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Family Ties – CAC Title Race

This started as a joke over in Kap’s “Waaaaaah I got snubbed from the HOF” thread but it got serious pretty quickly. I mean, Kap has a point, but that isn’t what I care about. One of the three hundred Mulholland Brothers pointed ou that they can claim the unofficial ‘Most titles as a family’ […]

Women’s 4v4 Summer 08 Awards

Summertime – in the City This is the last season before we switch over to the widely publicized Draft League for the Ladies.  As such, it’s the last season for the GBears and Icebox to try and win that elusive first championship as a team.  Which one will be able to drink from the Pump […]

A2/B1 East Winter 08 Awards

Guest Blogger: Gripp Wednesday night’s best scorekeeper has finished her much anticipated award selections.  She’s new at this, so if you like anything about these awards, send the praise my way, as it was probably due to my suggestions.  If you don’t like anything, scold her, it’s probably because she’s a noob.  Enjoy! A2: MVP: […]

(Almost) Losing to Cinderella

Big Men on Campus Obviously, you all know that this past weekend was the opening weekend for the NCAA tournament.  Itís easily the finest four day stretch in sports, as favorites get knocked out early (take that THend!), thereís a never ending supply of basketball, and itís a great excuse to get drunk with a bunch […]

A2 Winter 08 Preseason Preview

Really, Greatest Ever yet Again!? So I’m kicking off the season with a preview, but unfortunately will not be covering either the A2 or B1 East Wednesday night leagues this season. This is the first time since the Fall of ’05, when I first joined the gym staff, that I haven’t covered my favorite league.  I […]