5 West Coast Rankings

This is what you’ve all been waiting for.  In case any one was wondering if this league would take over the mantle of Red-headed stepchild, have no fear, for Tibbs is here.  There will be no repeat of last season’s A2 (I just don’t like Fizzle) and this league will get the same attention, love, and bashing as […]