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O’Cal’s Worst Games

Guest Post by Tommy Kahana   Hi All, RoY here and just like all of you, the RoY household is disheveled that our beloved O’Cal is leaving us. Actually I’m not sure who’s more upset me or MrsRoY but we’ll leave that for another day. Moving on….with O’Cals impending departure, it got me reminiscing about […]

First Season as a Co-Ed Scribe

Originally Posted 0212-04-08   This was my 3rd full season playing in the CAC, making my CAC debut back in the Fall of 2010 for the now defunct Dizzy Llamas franchise(well I guess they aren’t defunct but have moved on to form their own league).  Having been around for a while I always loved reading the […]

The life of a Chicago sports fan growing up in the 90s: The reason I began playing basketball

Originally Posted 2012-03-27 For those of you who don’t know, I’m originally from the Chicagoland area.  I was born and raised a diehard Chicago fan for the 3 major sports.  I left the hospital in a Chicago Cubs onesie, born into all the heartbreak that comes with bleeding Cubbie Blue.  I was also lucky enough […]

Blast From the Past

and a lot of rambling So I’m sitting by myself in my cube on Friday afternoon, itching to leave at 3 PM since Josh left 5 minutes earlier, when who should into my cube on Friday afternoon, but Joel Cuadrado. He a CACer from back in the day (guh, 2006 is officially ‘back in the […]

Hazy Memories

For some reason, my father invaded my thoughts this evening. I don’t know if it’s because Father’s Day is around the corner or because I follow him on Facebook and have more insight into his life than I ever did as a teenager. Whatever the reason, as I lay in bed at 2 am on […]