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B2 South Regular Season Awards

Dirty Dirty B2 South Regular Season Awards.- The B2 South, “Its CAC done right…” – Anyone who has ever played in this league…So much better than the B1g East its not even funny, Kap. That’s right sports fans, another regular season in the Dirty Dirty has come to an end and this one was a […]

B2 East Fall 2010 Awards!

Because Late is better than Never I know you’ve ALL be eagerly anticipating the B2 East Fall 2010 Awards for sometime now. Hell you’ve already played round 1 of the playoffs! Wasn’t I the guy telling staff awards need to be post BEFORE the postseason starts? Probably. Anyway, Tuesday nights were definitely the highlight of […]

B2 South Week 2 Preview

B2 South Week in Review – Brought to you by Stuart Scott’s Lazy Eye.  Eye see you Stu, but you can’t see me. That’s right…week 1 is in the books.  Get your dam hands up and feel the vibe like a Miley Cyrus beat…Looking forward to all the match ups this week, but no one […]