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Celtics vs Heat Live Blog

8:10 PM – So I’m running a bit late after leaving the Co-Ed South games and have decided I’m live blogging game 1 of 82 for the Cs tonight. Yea it’s a long season, but everyone is geeked for this game. Thankfully Gripp set the DVR (as all of you should for Cs games and […]

Well that sucked

and was so, so painful I just, the words, they do not descibe the pain, let me try and recap. This is going to devolve quickly. 1st Quarter – Hey nice start for the offense, Pierce with a 2 handed jam? – KANJAM! – Hey you guys, my wife just bowled a 178, 175, and […]

The Draft Recaps – Part I

B Draft League I know the new season is always imminent when the Draft Leagues hold their online drafts.  Like the first leaf you see that’s red instead of green, it’s a sign of change.  Personally, after having been away from the Draft Leagues for nearly a year (Fall 2010 Champ yo!) I was amped […]

Sitting Diary

Are you tired of reading meandering and mildly offensive write-ups? Do they always leave you wanting more from your CAC experience? Well how about a 4 hour sitting diary of Wednesday’s CAC Coed Naked 5 on 5 League from a CAC Hall of Famer? Plus,  I can guarantee it is written drug-free. Sure I may […]

The Milk Man

Because some things just have to be done Most of you don’t know this story, and your lives won’t be any better once you know it, but I’m going to share it with the masses.  There’s a great show on the Travel Channel called Man vs Food (you know how you know I’m gay?) that […]

I Survived LNO

It was a bizarre, but very fun league night out last Saturday September 6, 2008 some new faces were there and some regulars were notably absent. Based on the experience I think itís safe to come to a few conclusions. #1 Excessive amounts of beer pong before LNO is not a wise idea and will […]

3v3 Wrap-up

Even the Losers, Get Lucky Sometimes… You know what, no keg, no big deal.  Despite the fact that we didn’t have any alcoholic beverages we ended up having the exact same number of teams for this tournament that we did four months ago.  Yea, that’s some hardcore recruiting, you know who did that?? This guy.  […]