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The Last Hurrah

I just got back from the Celtics double overtime win of the Heat and my emotions are completely conflicted. On one hand, that was a hell of a gutsy win harking back to their best from 07-12. A few times they were down 6-8 points and the Heat really could have blown the game open […]

Celtics vs Heat Live Blog

8:10 PM – So I’m running a bit late after leaving the Co-Ed South games and have decided I’m live blogging game 1 of 82 for the Cs tonight. Yea it’s a long season, but everyone is geeked for this game. Thankfully Gripp set the DVR (as all of you should for Cs games and […]

CACloids – Volume 2

Issue 1 Week 5 – Spring 2012 Season So this week I was going through and transferring the blogs from our current website to the new wordpress set-up we’re going to have on our new website. As I’m doing this, I’m editing and reading a lot of the old blogs from the old-timers and I […]

Well that sucked

and was so, so painful I just, the words, they do not descibe the pain, let me try and recap. This is going to devolve quickly. 1st Quarter – Hey nice start for the offense, Pierce with a 2 handed jam? – KANJAM! – Hey you guys, my wife just bowled a 178, 175, and […]

Passing The Torch

Originally Posted 2011-05-12 The End Of An Era In Boston DISCLAIMER:  I know my last blog was all about why I hate the NBA…see title “Why I Hate The NBA”.  I don’t want to send mixed signals…I still hate the NBA, but as an American sports fan and aspiring sports media personality I do need […]

Why I Hate The NBA

Originally Posted 2011-05-04 I Want to Party Like it’s 1998 I would like to first state that I started to write this BEFORE the Celtics fell behind the Heat 2-0. I don’t feel like I’m old enough to recall the “Glory Days” of anything without being laughed at.  Born in 1984 I suppose it’s fair […]


Well, itís over. The Cís have done it and I donít think anyone can say that they thought itíd be this easy. Regardless, this may have been the greatest NBA Finals that I have watched in my ìadultî life. Ok, it has been the only NBA Finals that I have really watched since MJ, but […]

The Greatest Game Ever Played

I am not one for over, over, over, over-statements, but that was the BEST basketball game I had ever seen.  Down 21 against the BEST player in the NBA who happens to be the easiest player in the game to hate, I feel like anything is possible.  Iím going to start shaving….Iím going to start growing….Iím going […]


Go to Barstoolsports.com today or click on these links to get in the Mood!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-25KwIsedNQ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bHGLYh2dx6s http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TRJM62rsDeg   PS. Dee Brown needs to stick to no look dunks