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Papelbon Is Gone, But Life Goes On

Originally Posted 2011-11-16 The solution is closer than you think We saw this before with Johnny Damon and Pedro Martinez.  Eccentric and dominant Red Sox players reaching free agency and walking.  Friday it happened for the third time in the post-curse era when Jonathan Papelbon reached a four year deal today with the Phillies worth $50 million. It’s funny how […]

The Jeter Ball: Do “The Right Thing” Or Make $250K?

Originally Posted 2011-07-11 What Would You Do? On Saturday afternoon, Yankee captain Derek Jeter added to his legacy when he hit a home run to become the 28th player and 1st Yankee ever to amass 3,000 hits in a Major League Career.  23 year old Highland Mills, NY native Christian Lopez was one of 48,103 packed into […]

Deep Thoughts

Originally Posted 2011-04-05 Another slow day at the office -Sadly the NCAA hoops season came to an end last night.  The game was horrible to watch regardless of your rooting affiliation, and I hate UConn, but thank God CBS ditched the Jennifer Hudson One Shining Moment rendition and went back to Luther Vandross.  If it […]

Allow Me to Re-Introduce Nomar

A Take Down of FHF Or rather, let me remind you of a few things that Five Hard Fouls left out of his latest blog post. I’m sorry I just have to take umbrage with that alphabet soup that was posted last night. I don’t necessarily disagree with what the author is trying to say, […]

Poor Rich Athletes

Please read the following article from espn.com  as it affects us all- http://sports.espn.go.com/mlb/news/story?id=3683448 DANA POINT, Calif. — Some baseball agents already are thinking about trying to beat a possible tax increase for their well-paid clients under an Obama administration.   President-elect Barack Obama has proposed increasing the top federal income tax rate from 35 percent […]


I have to hand it to Tampa.  Way to wake the sleeping giant.  You want a chip on your shoulder you can order it in any size (http://shop.mlb.com/product/index.jsp?productId=3318239&cp=1452368.1452911)     You have got to be kidding me with these right?  This is right up there with Corey wearing the ìCAC Championshipî T Shirt before we (I) lost to the […]