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Family Ties – CAC Title Race

This started as a joke over in Kap’s “Waaaaaah I got snubbed from the HOF” thread but it got serious pretty quickly. I mean, Kap has a point, but that isn’t what I care about. One of the three hundred Mulholland Brothers pointed ou that they can claim the unofficial ‘Most titles as a family’ […]

O’Cal’s Worst Games

Guest Post by Tommy Kahana   Hi All, RoY here and just like all of you, the RoY household is disheveled that our beloved O’Cal is leaving us. Actually I’m not sure who’s more upset me or MrsRoY but we’ll leave that for another day. Moving on….with O’Cals impending departure, it got me reminiscing about […]

TiCal’s Corner: Chris Harvey

Todayís guest is my man, Mr. Cake and Sprinkles, Chris Harvey.  Chris joined the CAC family 2 seasons ago and has assimilated to the CAC culture like Tibbs to vodka or yours truly to celibacy with his hilarious posts, sweet fade away jumpers and an all around well-liked persona.  Today, he graces me with his presence to […]