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Winter 2011 Bullets

Changed information you need to know You all got the newsletter this morning, but here’s a bulleted breakdown of all the changes for the upcoming Winter 2011 season. All of this information is included in the Winter 2011 sign-up page but I thought i’d make it as simple as possible here. Please note, these are […]

More Hall of Fame Goodness

Because you can never have too man CAC-aholics By now you have probably started to take notice of the new front page.  Let’s hope you clicked on that before making your way over to my inconsequential blog.  Anyway, your eyes aren’t deceiving you, that is the Inaugural Class of the C.A.C. Hall of Fame.  The Class of 2010 […]

The Summer of 2009

The Summer of 09 is winding down here at CAC, which means teams are questing for their prospective titles or getting their hearts broken….until next month when the new leagues start up.  This was definitely one for the books as this summer saw some great moments, personally and CAC-wise.   We’re Going Green For all of you […]

3v3 Superlatives

It’s easier than a Wrap-up The 3-on-3 Tournament was another huge success and Wall Ball Arena will be reaping the benefits with a brand spanking new scoreboard on the wall for next season.  Weíll have pics of the winners on the website early next week, but until then, letís hand out some superlatives.  Huge ups to Gripp […]

This First Week in Adulthood

Just a disclaimer, you may want to read this at home…may not be appropriate for certain workplaces.  You have been warned! Gray Hair = Playoffs?!? Playoffs?!? Today, I plucked out my first gray hair and I donít even have a chest hair yet?  WTF happened to my healthy young adult hood?  I am still going through puberty […]

A1 Mid-Season Recap

Because you can never get enough With so much going on in the A1 League this season, I thought Iíd get everyone caught up with the major headlines that have come and gone in the past 6 weeks.  Some may have escaped your notice, others would have been nearly impossible if youíve ever cruised the website, […]

B1 East Headlines

B1 East: State of the League Tonight marks the beginning of the second trimester for most of the teams in the B1 East, and what better time than now to take a look at some of the headlines from the first month.  After the second trimester of the season is complete, in about 4 weeks, weíll […]