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O’Cal’s Worst Games

Guest Post by Tommy Kahana   Hi All, RoY here and just like all of you, the RoY household is disheveled that our beloved O’Cal is leaving us. Actually I’m not sure who’s more upset me or MrsRoY but we’ll leave that for another day. Moving on….with O’Cals impending departure, it got me reminiscing about […]

Rory Duyon: The Exit Interview

Originally Posted 2012-05-10 The day we all hoped would never come has finally arrived.  CAC All-Time favorite and all-around good guy Mr. Rory Duyon is leaving us.  You may or may not know him personally, but either way you’re probably aware of his scorekeeping/basketball playing/message board posting legend.  He is a big reason why the […]

Perched With The Pidgeons

Originally Posted 2009-07-23 If you read the B2 Write-ups regularly, the rumors are true – Killer Ken Abrahamsen and his right-hand man and brother in arms – Chris Von Seggern – will be hanging up the sneakers for the final time after the Spring 2009 season.  If you thought I openly rooted for Ken and […]