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B2 5v5 West Awards and Playoff Preview Fall 2013

PLAYOFFS START TONIGHT!!! WOOOOHOOOOOO!!! You’re going down Thuy! AWARDS MVP – Marcin Papla, Patrick Chewing – I think it was around week 7 I came around to the fact that Marcin was more than just the league’s best offensive player. When he committed to it, he could change the game on both ends, from causing […]

B2 5v5 Combined Rankings – Week 3 Fall 13

All right people, week 3 is in the books across all leagues, so it’s time for an updated Combined Rankings of hte B2 5v5! To check out the original rankings, head here They were pretty bad, as I was uninformed about a number of new teams/players/rosters. As usual, if you’re gambling on my preseason prognostications […]

The Press

Not the media, ‘the press’, but the press in basketball. I really need to get better at writing the titles for my blog entries. Last week I wrote a purposely harsh write-up about one of the teams in the B2 5v5 South. So my wife started coaching 7th and 8th grade girls this season. They’re not very […]

B2 5v5 West Preview

I know little to nothing about most of these teams but ignorance has never stopped me before. I’m looking forward to covering this league at the Kennedy School with DMac and Marcus all season long. Feel free to come up to the scorers table after the game to check out your stats and hit me […]

B2 5v5 East Preview

So, I’m not covering the East this season (I know you won’t miss me that much this season) but I thought I’d help Jon Evans out a bit by providing you with a mini-preview. Honestly my insight is nearly useless, since there are a number of new teams that I should know about, but don’t and am too lazy […]