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How Hard Is It To Pick ONE Winner…17 Times In A Row?

Originally Posted 2011-09-09 Inside the NFL Survivor Pool After months of uncertainty, the NFL makes it’s glorious return this week!!  Of course millions are wrapping up fantasy drafts, and looking for point spreads to start their pick-em pools, but one of my new favorite (and most frustrating) forms of football gambling is the survivor pool.  […]

An Ode to the MixTape

When one loses a wager, a man of honor always pays up.  In A1, The MixTape and I love to add a bet to our game, seeing as how our teams are always at the top of the league.  Since I am financially flacid, the MixTape and I choose to wager that the loser shall […]

Reffing Scandal!

List of Stuff in my Apartment, My Ass… As I was bumming another ride home from Serge last week, I noticed a crumpled up piece of paper on the floor.  Being the good guy I am, I went to throw it away, but couldn’t make myself do it without seeing what it was.  After all, any inside […]

League Night Out, October 12th

Bring’em out, bring’em out… With LNO just around the corner, I thought Iíd take the time to throw out some gambling lines on what should be another fantastic evening.  I know youíve been bombarded with this already, but itís Friday October 12 for those that donít know.  Iíll be taking wagers all week leading up to the […]

B2 Playoff Preview

B2 EAST ODDS #1 seeded Mullets (9:5) Jay Sar and Ethan Chang dominate almost every backcourt they see, but is there middle strong enough to defend their title this year? Johnny Drama himself Mike D, Dan OíC and the rest of the Saugus crowd will do their best to keep the B2 title right where it […]